Surf’s Up: Manhattan Beach

“If everybody had an ocean
Across the U. S. A.
Then everybody’d be surfin’
Like Californi-a
You’d seem ’em wearing their baggies
Huarachi sandals too
A bushy bushy blonde hairdo
Surfin’ U.S.A.”

~The Beach Boys


California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2

Surfers Three


California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2

Wave Elegance


California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2

Catch the Wave


California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2

Seeing Red


California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2



California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2

Going Down


California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2



California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2

Heading Home


California, Surfing, Photography, Waves, Ocean, Action Photography, Fuijfilm X-T2

Manhattan Pier


“Everybody’s gone surfin’
Surfin’ U.S.A.”



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  1. Great photos. Watching makes me want to do as if it wasn’t too late.

  2. nice shots,
    are you like sea suffring

  3. I love water pictures. Thank you for sharing those blue skies and waters.

  4. I lived in Manhattan Beach many years ago. I loved watching the surfers. I haven’t thought of that in a long time. Thanks for the nostalgia, Jane. 🙂

  5. The second one…What a beauty!!💙

  6. Wonderful timing and images! I could see some of these being used on inspirational posters! Each one is successful on its own and together they make an excellent set! If I were to pick one it would be ‘Engulfed’.

    • How great to read, Denise. Thanks so much. Now you’re inspiring me! The caption could read, “Don’t forget to come up for air.” 😄 Happy you enjoyed these- it was a fun escape.

  7. Cool photos! I love travelling in a boat or ship.

  8. I want so much to learn to surf too …

  9. Nice shots, Jane.
    Loved them all.

  10. They are all nice.. but wave elegance caught my eyes.

  11. This was a fun series I always enjoy checking out surfers when I’m at the beach. It looks easy BUT it is not! Need a lot of strength and balance. Core. I need to work on core if I’m a do that ha! Great pics … enjoying the Surfin’ USA Beach Boy vibe 🙂

  12. Whoooee! Fun in the sun down south! What to do when you can’t get north to Big Sur.

  13. That’s the way to take advantage of your new surroundings! 😉 Fabulous photos, Jane. “Wav Elegance” is truly elegant – so smoooooth. “Engulfed” really caught the moment, too. It’s fun to see the concentration and all the different positions people get into on the wave – or off it. Glad to see Ms. Red, too! Have a good week, Jane!

  14. Those are pretty good shots!!!

  15. LOL! >>> good pictures, Jane >>> and the admission that, far from surfing, I can’t even swim!!! 🙂

  16. How wonderful to see them all after seeing your IG photo. Brilliant 💕

  17. Beautiful timing both yours and theirs – except for ‘going down’ from the surfers point of view of course, and ‘engulfed’ doesn’t look like that was going to end happily either! Like most people I also particularly liked ‘wave elegance’. And as for the Beach Boys – I could never figure if they really sang those surfing songs without any ironic intent, but apparent they did 🙂

  18. Fabulous shots! How in the world did you capture these? Particularly like “ Going Home” and Going Down!

  19. Wow – wonderful pictures of ocean life. Love the lyrics from the Beach Boys. Wish we all had an ocean across the whole U.S.A. Ha

  20. Nice surf pictures. I think you have a future in professional surf photography. 😉 🙂 Everyone has favorite places when it comes to surfing, from SoCal to Oregon (Cannon Beach, Otter Rock) to North Shore (Oahu) to Gold Coast (AUS). Though not a surfer, I would say North Shore is the best place. More iconic surfing shots have come from there than anywhere else. You’ll find some of the best curls at Banzai Pipeline. But, you need to be in the water to get the money shot of a surfer inside the curl.

    Hope you and the family are doing well. My sister had her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, with her second coming in 2-3 weeks. Her side affect has been a swollen arm. She saw a massage therapist to have it taken care of. It’s better now. She has a tentative appointment with the therapist after she gets her second shot.

    • Thanks, David. That would’ve been fun to do….20 years ago. 😄 You’ve named three places I’ve been which are amazing. I think I was focusing on the natural coastline beauty when visiting them. Truly stunning places. There’s a wonderful surf photographer outside of Sydney whose website is “Aquabumps” if you want to see some amazing curls and ocean photography.
      We are doing well thanks- glad your family is getting vaccinated and the side effects are minimal. Take care.

  21. Cool surfers, but I like the photo of the wave without surfers the best, Quite the dynamic movement.

  22. “Wave Elegance” 🌊👍


  23. Beautiful…..looks like spring – still winter here in the mountains

    Sent from my iPad


  24. Stunning, I like them all and ‘engulfed’ is my favourite.

  25. Your timing on the surfing photos is excellent but ‘Wave elegance’ is outstanding – it deserves to be on a wall (several walls!) somewhere for sure 😀

  26. great highly professional shots! Wow. Manhattan has a beach? who knew!

  27. Great series of surf shots. Especially liked Wave Elegance. What an amazing moment you captured.

  28. You are a master at your craft, Jane!

  29. Great action pictures, I assume you used a drone for some of them.

  30. Funky, adored. 🌹♥️

  31. Jane, as a Californian myself, (well is was born Germany), I know how you feel capturing those surfers when the waves break, yet the image ” Wave elegance” is absolutely outstanding, it is true ART.

  32. Beautiful images Jane. I see you are loving that 50mm f/2 🙂

  33. Beautiful set, Jane. You’ve got me ‘California Dreamin’ 🙂

  34. I love the energy, excitement and beauty you captured here, Jane! I do admire the skill of surfers, but wouldn’t want to be out there. We were down at the shore earlier today, watching logs being thrown against the rocks – so much power, and we were quite happy to be high and dry!

    • Thank you, Adam. I love watching from the pier and like you, admire their skill and bravery. They come pretty close to the pilings of the pier. I worry a bit when they are tumbling under the waves when they go down.

  35. Fantastic shots, Jane, especially, “engulfed.” Are there any tips for getting a good shot in the rolling surf? I used to sing this not even knowing the lyrics mentioned Huarachi sandals. What were they like, I wonder?

  36. Our son-in-law would enjoy these photos, Jane, as he’s a California surfer. Before his and our daughter’s wedding, he and the groomsmen went surfing and the photographer had some amazing drone photos from above. I enjoyed the song and remembering seeing the Beach Boys in person many, many years ago. 🙂


  37. One more vote for “Wave Elegance”. On metal or canvas, white wall! Wow!!

  38. Joyful! Going down…hard work beautiful colour palette Jane ~ sending you joy hedy ☺️💫

  39. wow jane, interesting pictures I especially like the three black and white pictures and the 2nd, 6th and 8th of the colored ones.
    many greetings robert

  40. If I was younger I would take surfing, inspired by your amazing photos, Jane.

  41. Wave Elegance took my breath away! And now I’m glad to know what kind of sandals they were singing about. 😀

  42. I like the elegance of the wave per se.

  43. What a fun it is surf in this weather !

  44. Lyric that first came to my mind …. Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world. (Beach Boys, Catch a Wave) … Excellent captures. Were you on the pier to take these?

  45. Exciting photos tell md about adventure and fun.😃🤩

  46. wave elegance !! graceful capture , eco

  47. Nice shots of surfing and surfers!

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