Big Sur Meditations

“Once I’m working I try to relax deeply into the work and make it into a meditation.”

~Theresa Bayer


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Wave Rhythms


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Edge of Bliss


“This is the way life goes in Big Sur. Waiting for the mail, watching the sea-lions in the surf or the freighters on the horizon, sitting in the tubs at Hot Springs, once in a  while a bit of drink- and, most of the time, working at what ever it is that you came here to work on, whether it be painting, writing, gardening or the simple art of living your own life.”

~ Hunter S. Thompson


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Big Sur


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Pfeiffer Sand


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Thank you, Trees


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Hello Pfeiffer


“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”

~Ansel Adams


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,



Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,



Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Purple Sand


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Rock Patterns


“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.”

~ Lily Tomlin


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Flow II


Environment, Ocean, Landscapes, Nature, Photography, California,

Beach People





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  1. As you say, your stunning photo say it all!

  2. I DREAM about this place. After travelling the world many times, the Big Sur is one of the few places I really want to go to. LOvely images to tease me even more!

  3. I have been missing out. I love these water shots. Too many beach people for my liking, but purple sand in real life is amazing.

    • Thanks, Lisa. Pfeiffer Beach is a famous spot and depending when you go can be an empty paradise. The sand is gorgeous and the rock formations and wave action mesmerizing. I thought the Beach People looked like a Sci-Fi movie. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous Jane – love the purple sand particularly.

  5. fabulous shots…SO peaceful…also great detail!!

  6. Oh my, I love your photos so much. Out of all photographers that I follow I guess I like your style the most. This is how I’d aspire to do it (if I had knowledge and equipment): nothing exaggerated because the world as is is beautiful enough. (That said, I can’t even imagine how much work you must do in post-production.) And your accompanying words are just perfect too.

    • Hi Mexi, What a terrific comment to read- thank you so much. I’m happy that my love for nature and light comes through in my photos. I really enjoy post-processing and generally only use Lightroom for enhancements. Many of my favorites I’ve shot with my iPhone. It’s all about “seeing” and you have a great eye. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  7. Wonderful photos of “your” ocean. Wish we had a rocky shore here on ”our” ocean. The purple sand is intriguing. We saw red-purple sand when we spent a lot of time in the Adirondacks. There is was garnet sand. Could be the same on “your” beach. In any event a colored sand has to have an interesting origin.

  8. Big Sur is one of those places that immediately send me into meditation. Sublime photos, as usual, Jane. Love the different waterscapes, especially. A flow can take so many different forms.

  9. Wonderful to see your work again Jane – the first photograph in B&W of the waves is stunning. Missed seeing your talent ~

  10. Jane, your images are beautiful! It is great how you can see interesting details in ordinary places and then share through your photography, such as in Flow. Also, the purple sand shot, along with all the shades of colors from the sky and the rocks, is terrific!

  11. Really lovely Jane I particularly enjoyed the pairing of your photo with the Hunter J, Thompson quote.

  12. A delightfully serene visit to Big Sur, Jane, thank you. Your meditations, exquisite photos, and thoughtful quotes sum up this incredible land well. I love Big Sur, it’s such a grand place in the world. I really liked every one of your photos, but the one I liked the most was Flow II…dazzling.

    • Hi Jet, I am certain you’ve been to these spots so I’m happy you feel I’ve captured some of its essence. I became entranced by the flowing water and kelp- glad you like it. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. 😊

  13. My favourite is “Flow 2”!! followed by “Kelp” and “Purple Sand” Btw – I am curious Jane – what is your professional/working background? Teacher?

  14. Another fantastic series, Jane. The purple sand is very unusual. Your showstopper in this set, “Edge of Bliss”. Absolutely, absolutely breathtaking.

    Are you getting much rain? We’re in Ft. Worth for two weeks. A little sticky, but not oppressively so.

    • Hi David, Thank you! One of my all time favorite places. So glad you enjoyed- especially Edge.
      It is pouring here and will continue this weekend. Perfect for watching golf. 🙂 Enjoy Ft. Worth!

  15. Stunning photos! Thank you for taking me to such a beautiful place that exists across the globe from where I am.

  16. What a wonderful photographic meditation. I love working in that creative meta-world of relaxation and intense concentration. Beautiful work, Jane. Keenly observed, as always! Somehow you can make even kelp look wonderfully interesting!!

  17. What a delight, Jane, and all the more so because I know some of these subjects, and you’ve portrayed them with such love and respect. The Hunter Thompson quote was fun, too. 🙂 The colors in Edge of Bliss are fascinating….the Big Sur photo just leaves one breathless…and I love the kelp, the purple sand and the flow patterns – and the rocks!

    • Hi Lynn, Always great to read your thoughts– thank you very much. I am glad my love of this incredible place shines through. I can just see you examining interesting things with your lens on the beaches here… 🙂

  18. Those big views at Big Sur are beautiful, but I kinda like those pattern pictures you finished with. Gives a more intimate feel for the place.

  19. Awesome, Jane!!! Bellissimo!! Love your visions!! You are such an expert at making me homesick! Ha!! Loved the quote from Hunter S. Thompson!!

  20. Spectacular Jane! And guess what? Me and my family are going to Bug Sur this summer! We have never been so any ideas/advice would be amazing. we are spending 4 days in Marin, 3 days in San Fran and rest in/around Big Sur. Can’t wait!

  21. Breathtaking… Beautifully captured via your lens, Jane.

  22. Beautiful photos and timely thoughts for us, Jane. I love those waves in the first photo. I can hear the thunder of them crashing on the rocks.

  23. I ran the Big Sur marathon a couple years ago, and these pictures took me right back!! Stunning. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world! Thank you for sharing, Jane!

  24. A wonderful collection – thanks, Jane! I slowed right down…

  25. Beautiful photography, Jane! Some of your photos reminded me of “Play Misty for Me.”

  26. Good pictures, Jane >>> but Edge of Bliss and Purple Sand just knock me flat!!! A 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Adrian. I am continually enthralled by the ethereal feeling of this coastline from the cliffs. And the colors in the sand… magical. Glad you enjoyed these! 🙂

  27. I just say it again: fine series! 🙂 Purple sand is my fav; great colors and texture; and that yellow stone, of course.

  28. Magnificent set of photos and quotes. It DOES you good.

  29. ” !!!!! ” (And heartfelt thanks!)

  30. This beautiful place has all what you need! Balm for body and soul!

  31. Great set of images of a wild and rugged place, Jane

  32. Our oh so beautiful state! And oh so beautiful you! Thank you.

  33. Jane, your post deserves the words of Ansel Adams, as you quoted above.

  34. Loving all the textures!

  35. Oh my dear Jane… you do justice to some of the places I love most in this world. It’s beyond words.

  36. So many lovely images. Those that drew me in the most? Purple Sand and Flow II.

  37. Lovely images as usual…(Suzanne)

  38. You have captured very nice patterns of different kind. Those definitely are good to keep your mind still.

  39. I’ve never been to Big Sur and just once to Point Reyes, but your images have given a good idea what the experience might be like. Love the kelp image.

  40. those small & large
    shapes, so colorful
    and expressive, Jane
    of central Ca coast!
    i’ve enjoyed that view
    sitting in those tubs.
    in days of yore
    they were right
    next to the beach 🙂

  41. Some wonderful scenes Jane – love the purple sands

  42. All the images work but the “Edge of Bliss” is to me, perfect.

  43. Lovely, Jane, pure bliss! ❤

  44. Reblogging this to my readers at sister site Timeless Wisdoms

  45. I remember how fascinated I was by that kind of kelp on the California coast near Monterrey. You’re fortunate to have that and the other things so close at hand.

  46. Amazing images. Great work, Jane.

  47. I always love the sea and things from the sea and I understand the little meditations piece as well ☺️🤓 another beautiful post Jane ~ smiles Hedy

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