Shadow Play

“To contemplate is to look at shadows.”

~Victor Hugo

Shadows, Photography, Light,

Fence and Tree


Shadows, Photography, Light,

Palm Trees


Shadows, Photography, Light,

Golden Gate Girders


“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”

– Dorothea Lange


Shadows, Photography, Light,

New Orleans Lamp


Shadows, Photography, Light,

Window Dressing


Shadows, Photography, Light,

Telephone Pole


“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

— Matt Hardy


Shadows, Photography, Light,

Walk This Way


Shadows, Photography, Light,



Shadows, Photography, Light,

Nice Ride


Shadows, Photography, Light,

825 Gate



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  1. Love them all Jane – what else can I say 💕

  2. Oh boy did I ever enjoy this shadow post, Jane. I am a shadow watcher, and these are exceptional works of art you recorded. Enjoyed seeing SF in there, with Ft. Point and the street scenes. I really liked each one, and the quotes too, and went back over them to decide which was my favorite. It was hard to choose, because each photo is beautiful. It was the palm trees, for the long shadow lines that led directly to each tree and the color and light. If I had been walking on that sidewalk, this scene would’ve stopped me in my tracks, just like your photo did. Cheers to you, my friend.

  3. shadows bring a little extra to photography, you should often think about integrating them

  4. Hi again Jane, I had a chance to share a few of the “shadow” photos I mentioned ((the ones I took shorty after I enjoyed this wonderful post) – thanks again or the inspiration

  5. These are some serious shadows! I wouldn’t have thought that one could photograph two horses in such a pretty place and still have a shadow play such a big part in the picture. I guess what I mean is that the shadow vies for attention more successfully than I would have expected. I think I saw the palm trees and sidewalk on FB or Instagram – I love it. The Golden Gate Girders are great, and the Window Dressing is so fresh and well-organized. And the New Orleans photo – what a perfect composition! Really, each one of these is so well seen – your eyes never stop, do they? 😉

  6. Your first two photos show what a great eye you have ~ fence and trees in both shots, yet such a different feel. I think when taking photos, it is easy to get carried away with a subject and lighting on the subject that we forget to see the more dramatic parts of the scene, but you have been able to catch these shadows to be the star of the shots 🙂 Beautiful work, Jane. Wishing you a great finish to your summer season.

    • Hi Randall, You are so right, it is easy to get caught up in shooting the “thing”. I learned early on that a leap in the next level of photography is to focus less on looking for things and instead focus on shapes, light and lines in a composition. And you do that beautifully in your work.
      Wishing you happy and healthy days ahead. 🙂

  7. Good photos, Jane! Especially Palm Trees and New Orleans Lamp. And the Matt Hardy quite is spot on. 🙂

  8. All so well seen, Jane. Quite a fine collection. I hope you are not too impacted by the fires at this time.

  9. Delightful play with shadows. Amazing the things we miss when focused on the ordinary or obvious. 😊

  10. These are all superb! Lovely work and use of shadows!

  11. Excellent set! Lov’m as a series! 🙂

  12. Fascinating. I especially like the lamp and bicycle shadows.


  13. So creative..I love the way you look deeply 😄

  14. Jane, I admire you how organize images within themes. I wonder how you do that, because I seem never to get to this point. Your shadow plays are beautiful, don’t we photographer thrive on shadows, at least you and I do. Thank you for sharing your talent. Have an inspiring and safe week.

  15. Such interesting captures. Each made me take a second look. And I love the quote from Dorothea Lange – so true!

  16. I like the way you organize your photo sessions by themes. I am particularly impressed with your play with shadows, Jane.

    • Thank you, Peter. When I started blogging nine years ago, my inspiration was Steve McCurry’s blog in which he uses themes and pertinent quotes to organize images. It really speaks to me and I’ve stayed as true to that as I can over the years.

  17. I love the Dorothy Lange quote. It is true. One becomes acutely aware of small details, angles and contrasts when practising photography.

  18. I admire that you always really see these things, Jane.

  19. I enjoyed this collection! Creative and playful – thanks, Jane!

  20. Nice going. Shadows are a photographer’s delight. Your pictures have made them a viewer’s delight as well.

  21. Nice collection. I also like to play with shadows. (Suzanne)

  22. Some quality show of shadows indeed.

  23. Absolutely superb! These shadows have a strong graphic nature that compelled me to look more than once at each picture. Thanks so much for posting. I love them all!

  24. Fantastic images and quotes, Jane. Love the bicycle one the best. 🚴‍♂️

  25. Great theme, beautiful work as aways

  26. Very intriguing post, Jane. Especially like the photo of the New Orleans lamp with its intriguing shadow and the large diagonal shadow dividing the photo itself. Good Eye!

  27. Great photos, without a shadow of a doubt… 😁

  28. My crystal clear comment: “Just wonderful!” Thanks so much, Jane!

  29. In my humble opinion, you do great work!

  30. Gorgeous photos, Jane. New Orleans lamp post is my favorite. Such an unusual shape it cast. Shadowology, the work of Vincent Bal, for some fun with shadows. On my way to your beautiful city to visit our son. First significant outing since March. Camera in tow.

    • Hi Susan, Thank you! I looked up Vincent Bal’s work– so clever. Much appreciated. Hope you had a good time in SF…it’s been such a challenge with the heat and smoke. I moved to Pasadena to be closer to family. Hope you got some good photographs. 🙂

  31. Great images Jane, as always. I really like New Orleans Lamp.

  32. I am extremely keen on photographing shadows. In fact my personal photo challenge on my travel blog is all about shadows next Sunday.

  33. Some really great shadow studies.

  34. A classic theme and so inspirational. A pleasure to view like always …

  35. Love your eye for such things, Jane. Most folks would walk on by, luckily, you don’t. 🙂 My favorite is ‘New Orleans Lamp’ with its simple and clean lines.
    How’s your air quality these days? Stay safe and well. x

    • Thank you, Eliza. Over the years I’ve worked on training myself to see. I’m happy you think I’ve made progress. 🙂 We had intense heat (113) this weekend and had some ash fall one day, but the air quality is good right now. Poor California. You, too. Stay safe. 💙

  36. Very nice start with the horses. The well-manicured sidewalk and curb space, along with the palms. And, such nicely maintained sidewalks too. Hope you’re having a nice holiday weekend. 🙂

    • Thanks, David. The horses we photographed in the Bluegrass country of Kentucky. Stunning horse farms (which I bet you know). Glad you enjoyed this theme and I hope you had a “great” weekend. I saw that you’ve had an about face with your weather!

      • Yes, Kentucky has some beautiful horse farms there. We’re in Virginia; today was the funeral and burial of our god-daughter, Tasha. We head home tomorrow. Since the winter was in the forecast last week, we brought some warm clothing so we wouldn’t be too shocked by the temperature change. From what we understand, it’s been on and off snow all day and roughly a 55-degree colder than yesterday.

        • Very emotional, I’m sure. So sorry.

          • Tasha’s funeral and burial on Tuesday, it was a difficult, difficult day. It brought back all those memories when Andrea and I lost Kyle so many years ago, and when we said goodbye to her. Thank you, Jane. ❤

            I saw this during my read around. It simply makes you sick:

            And, I couldn't believe one of the wildfires in California was caused by a gender reveal party, and they, the party-goers, knew the fire danger was off the charts. When I talked to Deborah on Labor Day, of the fires here in Colorado, she said, “It’s bad, daddy. I would say don’t come home.”

            Stay safe, don’t breathe too much smoky air.

  37. I love shadow shots and you got a nice collections. Thank you for sharing! —- Stephen

  38. These shadow pics came out really great Jane. They look good with the backdrop. The first image of the horse looks like something we could use for wallpapers. Also the Golden gate and the Lamp pictures came out really well! Nice one Jane 🙌

  39. Hi Jane, enjoyed the flowing photos with shadow and interest. The walk this way one was my fav – and maybe because of where it came in the series here.
    and I agree with the quote about the camera teachings people how to see without a camera – I feel as if it did that for me –

  40. Where is the shadow if there is no ground….

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