Our Flag and Fog

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  1. Wonderful. Still trying to… grasp the uniqueness of your photos… the words “blend” or “horizon” come to mind… Hmmm.

  2. the fog, the mist, always give good results in photohraphy

  3. Foggy times indeed…beautiful tones, Jane.

  4. Very nice B&W. Are you missing her (GGB)?

  5. A beautiful shot. I love your monochromes. “Happy“ fourth to you too. A good time to re-read the Declaration and think of its meaning in our times.

  6. Very nice angle and just perfect with the US flag there!!

  7. Happy 4th to you and your family, Jane. I like the concept of the fog concealing part of the bridge but the flag standing out nice and clear.

  8. By dawn’s early light? our flag is still there, but the bridge seems to be dissolving away. Neat shot, Happy 4th!

  9. I see the fog rolling in almost every day, where I live and I used to call it ” San Francisco Fog”, I just love the mood of it, but without a bridge. Very well captured the mood of it, Jane.

  10. Happy Fourth of July to you!

  11. I went to that spot in 2016 when I was last in San Francisco. The words flag and fog sound similar. Happy Fourth of July.

  12. Wonderful Independence Day photo of Fort Point and beautiful San Francisco, Jane. Cheers to you, my friend.

    • Hi Jet, Thank you. I thought it offered a different perspective in this spot. Wishing you a “happy” 4th. As good as it can be in our times. Take care and best to you and Athena.

  13. Nice capture. I am a fan of fog irl and in photos, so enjoyed seeing this.

  14. Never seen it from this angle…she is a beauty and you show her off so admirably.

  15. Timeless. Looking forward to seeing that iconic site in person again soon. Lisa

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