Barns, Mendocino

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  1. Another gorgeous picture. I am glad to find your blog as there’s so much to learn from you. I have started blogging recently and would be glad if you visit my blog and give your genuine feedback on my Pictures especially the editing part. Thanks here is the link

  2. I love the light, textures, and sepia tones here, Jane. Beautiful!

  3. Back to the roots with black&white!!
    I like black and white…everything is a matter of experience. The eye sees more!!
    Juergen from Loy (PJP as blogger)

  4. It looks so mysterious and full of unsaid thoughts

  5. Nice take! Thanks and much appreciated for sharing

  6. I like the composition and the light very much. There’s a stage-set effect. Excellent! 🙂

  7. Cool picture. Do you live there? 😁

  8. Aging carries it’s beauty within itself, as well the stories behind it.

  9. So old and yet so beautiful!

  10. ‘Talk about your fixer-upper!’ 😉
    I love Mendocino – such a gorgeous area.

  11. The pioneer perspective. 🙂

  12. I love the pre-storm tornado light.

    • It does look more ominous than it really was. Thanks, Jordan. 😊

      • 😉 I bet.

        The light, though, does remind me of the nuclear, no-pressure, feeling of full-when suddenly bright on one side and ominous on the other just prior to a tornado touching down in North Texas. It’s quite an exercise of visual and visceral contrast in Nature.

        There’s just this unmistakeable, eerie quality to the light when the pressure just suddenly zeroes out and disappears, shudder-shake-reverberates you to still and hyper-aware. Then, at the same time, the light shifts like there’s a revers-eclipse following the pressure drop right before a tornado.

        There’s just a , “yea, OH BOY, now dafuq, GET INSIDE TO COVER NOW” quality to that experience. This image’s light embraces the entirety of that experience full-on.

        Much rather be looking at it (this image) than looking for it (a tornado).

        • What a great description, Jordan. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced a tornado but some thunderstorms and hurricanes feel like this and make your hair stand on end!

          • Oh yes, they certainly make your hair stand on end. There’s a weirdness to the combined “DUCK!” Feeling of one’s hackles being up at the onset of a tornado, and the same time just a very calm and urgent clarity to get to shelter pronto. It’s like Nature sent you a message with High Importance, and it’s your job to listen NOW… calmly, with urgency. Other than almost dying on a mountain, I’ve never felt that kind of… with a tornado … how do I express it?

            Such a very clear connection with intense Nature, NOW, and wise-in-time in the moment is mandatory. There’s just such a direct exchange with Nature at that point.

            I appreciate your accolade on my description. ANd yes, you’re fortunate. It’s an indelibly intense experience, a tornado, and though I consider it valuable, I’d wish it on no one.

  13. Nice shot, black and white always adds a layer of peace and mystery.

  14. A Gorgeous find and resulting shot, so well processed.

  15. Really like this, Jane. Have you done a series of barns? Sharon


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