Happy Earth Day and National Park Week

“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”

~Rachel Carson


Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



“Take nothing but pictures

Kill nothing but time

Leave nothing but footprints

To show you came by”

~ John Kay


Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



Earth Day, National Park, Nature, Environment, Photography, Landscape Photography



National Park Images:

Joshua Tree, California | Crater Lake, Oregon | Glacier, Montana | Badlands, South Dakota | Yosemite, California | Bryce, Utah | Yellowstone, Wyoming | Olympic, Washington | Yosemite, California


Helpful links to learn more about the environment and conservation: 

The Nature Conservancy

National Park Service

World Wildlife Fund

National Wildlife Federation


Every day is Earth Day.




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  1. I recognized Crater lake right away Jane. Beautiful shots!

  2. Awesome set to celebrate Earth! I like your little shrub in what I recognize as the ‘Badlands, Yellow Mounds’. The image titled, ‘Marvel’ is a beautiful design and composition. 🌎

  3. Happy belated Earth Day to you, too. I’m slowly chipping away at my backlog of favorite posts to visit. Perhaps someday I’ll get caught up! Your posts are much too beautiful to be missed, even in the worst of times.

  4. Your National Parks are truly magnificent. I hope it’s not too long before we can visit again. Thanks for these lovely images Jane

  5. Nature is indeed beautiful but this is so amazing!
    Love the collection

  6. How awesome you have written poem

  7. Each and every one of these images is an expressive argument for the philosophy that every day is and should be Earth Day. It is our home. How can we destroy the only place we know that our species and most all of those we share this place with can survive? Okay, so cockroaches will survive anything. 🙂 But the rest of us?

    • Thank you very much, Steve. Means a lot coming from your trained eye. And I couldn’t agree more that every day is Earth Day and when will we learn to do everything we can to protect her?

  8. Oh, I’m behind again, sorry. Thank you for noting this important say with these beautiful images. I’m really taken with the colors in “Explore” and the colors and shapes in “Marvel.” And those two titles are just what the doctor ordered – for all of us.

  9. Has anyone been to a good one in Texas?

  10. Such a stunning set of pictures!! Our Earth is so beautiful ❤💚💚

  11. Breath taking! Such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing these photos with thoughtful words to match 🙂

  12. I absolutely love crater lake❤️

  13. A wonderful way to celebrate our planet and Earth Day. I also enjoyed your well-chosen one-word captions.

  14. Your pictures tell us the stories from every nook and corner of the beautiful world you’ve captured! 🙂

  15. Magnificent photography ❤️❤️

  16. Such beautiful photos, reminding me why I love your US National Parks so much. A wonderful collection to mark Earth Day! If I had to pick I would choose the monochrome shot of Bryce Canyon as a favourite perhaps 🙂

  17. Is it the pacific Crest Trail? 😍

  18. Magnificent. What an incredible world we live in.

  19. Stunning and your photography remindes me of all the goodness that mother nature holds in its lap. Happy Earth Day.
    The beauty of nature is omnipresent and we must appreciate that and capture them in the beautiful in thesot beautiful way.. something that you are doing. Keep going, Jane.
    Take care.

  20. Nice

  21. Thank you for sharing this. So beautiful.

  22. Stunning post. Thank you for sharing ♥️

  23. Hi Jane,
    Looking at your pictures made me comment here. I love nature and you captured it very well. BTW, am a newbie to blogs. And one last thing, that quote explains it all.

    Thank you

  24. Just breathtaking images, Jane! Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you guys are doing well & staying safe!
    Ron & Joan

    • Hi Ron, Great to hear from you. I’m so glad you enjoyed these- great memories of our fabulous parks. Thanks so much!
      We are feeling a bit of freedom and doing well. Hope the same for you and Joan and that you can see your sweet grandkids! ❤️

  25. Such lovely landscapes, Jane. A real pleasure to view!

  26. A great way to celebrate Earth Day! Great nature / landscape pictures!

  27. wonderful shots what an incredible planet we live on!

  28. Images are awesome…. And the lines are perfect too…

  29. Duuuuuude I’m diffing these pics and the Joshua Tree! Mannnnn always wanted to go there since U2’s album but every time I had a minute it’s been like 100-and-something. But I think this year may be the one. Early morning road trip might make for an awesome Kodak moment. Loving it! Plus the “story of Earth” that quotes fits! It’s on point with your beautiful pics. You always make me want to go places and fill up my inner peace tank 🙂 THANK YOU!

    • Thank you, Guat! 😄 I’ve wanted to go to JT for a long time and like you, it was always too hot. We lucked out on a very uncrowded day that was mild and beautiful. And, it was on Earth Day this past week which was perfect! I’m so glad these inspired you and I hope you get out and enjoy a great nature experience sometime soon. 🌎💚🌍

  30. Jane, those lovely pictures of various scenery are the product of many journeys. Congratulations on your sensitivity as well as your technique.

  31. The glorious pics say it all, but your one-word descriptions are perfect, Jane!

  32. It’s an amazing planet, isn’t it? Beautiful shots, once again.

  33. Gorgeous, jaw-dropping photos of our beautiful National Parks.

  34. Amaze.


  35. Those beautiful photos of diversified landscapes are the fruit of several trips , Janne .
    Congratulation for your sensiblity and your technic.
    Love ❤

    • What a lovely compliment, Michel. We’ve driven across country a number of times and visited many National Parks. Wonderful memories. I’m happy you enjoyed the images- thank you very much. 🌍💚

  36. Great photography to celebrate Earth Day and a quote that every hiker should heed before venturing into nature!

    • Thanks very much, Peter. I love that little poem that yes, I wish everyone would adhere to. Most people are respectful but there are many who think there must be people cleaning up after them. 🌍

  37. Love this post 😻😻😻

  38. amazing and beautiful photos of nature

  39. Lovely view with peace 👌👌👌😍😍😍

  40. Incredible landscape images…

    Thank you so much for sharing, Jane 🙂

  41. Absolutely stunning collection of images, Jane. Your work is on point as always, every shot a winner. Love how you showcased different landscapes of Earth and different parks. Amazing how different parks are so beautiful and unique in their own ways 🌳🌏

    • Thank you so much, Mabel! How nice to read. It is quite amazing how different the parks are- I am always reminding myself how lucky we are to have them and that they must be protected and respected. I really appreciate your visit here. 😍

  42. This is a powerful post, Jane, and a wonderful tribute to Earth.

  43. Wow what a stunning album. They’re all wonderful, but I keep scrolling back to that solitary tree in the middle of the Badlands, very cool! This also makes a great “bucket list,” I haven’t been to most of these places yet.

    • Thank you so much, Robert. The yellow mounds in the Badlands are phenomenal. One of my favorite parks for its otherwordly landscapes. I do hope you get there, as far out of the way as it is.🌍😄

  44. Incredibly beautiful images Jane!! True and thoughtful quotes and stunning landscape views!!

  45. I have to Applaud and Marvel! These are just sensational, Jane 🙂 🙂

  46. Top, Jane! I need to make a note for next year. I missed it

  47. ‘Take nothing but pictures’.. That’s a good one! Fine shots, Jane! They suit the subject perfectly! 🙂

  48. What a gorgeous collection.

  49. You chose the right words👍

  50. Each is stunning and perfect to celebrate Earth Day!

  51. As always beautiful pictures 😍

  52. A wonderful collection, Jane. Your compositions are stunning, especially Explore and Marvel.

  53. Beautiful, Jane……

    On Sun, Apr 25, 2021 at 3:13 PM Jane Lurie Photography wrote:

    > Jane Lurie posted: ““In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, > in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” ~Rachel Carson > “Take nothing but pictures Kill nothing but time Leave nothi” >

  54. Magnificent! Thank you for this special series, Jane!

  55. I like all the layers and colors in your third picture. Badlands is a great park for such sites.

  56. Of Earth Day posts that I saw, this one is the best visual representation of our planet that I encountered. Simply fabulous! Love the selection of the last photo because it includes people – the ones who make important decisions. Well done, Jane!

    • What a wonderful compliment, Frank, thank you very much! I try to get different perspectives including people out there using our incredible parks. Glad you enjoyed this tribute. 🌎💚

  57. A tremendous collection! Thanks, Jane.

  58. Excellent series of amazing images to celebrate Earth Day and everyday! Thanks for sharing your great works!

  59. Amazing series. All the landscape shots capture the scenery perfectly.

  60. Brilliant magnificent shots …. all of them … just WOW

  61. Pictures after “my own heart” – eco !

  62. Such a wonderful post for Earth Day. We live on a stunning planet.

  63. Beautiful and meaningful post, Jane. I agree that every day is Earth Day. ❤

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