Moonlit Bay, San Francisco


San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Black and White, Monochrome, Night Photography, Moonlit Bay, San Francisco

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  1. … and without fog! 🙂

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  2. JUST STUNNING!!! So peaceful!!

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  3. On nights like this the waters of SF Bay resemble dark blue naugahyde—one of my favorite memories of Swing shift. Thanks for the reminder, Jane. This photo puts me back in time.

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  4. So atmospheric, Jane! 😍💕

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  5. I was in SF and Marin County for the last four days, and I became obsessed with taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge! I went back and looked at dozens of your photos, and they are so beautiful. I actually wished I’d seen some fog, but alas, no such thing these last few sweltering days! We were lucky enough to stay basically at the foot of the bridge on the Sausalito side, so I managed to get up close and personal with it a number of times. I have a newfound admiration for all your wonderful shots! (None of mine make me happy … oh, well!)


  6. You cannot go wrong with that Iconic bridge but….trust you to find the most beautiful and exclusive ways of ‘showing’ it. Gorgeous.

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  7. … and it raises POLY feelings. Thank you!


  8. Love this picture!


  9. Think I can see Frank Sinatra dancing across – authentic !

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  10. Beautiful evening skyline by the bay, Jane.


  11. LOVE this, Jane, it is a wonderful photo. I’ve always been entranced by moonlight on water. ❤


  12. I’m homie, so I’m biased, but that sure is beautiful.

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