“Peace begins with a smile.” 

~ Mother Teresa


Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids

South Africa


Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids



Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids



Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids

United States


Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids



“If you smile when you are alone, then you really mean it.” 

~Andy Rooney


Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids



Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids

South Africa


Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids



Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids



Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids



“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

~Phyllis Diller


Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids

United States


Portraits, International, Travel, Photography, People, Kids




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  1. What a wonderful collection. Just what the world needs. ❤

  2. Who can resist smiling when looking at your amazing photos!! Than you for sharing this great post ❤

  3. What a great idea, Jane, and we sure need it! Each one is eminently likable. I was drawn to the South African’s and the boys on the train, but it’s really a cumulative effect, the good feeling you gave us. It seems clear to me that you elicit smiles easily, everywhere you go. (I hope you’re keeping cool!)

  4. What we need more of right now. Terrific photos, Jane!

  5. Lovely smiles and lovely shots.

  6. Viewing those extra smiles were needed today! I appreciate photographers who capture us, humans, not as easy as it looks!

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne. Happy these brought a smile. My travel portraits are among the most satisfying to make. Probably because it is such a challenge but really for that moment of connection. 😊

  7. Beautiful captures, Jane. I love the picture of the face in the tree in Cambodia. Is there a place you haven’t been that you want to go to?

  8. “When your smiling the whole world smiles with you”…and we are 😊 Thanks for such a wonderfully uplifting post Jane 💕

  9. You show how lovely smiles are and while I smiled back in response to their joy and happiness, I couldn’t help but notice the small bit of loneliness in my heart’s corner. Hopefully I can remedy that by writing about hugs.

    • That makes me happy to read this, Ashley. I hoped to bring some smiles to you. I understand about that feeling of loneliness. I think we are all feeling that. Creative outlets do help. 🙂 Thank so much.

  10. Wonderful post, Jane, you have a real talent for this sort of thing. Love the Andy Rooney quote, so very true. And, if I had to pick a favourite from these images, I think it might be the final one, from Cambodia, for the processing (those faint greeny yellows are a master stroke!), and for the sheer breadth of imagination that has gone into both the taking of this image and its inclusion here. 🙂

  11. Ahhh…. I needed this! Such lovely treasures you brought back from your travels! Seems that you bring out the smiles in those you meet! ❤

  12. what a beautiful collection of faces. uplifting at the moment for sure

  13. Wonderful collection Jane, that had me smiling 🙂 The bartender in Spain – what a moment you captured, and the two gay men holding hands – so much love and joy in that shot.

  14. Wonderful!!! These kind of faces we need. They keep the world going..

  15. These smiles make me smile. Great collection of smiles from around the world!

  16. And how the world is missing smiles in this present day, Jane. Your pictures put such a glow in my heart. We NEED smiles back!! xo

  17. Made me Smile!… 🙂 Nice set, Jane!

  18. Jane, I have to say that the smiles in your beautiful images are contagious, they immediately put a smile on my face. Thank you for making us smile. Have a great smiling week.

  19. These days, our smiles are hidden behind masks. Thanks for brightening my Monday morning with these friendly smiles, Jane – there’s hope in every one!

    • Thank you, Dries. A life in masks makes for expressionless days, although I still find myself smiling behind them. 🙂 Happy this collection of memories made your day a little brighter. We must have hope! 🙂

  20. Wonderful! And we all smile in response!
    Thanks, Jane.

  21. So well done! Thanks for looking on the bright side!

  22. Now that’s a happy collection of smiles, especially the semi-hidden one in Cambodia.

  23. As Annie sang, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” 😃 Loved your happy photo gallery, Jane. 😍

  24. Such a sweet portfolio of happiness. Every picture made me smile back!

  25. Amazing compilation of images Jane 👍🏻

  26. As Eliza said, that last photo is truly haunting!

  27. Just what we need to see these days!

  28. Sadly, the last few months have shown us just how badly we need to see smiles so thank you for showing us these, Jane. When the news(I don’t blame them for letting us see what is happening) shows us mostly anger and resentment, smiles seem to be growing into a rare experience. But it only takes a moment for one to return to a face and we need to realize and practice that as much as possible. Fine post.

  29. Lovely series, Jane. That last one is haunting!

  30. An excellent collection of smiles. We need a lot more smile these days.

  31. I love this collection of smiles from around the world. Somehow, although I know many shots aren’t recent, it reassures me a bit that there are still good things and happiness around the world.

  32. Smiling is the one thing I haven’t seen much this year. It’s been an incredibly difficult year for everyone. I’ve done my share of non-smiling too. But, there have been a few moments too in which you just can’t hep to smile or laugh about. 🙂

  33. So joyful thank you Jane…makes me think of this 🤓☺️ Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. ~
    Thich Nhat Hanh

  34. A great collection, so international

  35. WOW!!!! So great, Jane! Thank you!

  36. Really wonderful images, as usual.

  37. Beautiful pictures Jane, smiles bring us so much peace. Amazing 😊👌

  38. They all make me smile! thanks, J

  39. Smile is a treasure of our face and heart!!
    Wonderful pics!!

  40. Nice collection of smiles of people from around the world that always uplift my spirit. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images!!

  41. Lovely, mood lifting collection, Jane!

  42. I remember that shot of those delightful South African boys. What a wonderful post. It’s great to see all those happy faces.

  43. Jane, your photography is always beautiful and tells a story! Thank you for sharing these. ❤️😎

  44. What a wonderful collection! We all need that right now! Thanks for putting it together.

  45. Lovely pictures of smiles around the world. That’s something that looks good on everyone, don’t u think? 😀

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