Temple Roof, Kyoto

My latest contribution to Monochromia. The striking symmetry in Japanese architecture.


Photography, Black and White, Architecture, Japan, Repeating Patterns, Fujifilm X-T2, Monochrome Temple Roof, Kyoto

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  1. just gorgeous…so detailed…we should learn from them!!

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  2. Hi Jane, that’s a very nice photo, I also love the craftmanship and rhythmic patterns of Asian temples. They are so incredibly intricate that it is easy to be overwhelmed and miss the small beautiful details. I am living in Taiwan and finally after many years of just being wowed by the Temples here I have started trying to capture some of them in drawings and paintings. They skills involved in designing and carving these temples are truly amazing!
    You can find some examples of my artwork here:


  3. I love the tonality and gray scale of this graphic image, Jane. It’s so soothing to the eyes.


  4. I so agree with the above statement…we need more beauty for beauties sake in our everyday environment in cities. Lovely post , Jane…we need roofs like that !!

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    • Hi Paula, I often feel a sense of stewardship as a photographer – documenting and celebrating subjects – and hopefully, helping others to see things in a new way. I agree wholeheartedly with you- we need to surround ourselves with art, good architecture, thoughtfully planned spaces and nature. I’m so glad this sparked those thoughts– thanks very much for sharing them.

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  5. This is a create abstract of the whole, Jane. When I see these details from the past I am sad that today’s architecture, at least here in the U.S., is so devoid of the art found not that long ago in the building trades. Craftsmanship is gone as a consequence of fast construction and high profits.

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    • Hi Steve, We’re big fans of Arts and Crafts and Prairie Style architecture for that very reason. The love that went into those buildings is special. I’m glad you enjoyed this detail of the workmanship of Japanese architecture. Thanks very much.


  6. Wonderful in detail and balance. ❤

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  7. Wow. Almost an abstract, and you know how I feel about abstracts. Very nice!

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  8. Do you know if that ornamentation developed as stylized logs?

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