Watchful Waiting

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

~Barack Obama 


Photography, Landscape, California, Beach, Coastal Photography

Watchful Waiting


Photography, Landscape, California, Beach, Coastal Photography

Standing Watch


Photography, Landscape, California, Beach, Coastal Photography

The Sentinel


‘Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.”

~Paulo Coelho


Photography, Landscape, California, Beach, Coastal Photography

Incoming Wait


Photography, Landscape, California, Beach, Coastal Photography

Surf Watch


Photography, Landscape, California, Beach, Coastal Photography

Sunset Watch


Photography, Landscape, California, Beach, Coastal Photography

Waiting for Results


“The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.”

~John Lewis



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  1. Watchful Waiting reminded me of a prison tower. Way cool pictures!

  2. Beautiful and outstanding photography. You’ve given me an idea about a future beach walk topic – patience. Thank you! 🙂

  3. As the others have said, these images and quotes are powerful in a time like this. This week has been a wild one – and what’s to come will come. Change is happening right now, and it will continue to happen over time. Here in Australia it’s been constant change with lockdowns and getting out of lockdowns this year. We seem to have been past the worst of it, and next year will be interesting.

    My favourite photo out of this lot would be the sunset watch one. That looks like a fiery red sun. Beautiful shades of grey and red in the sunset sky too. Hope you are doing well, Jane 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, I’ve read about Melbourne’s very effective response to the virus. I’m glad you’ve gotten through the worst and I just hope that with better leadership, we, too, will get a hold of this crisis. It has been depressing and frightening.
      On a happier note, I’m glad you enjoyed the images- thank you so much. That means a lot. Take care and stay healthy. 🙂

      • For many people here, it has been depressing being locked up for so many months. Some shops will never reopen. But health comes first and it is great the virus is under control here. I hope things get better over there soon. Keep up the good work with your photography 🙂

  4. Very powerful images. Beautiful! 🙂

  5. Lovely photos and the quotes are very wise that people should listen to and keep in mind.

  6. Splendid👏👏
    Thanks for sharing. It’s magical.

  7. it is with passion that I follow the elections, that in the morning I put on the radio, that I look at the map of the United States
    For the moment Jo Bisen is at 6 major voters to reach 270 ..
    Yes, He can: D

  8. even us non-americans are hanging desperately on this result. Waiting with baited breath.

  9. Great photos, Jane! I had to chuckle at the skeleton with the face mask 🙂 We need the humor as it will help us get through this.

  10. Nice series of images. Liked how you finished with the skeleton. Obviously, he/she waited too long. Mask didn’t help.

    The Obama quote carries considerable truth. When my daughters were moving up the ranks, in their equestrian pursuits, Trish, their riding coach, often said do not wait for someone to blaze the trail, or for a role model to emerge. If you do, you’ll be waiting forever. I consider that a truism. My sister and I learned that from my parents. If you want something bad enough, you go for it. Don’t ask for permission. Andrea learned the same thing, and so did Laurie. We passed along that nugget of wisdom to our daughters.

    On standing watching, in centuries past, the sentinel’s job was the most difficult. Besides standing watch, they had to recognize danger, to raise the first alarm, to offer the first defense. All, none too easy. While we have moved to a variety of electronic and optical sensors in our overwatch activities, the traditional sentinel is still part of nature.

    • Hi David, It’s clear that you’ve passed on important wisdom to your daughters and that they are strong and confident young women. I know how proud you are of their accomplishments.
      Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful reactions to my posts.
      Let’s hope for great results today.

  11. A wonderful gallery Jane with the last image that brought a big smile to my face. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long. I will be thinking of you this week.💕

  12. These are wonderful Jane. I think incoming wait is my fave – I love the ripply reflections.

  13. Lovely images! I wish we got to vote for the so-called “leader of the free world” also. Divided they fall.

  14. Great job putting this post together Jane! It totally captures the way I am feeling these days!

  15. You’ve summed it up well, Jane. I admire your civic-mindedness and the way you embrace the big picture but illustrate it with photographs that are unique to your place in the world. 🙂

  16. Those are great words from John Lewis!
    Beautiful ‘Sunset Watch’!

  17. Amazing shots, Jane! We are definitely living in uncertain times.

  18. Splendid! Really 🤍 “Sunset Watch”.


  19. Your photos are examples of great photography, Jane. And the last scary picture is very appropriate for those who celebrate Halloween.

  20. Everyone is the smith of his own luck, according to a German saying. I believe that’s true. Waiting is not good, just like the skeleton shows. Great collection, Jane. Very meaningful and true👍

  21. Yet another powerful post, Jane. Your images are gorgeous and the tag lines are perfect.

  22. Oh wow – you really do capture this seemingly eternal period of anxious watching. Very brave of you to confront the anxiety. The end is nigh for whom and for what?
    Hang in there through this scary time …
    In the meantime, yes indeed – fingers and toes …

  23. Rushing things does not always work well and most often is regretted. All your images here were worth the wait. I especially like the foreground ripples below the pier. And, as always, your added some truly inspirational quotes.

  24. Well, yes, now we wait. And as you may have heard we in the UK are in a bad place with covid again; our “leader” has wasted over a month, disregarding the scientific advice – LOL! I worked in data analysis and management for 20 years, and the bottom line is that, no matter what “leaders” may say, the data and stats are always the bottom line. Good luck in the 3rd, my friend.

  25. Words and inspired and gorgeous shots for this moment. My feelings: anxiety about Tuesday, but with hope for the future. Thanks so much, Jane! Your work makes us think about how we can better the world. Thanks again!

  26. Such a delight to view your images, Jane, along with the great quotes.

  27. New meaning for ‘world-wide-wait.’ 😉 Hoping for a favorable outcome, fingers crossed.

  28. Lovely photographs!
    Anxious and hopeful – good luck!

  29. Waiting for results for sure!! The sunset is breathtaking, Jane.

  30. What a stunner that first shot, Jane! 🙂 🙂

  31. I enjoyed all the quotes and photos. My favorite was the one by President Obama. Thank you for sharing all of them.

  32. Gorgeous images Jane and great quote by Obama 👍🏻

  33. Very appropriate.
    Just saw a post which shows that TrAmp supporters harassed Biden’s campaign bus for hundreds of miles…
    What has the world come to?

  34. For some reason, Magritte came to mind with “Standing Watch” and the “Sunset” was stellar in more ways than one.

  35. The beautiful power of the water you capture so well Jane…hoping for a wash of good change for you. Sending you joy ~ hedy ☺️

  36. Hello Jane
    Again impressive impressions from an impressive country, which will hopefully get a better perspective in a few days! We are following it with excitement and hope!

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