The Good Old Days


Cable Car, San Francisco, Black and white, Photography The Good Old Days

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  1. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How long is it going to take to get back to anything like this??? It’s a great photo, Jane, your blurring is perfect!


  2. panning at about a 1/30 th of second? I use to do this but haven’t in decades. I just might try this with my eagles.
    thanks Jane!

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    • HI Wayne, Yes! I just checked my settings:
      1/20 sec f/22 ISO 80.
      I did this for a photography class, and I agree, something we should try more often. It’s challenging for sure.
      Glad you enjoyed this one- thank you!

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  3. Excellent picture, Jane, and a very apt title just now. 🙂

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  4. I can barely remember… Thanks, Jane!

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  5. Loving the shutter speed in your image , Jane.

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  6. There you go, all monochrome again. Beautiful.

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  7. I moved to SF in 1965 so this photo does remind me of really good old days. Are they running now?

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  8. Ah, yes! And we never gave that closeness a second thought. Will it ever be that way again??

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  9. Carefree abandon, no fear, all is well that ends well. Loooovely photo, Jane

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  10. It certainly seems to be the “Good Ol’ Days.” It must be different not to have the cable cars on the streets. When we were under mandatory stay-at-home, the buses were still running a full schedule in COS – mind you there were so few passengers. With restrictions relaxed, the number of passengers have increased but not appreciably so. It’s almost like people are waiting for the other shoe to drop … and not in a good way.

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  11. It sure does look like a good time. And with the old buildings in the background blurred, they could be time-travelers! Cool shot!

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