My latest image, a tribute, on Monochromia.


Black and White, Tokyo, Photography, Japan Peace, Tokyo

In tribute to Patti Fogarty, esteemed street photographer and Monochromia member.

You will be greatly missed.

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  1. A strong photo and great tributo to an excellent photographer we all miss


  2. what a special shot….SO interesting!!!

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  3. I might have replied on monochromia when this was in my reader earlier this week – but wanted to say condolences to Patti

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  4. Nice composition – people smiling in the picture in the background along with people standing along the line with one person as center up front.

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  5. Yes, a wonderful tribute – and a striking image, the more so with the suspicious security official and the thick, dark, jolly eyebrows of the girl behind him A 🙂

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  6. Wonderful photograph, and sorry to hear you lost a friend.

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  7. That’s lovely, Jane! I’m sorry about your friend.

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