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Thinking of all who are displaced and affected by the California wildfires.


Close-Up, Fujifilm X-T2, Monochrome, Black and White, Photography Sonoma Grapes

In support of those suffering in the Sonoma and Los Angeles wildfires.

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  1. this is gorgeous Jane!! HERE HERE to your words!!

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  2. Great composition.
    I like how that the grapes are shaped a little like a triangle.


  3. A lovely black and white image. Puts me in a summer mode, but I bet it could just be California late autumn? Of course, your concern is of a different kind. I hope they will soon get control of those fires.

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  4. Great image Jane, and yes my heart goes out to all affected by the fires.

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  5. Here’s hoping for some relief soon…

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  6. Nice picture, I like the mood of the picture in B&W.


  7. Indeed, my thoughts are with you all.

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  8. What a wonderful image, Jane. I noticed about the fires here in the news. Wish, the firefighter will defeat the fires very soon, and before even more of the nature and the neighborhoods are destroyed

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  9. Although we need the rain around here, I wish we could send some along to help those fighting the fires and save more homes from loss. California has had more than its share of fires.

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  10. So sad, hoping things quiet down out there soon

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  11. Grapes of wrath? 😬

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  12. A nice touch. Here it’s pouring rain. Wish we could send some over there.

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