“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

~Albert Camus


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

Autumn Reflections


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

Warts and All


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

Autumn Leaves


“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.

Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.

Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.

Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”

― Yoko Ono


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

California Autumn


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

Still on the Vine


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

Ice Plant in Autumn


“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

~ William Cullen Bryant


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

Bunches and Bunches


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

Vineyard Brilliance


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California

An Apple A Day


Autumn, Landscape, Photography, Fall, Seasons, Red, Orange, Vineyard, California



Wishing those who celebrate

a safe  Thanksgiving. 



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  1. Beautiful captures! Love them all and the autumn quotes. 😊🍁

  2. I have fallen in love with the pictures! Beautiful they are…

  3. An ode to autumn. I could feel the mist on my skin and inhale the fresh autumn air. Hope you had much to be thankful for! As if I needed yet another reason to fall further behind… poking at the keyboard or keypad with just the one digit is getting a bit tedious, but I simply HAD to revisit this one because it was so delight-full! 😊

  4. Your photos are really beautiful, Jane and besides, I love the quotes under each take. Your blog is very successful and it deserves its large number of visitors.

  5. so nice – the classic apples and the thankful ending were favs today

  6. Your photography skill is next level… loved it… I’ve followed you… hope to see more…. keep it up… lots of love… 😊 Please checkout my blog too… I hope you’ll have a good time reading them… 😊

  7. Again some more beautiful pictures 😍

  8. Excellent work Jane. As usual. (When I grow up I want to make photos like you do)
    No Autumn here. Not cold enough. Just a bit chilly that’s all. No winter. No Spring. No seasons. Hard to sense the passage of time.
    Pinot noir is a good choice. 🍷
    Happy Thanksgiving to you. As safe as possible.

  9. Ice plants are awesome & so are you !! 😍

  10. Beautiful pics…
    Love the autumn ❤

  11. These photos were spectacular! For those of us that live in big cities, it really helps give us some natural beauty that is more limited for us. I’m looking forward to more beautiful shots!

    • Hi Christopher, Happy to bring you some nature to your door. Glad you enjoyed these photos and I appreciate you following me. I see you’re a writer in beautiful Chicago. Thanks very much and good luck with your work.

  12. This is a fine collection and not what comes to mind immediately when one thinks of Autumn. I like your more intimate looks at fall’s going away party. Autumn Reflections is an extraordinary shot and as with many others, Bunches and Bunches is a real treat for the eyes. Autumn is passing too quickly but these are nice memories of past seasons, Jane.

  13. Fabulous photos!

  14. Thanks you for sharing again Jane! I love the first image of “Autumn Reflections” – Stunning!! Btw – We recently moved to Chilliwack in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia – surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers. There are so many huge maple trees in our neighborhood of “Garrison Crossing” (formerly a Canadian Forces Base) and I’ve taken soooo many autumn photos, that I’m getting overwhelmed how to sort them and what’s worth publishing or printing. Haha – boy have I got problems eh?

  15. Beautiful 🍁I really wish I could see these sights in person! But you really have a gift that sees through such normal yet splendours scene’s!!!

  16. Beautiful stuff, my friend, as always, truly as always. Two really get to me – the first one, Autumn Reflections; and Bunches and Bunches, which has such glorious movement, and which is headed right out of the frame to engulf me!!! 🙂

  17. These are wonderful – full of warmth!

  18. So Awesome, Jane! Autumn is my favorite season!! Amazing photos!

  19. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Don’t Miss Jane’s Photos of Autumn!!

  20. Autumn is my favorite time of year, Jane! Your images depict the season perfectly. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and of course, stay safe!

  21. I really like the picture of the vineyard!! maybe because it’s a familiar landscape to me, here in Piedmont, or maybe just for the colour shades you managed to capture. Good Job!!!

  22. Beautiful images! I love the vibrancy and colors! My favorite it Autumn Reflections!

  23. These are all stunning photos, Jane! I really love the ‘Autumn Reflections’ – that is inspired! 🙂

  24. Love, love, love the light! and those fruits and veggies – especially those carrots ❤

  25. The pictures are just a perfect match for the up coming Thanksgivings. Nice setup for the season.

  26. What a lovely post. These autumn photos are stunning. The beautiful sunset photo is amazing.

  27. My my my, you did it again. Beautiful
    orange autumn 🍁 Great share 🙏

  28. gorgeous shots. I particularly love the first one with the reflection!

  29. Beautiful


  30. Happy Thanksgiving Jane. This is another beautiful collection. The opening photo especially is stunning.

  31. I always loved that quote of Camus, and Jane your images lived up to that so beautifully.

  32. Such nice colors. That bundle of carrots, it wouldn’t see tomorrow around here. 🙂

  33. Happy Thanksgiving, Jane! And my thanks for what you do with a camera!

  34. Fabulous autumn images, Jane. Love the quotes too. Happy Thanksgiving.

  35. Beautiful fall colors, Jane. I think “Still On the Vine” is my favorite.

  36. Vineyards, colorful leaves of all kinds, and the bounty of the harvest – I can see the reverence. I really like the apples – the way the photo goes in and out of focus is perfect for the subject somehow, it makes me really feel “apples.” The thankful sunset is a lovely close. A rich post, Jane!

  37. Beautiful colors! I love autumn so much! Sad that the colors only stay beautiful for a short time where I live. 🍁

  38. “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” ~ Ansel Adams
    Beautiful pictures! Love so much your work! Welcome to France Jane! Oliver

  39. Another outstanding gallery of photos that blow me away! You captured the essence of fall so well, Jane.

  40. I fell in love with the first two photos — so colorful and clear — and then I saw the carrots! Oh, my. Lovely and so unexpected. Thanks for great photography that inspires me each time.

  41. I always love to see your posts in my inbox because I know I am in for a wonderful treat, and you never disappoint! 🙂 I wonder how you manage to capture so much beauty? Do angels sit on your shoulders and whisper in your ear? 😀 I want a carpet that looks like ‘California Autumn’ – ice plants and dried grasses, simply gorgeous!

  42. All are beautiful, Jane. The fall colors are gorgeous. Love the shape of these fall leaves. The reflections, wow!!!

  43. What a stunning collection of images to show the colours of Autumn. The vineyard reflection is amazing!

  44. What great curves and colors you caught in that first picture. I stood back several feet to contemplate it in its totality.

  45. What a glorious explosion of colour

  46. A wonderful autumn potpourri! The yellow and purple contrasting colors and composition in the first image are very striking!

  47. Love love love all the vibrancy of these colors! Love my oranges…

  48. Jane. In my short time seeing your photographs, I’m head over heels. Simply stunning work. The bunches of carrots made me laugh – but the various leaves were over the top outstanding. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  49. Amazing colors!! Love the reflection in the water. I really love to this one🧡♥️

  50. The opening shot is amazing and the colours of the others cheered me up no end, thanks Jane.

  51. What beautiful and meaningful images. I am jealous of how you always find just the perfect quotes to describe what comes next which are your incredible art.

  52. Glorious, just Glorious: an explosion of colour and glory

  53. Spectacular images Jane 👍🏻 The first image is incredible. Beautiful work.

  54. Such wonderful rich autumn colours. Beautiful one and all.

  55. Great shots. I adore the carrots.

  56. wow jane, once again wonderful pictures of the californian nature i like them very much the first picture i like the colors and the reflection.
    best regards robert

  57. Awesome pictures and great quotes. I like all seasons but autumn is my favo.

  58. As always, such beautiful photography, Jane! Be well, stay safe. 🙏🏻

  59. Beautiful! I’m a summer man, but pictures like this almost make into a fall guy.

  60. Thank you for sharing these photos. I love the colors and shadows in the carrots one. Have a nice day!

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