Rainy Day Moments

Welcoming the rain in California.Β 

Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

Happiness Is…


Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

City Impressions


Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

Golden Gate Fog


Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

A Hard Rain


Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

Red Car


Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

After the Rain


Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

Riveting Rivulets


Rain, Weather, City, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Photography, Abstract, Art, California, San Francisco

Sunset after the Rain




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  1. Hi Jane…do you work on film or digital?…thanks….antonio

  2. Oh how I miss this city. Your posts give me a moment in time where I feel like I am back there ❀

  3. Compliments. Makes me want to go back to SF ASAP. πŸ™‚
    (Merry Christmas, jane)

  4. That is a lot of rain. I love the man with the umbrella. Black and white makes it stunning, in my humble opinion.

  5. Whew… almost couldn’t find the end of all the comments! You GO, girl! Love, love these rainy day images as we are finally getting some precious rain here and the creek is rising. All your images are marvelous (as always), but the fog showing just a bit of The Bridge is glorious. It’s always such fun visiting here. So Glad I didn’t miss this one.

    • Hi Gunta, Your reaction to this series means a lot. We love our rainy days and I’m so glad you’re getting some! Thank you very much and I hope you are having a great holiday season! πŸ™‚

      • It’s good to finally get some rain, not too much, just enough. The creek is rising and all is good. Thing is I love your images so much because it brings back some delicious memories of when I lived in the Bay Area. These days cities and their traffic tend to freak me out, so revisiting through your lens is a special delight. You capture the spirit of it so very, very well.

        • What a wonderful follow-up to read, Gunta. I do remember you said you lived in SF and I’m so happy that you enjoy my Bay Area images. What I love about SF is that you can escape to uninhabited countryside or beaches pretty quickly. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž

  6. Beautifully put together, Jane….Lots of rain down there! Not so much up here – we still need more. I can really feel the pleasure that you took in the rain through these images. The figures in the first image and “A Hard Rain” are both fantastic – you have a knack for picturing something I can only call the human condition. And wow, you ended the series with a burst of gorgeousness. That sunset through the window is outstanding!

  7. Lovely, Jane. I recognize some favorites. I particularly like “hard rain”. Beautiful composition and it works very well in B&W.

  8. Some of these are return favorites, others are new delights. All are a beautiful tribute to rainy days. (And I don’t know about you folks, but we’re really needing it up here. Welcome back rain!)

  9. Just loved this series of images of the rain, Jane. I enjoyed how you changed shooting technique as I studied one in particular. You catch the “mood” of what you are shooting so cleverly. I love that little kid walking in the rain in a yellow slicker (it looks like a child). That jolt of yellow just jumps out at you. Another one that really had me studying was the one of the red car. All the colors in this series smelled, tasted, looked like rain. Incredibly creative of you!

    • Thanks, Amy! I love working on rainy day projects like the impressionistic windows and also just having some good luck walking around in the rain and seeing my little yellow slicker wearer. Such fun. Glad you enjoyed!

  10. you did a nice job of putting together the flow of the photos – like a nice trickling rain the post flowed (kidding)
    and my fav is the man in yellow rain suit – clear umbrella and that bridge – so much to soak uo there (sorry – puns are rolling) hahah
    and wishing you a good day

  11. Oh my goodness, Jane, such a creative series of captures on the SF rain. It’s wonderful to have rain again, and your words and photos express the celebration. My two favorites are the little one under the umbrella, and the man with the umbrella with his back to the camera. A joy to be here.

    • Hi Jet, How fun to read your reaction to this series. Thank you so much. You’ve highlighted two faves that I felt very lucky to catch. One shot for each and they were gone. Thanks very much and hope you are enjoying the rain. πŸ™‚

  12. Hello Jane
    What a nice photographic work on the rain
    There are two photographs that I particularly like
    The first is that of the Golden Gate under the fog obviously: D, this frame and the mass of fog is like a door, a direction to take and at the same time we can say yes but …. if I mlet the foot, I’ll maybe fall?
    The second is really great, but great with a big F and that of the man with the umbrella. There is a certain atmosphere of this photograph. It could serve as a cover of a book whose story is still to tell, it makes me think of monochrome movies with H.Bogard too
    A small nugget this picture

    • Hi Yoshimi, Thank you so much for such a terrific reaction to these shots. Hard Rain with the man and the umbrella was one of those moments that passed by so quickly, I managed to get only one shot. Phew. I agree, it has a noir feel that is just right for San Francisco. Crossing the Golden Gate is always a thrill and I was glad to have my short telephoto on my camera that foggy day. Happy you enjoyed these photos.

  13. Wonderful pictures, Jane – and absolutely love Golden Gate Fog, After the Rain and Sunset after the Rain. A πŸ™‚

  14. Your title immediately reminded me of the song “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35.” Then I saw that you captioned one of your pictures “A Hard Rain.” Seems like you’re channeling Bob Dylan in this post.

  15. Awesome pics! I do love the California rainy days πŸ™‚

  16. Ha! “A Hard Rain” does remind a bit of Bob walking the streets. These are all fine rainy day shots, Jane. I’m especially drawn to the sedum, but you might expect that.

    • Hi Steve, Hard Rain was a great day of photography and I was humming the song when I saw the results. I share your love of succulents especially in the rain. Happy you enjoyed this series- thanks very much! πŸ’¦

  17. Wonderful series of images. Rain can be very inspiring and I guess California does need it these days. (Suzanne)

  18. Working with your favorite medium, I see (windows). The Golden Gate fog is very impressive by it’s thickness. Your rain will become our mountain snow. The lower elevation precip will be slim to none.

    Two rainy songs, “Rainy Days and Mondays” (The Carpenters) and “I Love A Rainy Night” (Eddie Rabbitt).

  19. Wonderful images, Jane. My favorites are “Golden Gate Fog” (so mysterious, how the bridge vanishes in the fog) and “A Hard Rain” (perfect composition).

  20. Wonderful album. The second shot captures perfectly my Monday morning impression of the city, on the way to work, pre-coffee. (But mine is blurrier, and yours is a good deal more poetic! πŸ™‚ )

  21. Great as always, Jane! Your window photos are very moving. Grateful for your sharing!! πŸ™‚

  22. A beautiful celebration of the welcome and precious rain and very evocative too.

  23. Lovely shots. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, πŸ˜‰

  24. Superb photos and sure to be welcome, wish they got some in Australia

  25. Awesome photos. Shooting in the rain is challenging, but you can get unique moments that way. These shots are very creative – well done.

  26. I love this selection, Jane! The window abstracts are wonderful, the sunset one magical, the Golden Gate in the fog a tad mystical, and I have a soft spot for the red car!

  27. I love it, Jane! Especially the fog and the pictures with the raindrops at the window.

  28. All your photos are gorgeous as usual, but I cannot help but love the first one a little extra. It touch my heart. Beautiful ❀

  29. Wonderful shots, Jane! There are so many people in Australia who are desperate for just a few moments of this. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  30. What a creative collection! I know the rain is welcome, and long overdue there…
    β€œHappiness is…” is a wonderful image – thanks for the smiles!

  31. Fantastic shots, Jane. Nice work!

  32. All wonderfull images, Janeβ€”I feel the rain drops. The first one really made me smile, a wonderful composition and subject.

  33. Beautiful images Jane! It’s hard to pick one, I love them all. 😊

  34. Beautiful images Jane 😊

  35. Everyone of them a beauty. You are so talented. They remind me of something I read once – some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. I’m one of those people who walks in the rain. I love it.

  36. I especially like A Hard Rain.❀️

  37. Very well done Jane. That opening photograph is adorable… good choice.

  38. Such a beautiful ode to rain!
    Is that I. under the umbrella in the first shot? So adorable.
    Wonderful shots, Jane! ❀

    • Thank you so much, Eliza. I’m happy you are a fan of rain, too, and enjoyed these favorites. I wish that were I. – just a little one I came upon on my morning run. πŸ™‚ πŸ’• I should’ve gotten their names and sent them a copy.

  39. Love the red car! Hope all is well.

    Sent from my iPad


  40. Glorious rainy scenes, Jane. Love that rain-spattered sunset. πŸ™‚

  41. Beautiful. I especially liked the warped window shots.

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