The Great Escape

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”
~John Lennon


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Sunrise Float, Sedona


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Garrapata Solitude


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Maroon Bells Admiration


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Crabbing, PNW


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Tuolemne Escape


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Cannon Beach Morning


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Yosemite Rocks


Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing



Landscapes, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Nature, Environment, Solitude, Covid, Social Distancing

Sunset, Santa Monica


“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

~Abraham Lincoln 



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  1. Wow!!!
    No words to describe!

  2. So glad to have found your site. Your photographs tell their own unique story. God! I love each one of them

  3. You take such beautiful photos. Brilliant skills, you are super blessed.

  4. Wonderfully iconic shots.

  5. As someone said in the comments earlier, you have such a powerful style, Jane. Things seem a bit crazy in your part of the world at the moment. But these shots remind us of how beautiful life can be. Such a variety of shots from different places, each capture a story of its own. I hope to visit some day. Take care.

    • Hi Mabel, Please forgive my late reply. Pleased you enjoyed these escapes and yes, we are in desperate need of escapes in this part of the world. Sigh.
      Thanks very much for visiting and I hope things are settling back down in Melbourne. Be safe and stay healthy. 💙

      • That’s alright, Jane. Always enjoy your photography here – each one an escape in themselves. Hoping things settle down here soon. It’s been a wild year. You be safe and stay healthy too 💙

  6. Amazing landscapes. Great works, Jane.

  7. Trying to understand how your photography reaches us. You do have such a powerful style…

  8. OMG, Canon beach morning! I love it ❤️

  9. We all need one, a great escape from everything. Haven’t been to Sedona, but I haven’t been to Maroon Bells either.

    Hope you’re doing well. Are you still moving furniture to get that right feel? It took us the better part of three months to get the arrangement just right. The only thing that hasn’t moved is the kitty stuff – litterboxes, food stations, and toy basket. 🙂

  10. Perfect photographs for “escape.”

  11. There you have some beautiful pictures.

  12. Such relaxing photos, Jane. That sunset is magnificent and the man sleeping on the rock looks so comfortable there. 🙂

  13. Lovely post! Your photos always leave me in a positive, happy mood.

  14. Good idea for a theme – and you can’t do better than starting with John Lennon, though looking at now and looking at history too, its hard to imagine us ever all being one. Crabbing is my out and out favourite here, and I think that would still apply if there were no people present. 🙂

  15. All of those look pretty amazing – I love the balloons in Sedona!

  16. Love your “Cannon Beach Morning”, the fog far away is just like in a dream.

  17. Such an inspiring start to the week Jane seeing all your wonderful photos, particularly this gallery for The Great Escape. Canon Beach morning takes me back to our visit many years ago – stunning; the abstract quality of those Yosemite rocks is beautiful; and perhaps my favourite, Crabbing – I love its stillness, serenity and minimalism – gorgeous. Have a great week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Andrew, How nice to read your thoughtful comment. Thank you. Crabbing had a dreamy effect due to the wildfires that summer. I’m so glad you enjoyed these. Wishing you a creative and inspiring week! 🙂

  18. Wow, gorgeous shots, Jane! My jaw dropped when I saw your image of Tuolumne Meadows! I’ve been there at least 20 times in my life. We prefer it over camping the the valley. Love the Sedona shot, too, we visited there in early 2018 and experienced 7 inches of snow on New Year’s. Thanks for the arm chair tour and walk down memory lane.

    • Hi Terri, Oh, that’s great! Tuolumne is one of our favorite spots to relax in Yosemite. My husband obviously agrees. 🙂 Having snow in Sedona was gorgeous, I’m sure. Thanks so much for taking a moment to enjoy this- much appreciated. Someday we all will return to these favorite places.

  19. Wow, beautiful photos, worthy of being our wallpapers. They are serene and capture the beauty quite nicely.🙌
    Also, that quote was an eye opener 👌

  20. Fine set, Jane! good words as well! 🙂

  21. Stunning but stunning photos…and that quotation…if only in was right.

  22. on the first image, pretty these hot air balloons in this blue sky and the orange landscape. The image of the mountain and the lake is relaxing

  23. Wonderful! Lucky that fella was sporting a red jacket – great accent colour for the scene.


  24. Fascinating landscape photos, Jane! I like the one of the Cannon Beach best, perhaps because my wife and I visited this marvellous place in 2012.

  25. Jane, your Calla Lillie image is just divine, I absolutely love everything about.

  26. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jane! Your beautiful images are just the medicine the doctor ordered to stave of depression on a Monday morning! They’re all stunning, but the one entitled “Maroon Bells Admiration” is really speaking to my soul this morning.

  27. These are SO GREAT! I’m so liking the ones with the bodies of water Santa Monica sunset, kite surfers, and the guy sleeping by the lake. Love the feeeeeeel of these pics. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Each capture is stunning, Jane! Wonderful quotes too. 🙂

  29. That sunrise is amazing, Jane 🤗💕

  30. We need some escapes these days! Thank you. 🙂 I’m drawn to the Cannon Beach seascape and the Yosemite rocks photo – wow, beautiful. All those pilings are composed beautifully in the PNW crabbing shot. Someone looks happy at Tuolemne. 🙂 Have a great week, Jane.

  31. hi jane, again great and beautiful pictures you have chosen, I like all very much.
    many greetings robert

  32. Those lilies in the second picture make quite an impression. Did you know that garrapata is the Spanish word for ‘tick’ (literally “grabs on with its feet”)?
    You’ve got appealing reflections in the crabbing picture.

  33. Fabulous images, Jane! Love the crabbing image

  34. What gorgeous photos, Jane. I’d love to be in any of these places. I especially love Garrapata Solitude; the photo draws me in! Thanks for taking me on a virtual trip. ~Cathy

  35. Your delightful images take me back to such wonderful days… and scenes. Tuolemne was a pronunciation I always loved to mangle… two-oh-LUM-knee!!! 😀

    • Haha, Gunta! Indeed! Love your phonetical spelling–I had to check the spelling again when I posted, just in case. It’s always a treat to have a picnic there and bathe in nature. Happy you enjoyed this set– thanks very much. 🙂

      • I find it interesting to see that you’ve visited so many of the same places I have. Great to get your really good images for revisits. Except for the the foreign travels of course. I don’t expect to venture onto another airplane for what remains of my life… thank you very much! I seem to be having enough fun staying put right where I’m at. 😀

        • Yes, Gunta, we seem to have traveled many of the same paths. Agree, hard to imagine getting on a plane any time soon. It’s hard to imagine anything positive at this point but I am trying by immersing myself in photography and family. 🙂

  36. Really usual. Really liked the lone person in the distance with foreground of white flowers!


    • Thanks, Sharon. That was fun when she appeared on the cliff. After what it took to get down to those calla lillies, I’m glad I got some good images with and without people. It’s a famous spot and rightfully so.

  37. Real stunning nature (photography)!
    Love how you ‘composed’ the people in the photo’s, each enjoying the beauty in their own way…

  38. Superb photography, as always, Jane. I find ‘Crabbing, PNW’ particularly compelling– love those lines!

  39. Wonderful theme majestically played, Jane.

  40. Gorgeous escapes, Jane. I’ll take any one of them right now!

  41. Fantastic, Jane! And perfect, as always!

  42. Always such fine compositions Jane and ahhhhh I’d like to be on Tuolemne Escape…looks peaceful ~ smiles Hedy ☺️

  43. Like the great escape theme – and the photos had such diverse colors escape vibes – the solitude flowers Had such interest with the flowers –
    their different heights And how that velvet yellow contrasted with the layers background –

    • Hi Yvette, Thank you. So nice to read your positive response. The Calla Lillies at Garrapata are wonderful to see and I was happy to have that person appear in the background. Happy you enjoyed this collection and hope you are doing well.

      • Hi – I missed the person and I zoomed in three times during the exploring of the post. And even now going back I barely see the person – is it top center ?

        Anyhow – I thought you meant the flowers had solitude – So without the person I read more into the flowers and their poised, spaced-out elegance…..
        they have a quiet togetherness vibe- a certain message to suggest maybe we can find our own space while still
        In a community

  44. Wonderful photographs, and I particularly liked the crabbing picture. It’s nice to escape through your photographs – thanks, Jane!

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