Sightseeing, Oslo Opera House

My latest image on Monochromia. πŸ˜„


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  1. You got me chuckling, Jane – fabulous photograph!!

  2. Nice! (And my neck of the woods…) 😍

  3. This one made me grin. I love these images you catch out in the wild. They certainly enable all sorts of story telling inside my head.

  4. Checking her phone? The graphic quality of the wall along with those low benches and their reflections make a great scene, Jane. Very nice and certainly a fitting monochrome.

  5. A Jane classic – somehow you always see the real side of the human condition. It’s a rare talent.

  6. Great observational images, Jane, I love the structure doesn’t make my eyes dizzy at all, quite the other way, my eyes follow each slack, each one of the couple has their own way to relax.

  7. Very nice using of space! Although the wall is not completely flat it still is empty space..

  8. Ha! perfect title, very dry. Terrific photo on its own, with the wooden slats making our eyes go a bit wonky, and then this odd but somehow charming couple. For one second, the man reminded me of Roy Orbison, hiding behind his shades. I visited that opera house, the year I graduated college, and it’s one of the coolest buildings I’ve ever seen.

  9. Cool. My eyes also go all wonky looking at it!

  10. Nice capture but it makes my eyes go fuzzy 😡

  11. You have a wonderful love and understanding of humans and life, Jane — fantastic photo.

  12. I love the wryness – adds a great twist to the photo. Really made me smile a whole lot πŸ™‚

  13. I love your portrayal of the isolation of the couple against a corrugated wall.

  14. Thank you, Michael. This scene really made me smile. Glad you like it. πŸ˜ƒ

  15. Brilliant observation of the human condition.

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