Evening, Telegraph Hill

A classic San Francisco evening.


Coit Tower, San Francisco, California, Nikon, Photography, Cityscape, Evening, Telegraph Hill

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  1. quite fascinating how u captured all of the city…brilliant!!

  2. Lovely shot!Amazing

  3. I had somehow forgotten some of the incredible lighting that lights up the City and it’s landmarks so well. How lovely to see you capture them with panache!

  4. Beautiful shot, Jane. Lovely in b & w.

  5. I agree with all the other posters! A beautiful, soft shot with great textures and light. (I enjoyed your profile on Nicole’s blog!)

  6. Wonderful, and quite Mediterranean as a poster above said.
    A lovely shot – cities can be beautiful (and you and your camera love SF)

  7. A beautiful rendition of available light, Jane. Much like a sunbeam across an unmade bed.

  8. Nice view in B&W, Jane. Love the boxiness of the buildings with the organic element of trees below the Tower.

  9. Cool. The density of the structures all condensed like that reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of houses all crammed together on a cliff overhanging the Mediterranean.

  10. Wow, Jane, the image seems almost “historic” – I almost expect an old TWA Lockheed Constellation coming in low over the hill…

  11. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the name:

    “Originally named Loma Alta (“High Hill”) by the Spaniards, the hill was then familiarly known as Goat Hill by the early San Franciscans and became the neighborhood of choice for many Irish immigrants. From 1825 through 1847, the area between Sansome and Battery, Broadway and Vallejo streets was used as a burial ground for foreign non-Catholic seamen.

    “The hill owes its name to a semaphore, a windmill-like structure erected in September 1849, for the purpose of signaling to the rest of the city the nature of the ships entering the Golden Gate. Atop the newly built house, the marine telegraph consisted of a pole with two raisable arms that could form various configurations, each corresponding to a specific meaning: steamer, sailing boat, etc. The information was used by observers operating for financiers, merchants, wholesalers and speculators. Knowing the nature of the cargo carried by the ship they could predict the upcoming (generally lower) local prices for those goods and commodities carried. Those who did not have advance information on the cargo might pay a too-high price from a merchant unloading his stock of a commodityโ€”a price that was about to drop. On October 18, 1850, the ship Oregon signaled to the hill as it was entering the Golden Gate the news of California’s recently acquired statehood.”

  12. Very nice shade of light at different parts of the city.

  13. A beauty…you found a perfect spot…..of course.

  14. Mmmmmmoody creamy sky and soft play of light and shadow.

  15. What a stunning and moody panoramic shot.

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