Half Dome and Cloud


Half Dome and Cloud

Happy 129th Birthday, Yosemite National Park!

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  1. Beautiful work, Jane, you cover Yosemite so well and several years ago I met Alex Honnold at a Patagonia function after he had free soloed Half Dome… before his amazing solo on El Capitan. Your work on both sites would fit right in with the beauty and awe of the video and photos.

  2. Surreal ….. just a magnificent shot!

  3. One of the most brilliant monochromatic images I have ever witnessed ! You just keep getting better at your craft.

  4. “who” would not want once in his life to see landscapes like this, with his own eyes?

  5. The black and white looks exquisite here. Good choice!

  6. Beautiful! As you and many others have said, the parks are inspiring.

  7. Always a treat catching up with you Jane after being away. Warmest wishes as always.

  8. Ansel’s progeny. Just gorgeous Jane!

  9. Happy birthday indeed! Nice bday post for this majestic place…


  11. I echo your wishes. The curve of the backside of the cloud echoes the curve of the backside of Half Dome, creating a beautiful visual rhythm.

  12. Wow! Yosemite is practically my backyard, having been there 25 times…I should have known it just had a birthday! Inspiring! I need to get back there.

  13. Lovely! And coincidentally I reblogged an old post about this park today on my Travel blog with a similar (but not as good) photo.

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