Social Distancing


Black and White, Photography, Shadow Social Distancing

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  1. Oh I like this, Jane >>> both as an image, and in the context of our New World. Good stuff! Adrian 🙂

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  2. Excellent composition. And very meaningful.


  3. Doesn’t this describe exactly what is occurring today? Beautiful image, Jane!! Loved the lines!

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  4. Great photo with a serious background

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  5. Very nice, you just capture an every day thing into a great photo.!

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  6. Hi Jane – I like this understated photo very much, and also, a very clever usage.

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  7. Take care and look after yourself! ❤️

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  8. Nice images even without the current social concerns. Great shadowplay.

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  9. I really liked your artist’s interpretation of social distancing, Jane. Wonderful lines and shadows.


  10. Blinds, shadows and walls are among my favorites.


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