Hudson Afternoon

My latest contribution to Monochromia. A memorable NYC moment.


New York, Black and White, Photography, Cityscape, Hudson River Hudson Afternoon

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  1. I grew up in New York and haven’t lived there for years, and much of the city I knew is long gone, but you’ve shown me a bit of it that still resonates. Thank you.

  2. absolutely brilliant detail…this is spectacular jane….truly a GREAT eye!!

  3. Wonderful Godbeams and B&W conversion. I like how the bench, figure and railing are silhouetted!

  4. I missed the person at first and was all taken in by the beams. then the benches – and the person chilling out – made it an even richer photo

  5. A good friend of mine describes this effect as “God Rays” and you have captured it perfectly. This image is a showstopper, Jane.

  6. Excellent image, Jane >>> the person in the foreground really adds to it. Adrian 🙂

  7. Love the silhouette. Jane, the monochrome just sets the right mood for this image, it’s actually very storytelling.

  8. What a fabulous photograph – thanks, Jane!

  9. The waterfront at the financial district is one of my favourite places to hang when I am in Manhattan for work (the office is on Old Slip and South Street). I love watching people eat lunch and stroll the esplanade​.

    • Hi Khürt, It is wonderful how that area has been reborn- I love to walk along Hudson River Park. I used to work in lower Manhattan in the 80’s…what a different world back then. Happy you enjoyed this shot- thanks very much.

  10. I echo everyone else. Gorgeous. Monochrome is definitely correct. Puts me in a New York state of mind.

  11. That’s a beauty, Jane!

  12. Great rays, Jane. The person on the bench is missing a great show.

  13. Monochrome works so well when color would detract from the structure and mood of the image. I can’t quite figure out if this was taken from the Brooklyn looking toward Lower Manhattan or Manhattan looking toward Brooklyn. Fun and great image.

    • Thank you, Bruce. I’m happy you like the monochrome conversion which I think emphasizes the silhouetting and the light beams nicely.
      This was shot from Manhattan looking toward Jersey City/Hoboken from Hudson River Park.

  14. Good clouds and good rays emanating from them.

  15. Hi, Jane. Thanks for sharing such a great image that beautifully composed and captures the mood. Happy Photography. Have a wonderful day. Goff

  16. Lovely! Those sun rays are incredible!!

  17. Really lovely! Esp. that sky!

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