Mind Travel: Portraits II, SE Asia

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

~Aaron Siskin


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Monks Strolling


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Rice Paddy Farmer, Vietnam


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Family Ride, Cambodia


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Boat Driver, Mekong River


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Sweeping, Bangkok


“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

~ Peter Adams


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Toddler, Siem Reap


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Market Day


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Fruit Seller


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

Police, Bangkok


SE Asia, Travel Photography, Portraits, People , Nikon, Inspiration

A Monk’s Goodbye


“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow.”

~ Imogen Cunningham


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  1. each picture has a strong and powerful diversity and its own cultural.

  2. Wow! Every candid portrait is wonderful!!

  3. insanely beautiful and refreshing!

  4. Amazing series of photos. Love the way you have captured.

  5. Hi Andre, I’m glad you enjoyed these. Thanks so much.

  6. Jane, such a beautiful series of pictures! I love how you were able to capture the personality of the people in your shots. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer. 😊

  7. Fabulous portraits, Jane. I love that little child and the young monks. The light and expressions are marvelous. I guess we’re all dreaming of our past trips and our next ones!

  8. Asia is always full of richness… you presented it well

  9. You will have heard this a thousand times – Fantastic photography. My favourite is the Monks Strolling – so powerful and deep. Thanks for sharing

  10. Travel portraits are my favorite kind of imagery, and yours are exceptional. That ‘Market Day’ is a work of are. Cheers to all of the grand images that we will make tomorrow.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed these, Lisa. With your well traveled eye that means a lot to me. The people shots are the ones that bring the most satisfaction and make for warm memories of a trip. Thanks very much. 🤗

  11. Stunning images. I like the contrasts, the colors, and the willingness of humanity to strive in all capacities.

  12. These photos are incredible! Love the real life moments you captured…and captured so artistically.

  13. The strolling monks with the contrast of colour and the different directions they are looking at is certainly a striking capture and second favourite i the rice paddy farmer. Excellent captures all-round Jane

  14. You captured such stunning expressions in these images. I’m supposed to be visiting SE Asia in November if all is well. These photos make me excited all over again!

    • Hi Keira, I’m thrilled for you that you’ll be visiting SE Asia. Hopefully travel will be safe by then. Happy you enjoyed these portraits- wonderful memories. Thanks so much for your visit and follow. 😊

  15. First, all three of the quotes you chose are spot-on, just wonderful. 🙂 And then there are the images! I think Market Day is my favorite; the mood is thoughtful, even while this person is engaged in marketplace activity. Gorgeous light there, too! (I also love the colors and light in Fruit Seller). Opening and closing with monks coming and going is a great idea. I’m glad you thought to photograph the group as they walked away. In the first photo, it’s interesting to see how different each young man’s expression is – some people might think monks are all the same because they dress the same and are on a uniform path of studies, but the photo shows the reality – they are as unique as any three people might be.

  16. So great to catch up Jane as I sit waiting for the ferry to visit my daughter and granddaughter for the first time in 5 months. Can’t wait to see them both. Hope all is well with you. I feel there is a glimmer of hope peaking through the darkness. Warmest wishes as always.

  17. There is so much feeling in these photos Jane. Very touching.

  18. PS. You’re making me reconsider my longtime practical choice of an Iphone in my back pocket. One of the – many – problems is the “angle ” of the iphone. I guess it’s probably equivalent to a 35mm? Again, good for the type of photo I mostly do, but bad for portraits. Plus the zoom is crap… Tsss. Colours? well, could be improved on Iphone… 😉 Do you “work” colours on Photoshop or equivalent? ( I can’t do it, I’m very slightly colour blind, so I only use automatic balance. And decide if I like it. But I can’t get into adjusting specific colours…
    Anyway, again, thank you for those wonderful photographs…

    • Some of my favorite shots are with my iPhone X probably because it’s “in the moment” and I always have it with me. Agree, the zoom feature degrades the image greatly. I usually just edit the iPhone images in the photos editor. On the other hand, my Fujifilm X-T2 images, are always processed in Lightroom. For me, it’s an organizer and editor that works well. I’m not as much of a photoshop user, although I have it with the Adobe subscription. I usually do simple things like shadows, highlights, white balance…I try not to overwork them. You have to go with what you’re comfortable with and you do a great job with your phone. 🙂

  19. Absolutely wonderful. Your sense of colour is amazing. Not to mention that you must carry a few pounds of THE right equipment. Optics. A sense of the moment.
    I bow to you, amateur that I am… 🙏🏻

    • Aw, thank you, Brian. I’m happy you enjoyed these– very special memories.
      I did carry a lot of equipment back then…heavy Nikons and their lenses. I switched to mirrorless in the past 5 years and the technology and lightweight feel is amazing. No more lugging- (my husband agrees!) 🙂

  20. Favourites? Always a hard choice on here, Jane. Very partial to the toddler, juxtaposed with the more worldly chap that follows. 🙂 🙂

  21. That is a fantastic series of photos. Makes me want to get on the road again…

  22. Wonderful pictures again. Let’s see if we can travel, discover and take photos again at some point?

  23. I fully agree with the quotes. The color in the fruit seller is gorgeous and the rice paddy too, caught my eye. Incredible photos that I can only aspire to taking.

  24. This is a great collection of portraits, Jane. Each one tells a story and I like that you had the monks opening and closing the post. Love the over the shoulder glance. Nice.

    I’ve seen Cunningham’s quote a few times and always enjoy seeing it again. It is exactly how I feel while shooting and often have to remind myself during a morning out of what I did earlier as I am zoned in on the last and next subjects. Adams’ quote was new to me but feeling in an image is what gets to people more than whether every pixel is sharp.

  25. Beautiful, you make the colours shine.

  26. Love looking through these, Jane, a very nice assortment. My favourites are the Rice Paddy Farmer Vietnam (wonderful composition, including the horizontals, the diagonal and the hat), and Boat Driver Mekong River (composition); the Police Bangkok is also striking – what a look! 🙂

  27. Fabulous photographs, full of life and stories, and beautifully bookended in orange. Thanks, Jane!

  28. What a stunning collection of photos from your treasure chest of past voyages. So much soul in those faces.

  29. Hi Jane, Your photos are all about depth of feeling. Each tells stories. What a fabulous trip you had.

  30. Love these! And I heard from Pat that you’ve moved! Details please. We will be closing our chapter on San Francisco too, within the year.

    Sent from my iPad


  31. Wonderful pictures of life / people over sea!

  32. Always amazed at your ability to capture images of people (presumably most are unaware and not posing). Love the light and composition of ‘Market Day’ but they are all beautiful,

  33. Another lovely set of portraits and fascinating virtual tour. Just how cute is that little toddler?

    • Thank you, Graham. I’m happy you traveled with me. That little one was part of a family that was hanging out at one of the ruins in Siem Reap and I photographed them for a while. 🙂

  34. A huge thank you for this visual journey with absolutely very successful photographs, both technical and emotional
    ps; the last one is splendid

    • Thank you so much, Yoshimi. It is fun for me to revisit these wonderful memories. Photographing the monks in Luang Prebang during their early morning collection of alms was a highlight of the trip.

  35. Love these Jane. So many are standouts for me – the boat driver, family ride in Cambodia, market day, and fruit seller, but they all tell a story of time and place that has me looking twice.

    • Thank you, Alison. Your comment means a lot, given your experience in visual storytelling. Happy you enjoyed this collection- it reminds me why photographs are so important to me in remembering moments in life.

  36. Very nice portrait photograhs!

  37. Wonderful portraits! The senior policewoman is rather formidable-looking, I felt a moment of unease, and I haven’t even done anything wrong lately! Really! Yikes.
    And the last shot, of the boy-monk who’s curiosity got the better of him, is charming.
    And my favorite is the boat on the Mekong, an unusual angle, and I love it, a beautiful blue and almost hovering in midair, just really nice.

    • Hi Robert, There are many good captions that we could come up with for the Policewoman. 🙂 And I’m so glad you enjoyed the others. The blue boats on the Mekong were a treat to photograph. Thank you very much for viewing and sharing your thoughts.

  38. Love the quotes. Beautiful photos. Reminds me how much I love travelling in South East Asia. The close up hat shot is great, beautiful light. I really like the feeling of the dappled light in the cow and cart photo. Louise

  39. Wonderful colour palettes and compositions the rice farmer and blue farmer are stunning…thanks for sharing and I also appreciate the quotes Jane ~ have a creative day – smiles Hedy ☺️

  40. By the way, apropos your quotation from Imogen Cunningham, are you familiar with her early portraits featuring a friend of hers, Clare Shepard? Here’s a famous one from 1910: https://tinyurl.com/yawgcqez

    In 1981, through a mutual connection, I visited the elderly Clare Shepard in Santa Clara and she told me stories about her life and her relationship with Imogen Cunningham.

    • Yes, I’m a big admirer of Cunningham. Those early dreamy fine art photos are so different from her later work.
      How exciting that you visited Clare. I wish I could’ve run into Imogen around Berkeley and SF back in the day.
      My granddaughter is named Imogen, although not for her, but that causes me to think of her and her work more often.

  41. All pictures are brilliant. But I especially like # 2. The composition is incredible.

  42. Love these street portrait shot!

  43. SE Asia is so scenic. Wonderful photos. I’m really drawn to the monks in their orange robes. And rice fields are wonderfully photogenic.

  44. What a colourful world you captured in Vietnam!

  45. A good photograph evokes a feeling within… these do that in spades. Wonderful series, Jane!

  46. “What you have caught on film is captured forever….” Well, “forever” is a relative term. My black and white negatives from 50 years ago seem fine. Color film and slides are less stable. Now that almost all photography is digital, we have to worry about the longevity of hard drives, flash memory, CDs, and the like. There’s the old story about a monarch who challenged his sages to come up with a statement that would apply to everything. The reply he got was: “This, too, shall pass away.”

    • Hi Steve, Well, I sure like the spirit of the quote since personally, photographs are a record of my living and help me recall many wonderful moments I’ve experienced.
      Aside from that, how’d you like them?

      • Your people moments are fine; I understand why you remember them fondly. I value past contacts like those, too. I guess the quote got me thinking about longevity because my Peace Corps Honduras group from 1968–1969 recently held a couple of Zoom meetings. I hadn’t seen or heard from most of those people in 50 years. In connection with the two online meetings, I went looking through my old negatives of people in the group so I could digitize them and e-mail copies to everyone. My color slides from back then weren’t in great shape.

        • Fifty years would take its toll on just about anything. I can attest to that. It is amazing what you can do digitally to restore scans.
          Finally, I’m glad you think the photos are fine.

  47. Jane, I love the “Presence As Architecture” feel you’ve embraced with these”tomorrow” shots. It’s one of my primary modes of categorizing things. And, though “Presence As Architecture” runs the gamut of what I value, these images strike full-on resonant and viscerally vibrant chords at the higher octave of them. Thank you.

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