Things I’ve Seen: San Francisco

“I’ve been wandering early and late 

From New York City to the Golden Gate,

And it don’t look like I’ll ever stop my wandering.”

~James Taylor


San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,

Peers and Pier


San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,

Golden Gate Reflection


San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,

Golden Gate and Street Light


“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer.”

~Walter De Mulder


San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,



San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,

Rooftop Windows


San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,

Surfers, Fort Point


San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,

Presidio Red


San Francisco, Photography, California, Golden Gate Bridge,

National Cemetery



“All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.”

~ Elliott Erwitt



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  1. Beautiful, interesting photos.

  2. It is not just that you are a brilliant photographer, which you clearly are, it is also that you SEE much more than most people do.

    • Cindy, This made my day. That’s what I hope when I click the shutter, that, as Berenice Abbott says, “that it will help people to see”. Thank you so much and I appreciate you following my work.

  3. Fab! Jane.. the golden gate reflection proves it to be a true photography!

  4. Thank you very much,Jane

  5. All of the best pictures
    Super clicked

  6. Very beautiful pictures, Jane.
    That’s true as a photographer you see alot of things in nothing.

  7. San Francisco is a really filled with nice places

  8. Great city clicks from the one I know and love and was born in.. nice Jane❣️

  9. They street light photo is incredible! Really really incredible

  10. “Peers and Pier.” Nice picture, perfect caption.

  11. “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.” Brilliant. ❤

  12. Love the Golden Gate Bridge! Reminds me of my college days up north :)like that orange glow you got going on and the peers on piers is fantastic shot! I l feel like I wanna surf looking at that pic ha! But that quote you got at the end, that one one is SO GOOD! I was high-fiving the air on that one 🙂

  13. Wonderful series as always, Jane! I particularly like the night shots.

  14. What camera and lens are you using?

    • Hi Richie, Depends on the image. In this post, many were with my Fuji X-T2 and the Fuji 50mm f/2 Prime. For more info click on my Camera Gear page in the menu. Thanks for stopping by.

      • I fell in to photography a few months ago and found finding my first camera a minefield. The choices available is overwhelming!

        I ended up buying a Sony A6600 and have falling in love with photography. I also find it perfect for mental health.

  15. That is such a good set Jane. So nice to see images from such an iconic place 🙂

  16. Enjoyed seeing these shots.

  17. I started loving Windows 😱😱😱

  18. beautiful shots as always! especially the graveyard in black and white

  19. You certainly have the ability to notice, Jane. 🙂 “Rooftop Windows” made me think of those old photos of people wearing glasses at a 3-D movies.

  20. I left my heart in San Francisco…. 💕💕💕 but we got to see the grandbabies after two solid years. It was a very special treat! Your impressions of the city by the bay are a close second! 😊

  21. The black and white photo 📷 is by far my leaves me to imagine the colours. Great work Jane.

  22. i adore your photography skills ♥️♥️

  23. Wonderful collection ✨

  24. My favorites are Girders, Surfers and National Cemetery.

  25. I really enjoyed this collection and you have both the technique and the ability to notice …

  26. A different take of the window view. 🙂

    Hope you and the family are doing well.

  27. These photos are admirable 🦋

  28. Wow, Jane. That Irwin quote is fabulous and so is your collection. The Golden Gate Reflection has lingered with me. I love the mystery in that shot. I hope all’s well with you and your loved ones!

  29. More excellent photos! I love that Golden Gate Reflection is instantly recognisable for what it is, despite the distortions of the water 🙂 And I’m also drawn to the B&W shot with the surfers and bridge. Not to mention the wonderful James Taylor quote!

    • Thanks so much, Sarah. 😊 I love the vibrant reflections from the bridge- she does provide endless possibilities. And the surfers were out in full force which was fun. So glad you enjoyed these and that you came away humming JT. 💕

  30. Another wonderful collection. I especially love the opening shot and surfers at Fort Point.

    • Hi Alison, Wow, was it great to be back in SF and we had some great walks along the bay. Felt lucky to catch the pier shot and the surfers…exciting morning. Thanks very much and I hope you and Don are doing well. 😊

  31. There’s looking and there’s seeing – what an eye you have to create your images! Loved Peers and Pier in particular. Thanks, Jane!

    • Hi Adam, you are so right. I’m always happy when my peepers are in the right frame of mind to see these moments, like Peers and Pier. (And the caption came immediately 🤣) Thanks very much, as always.

  32. Loved “rooftop windows”. Looking very cute, like a tiny town in animated movies 😊

  33. A stunning and poignant look at San Francisco, Jane, and so very much appreciated. Your eye and photographic skills are a pure pleasure to behold. I enjoyed every one of these photos, some for the uniqueness, and all for the composition. I really liked the GGB reflection (2) and the street lights with the GGB (3). Your Presidio Red was also fun, because that color is so prevalent in the Presidio area. Also enjoyed the quotes. My favorite photo, that knock-your-socks-off masterpiece, was the first one of the Peers and Pier. I hope you are celebrating your mastery today, Jane, because I am.

    • Oh boy, this was a pleasure to read, Jet. Places you know well seen in those split second moments. There’s always a little luck involved. Happy that Peer hit you– it was a very happy moment to see and capture. Thank you for your thoughtful response. 💕

  34. Love those silhouettes in the first image, Jane

  35. The world of eyes we follow the magnificent colors pop we keep on moving we take in the beauty through our hearts

  36. It has all been voiced…I fully agree with sentiments expressed!!

  37. Fantastic images jane. Thanks for sharing

  38. Great shots and nice quote !

  39. Lovely photos as always Jane. Those surfers look perilously close to the rocks!

  40. Great collection of snaps. Love the night one of the bridge lit up.

  41. Love Rooftop Windows and the De Mulder quote. And the Erwitt quote is the really basic truth. 🙂

  42. Wonderful, Jane! 💚-ing the peer silhouettes!


  43. Jane, the juxta position in the first image is amazing, the piles of the pier and the people are so matching. Such a great capture.

  44. Wow! Beautiful photos. The black and white ones look quite cool. 💯

  45. Lovely collection Jane really like the red in the Presidio… and you compositions are wonderful ~ sending you joy ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫

  46. Rooftop windows ! – futuristic vibe

  47. Hi Jane – enjoyed them all but first two were favs today –

  48. So marvellous photos 👌🙏🌷

  49. Who says you can’t go home again? 😉 I’ve missed these scenes, Jane, as I’m sure you have. Such a lovely town. ❤

  50. Lovely pictures, Jane. Rooftop Windows I find very surprising and neat!

  51. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. You captured its essence is a different, but special way. Thank you …. and the reflection is my favorite.

  52. Fantastic variety of beauty, Jane. I love that last quote, too.


  53. Nice series of images of SF. Like the quote of Walter De Mulder of being a photographer!

  54. Golden Gate and Street Light took me by scrolling surprise. Great duality!

  55. I like your playing around with forms and reflections. The rooftop windows could be robot eyes or 3-D viewers.

  56. Lovely captures, Jane. I’m very drawn to Rooftop Windows 🙂

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