Spring Days Around San Francisco

sweet spring is your

time is my time is our

time for springtime is lovetime

and viva sweet love”

~e.e. cummings 


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Happiness Is…


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Spring Awakening


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,



Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,



“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Wildflower Tangle


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Spring Solitude


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Aphid Party


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Seaside Delight


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Lupine and Bee


“One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.”

~Dorothea Lange


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

One Fine Day


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,



Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Sleeping Bee


Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

Last Gasp



Landscape Photography, Spring, Nature, Fujifilm X-T2, Art,

The Late Years



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  1. The wee one in the raincoat, oh my. What a perfect, perfect image. Loved this entire series!

  2. These are beautiful photos! We are going to San Francisco at the end of July, anywhere you recommend we should visit? We’ll have a car xx

    • Thank you so much, Zane. I’m glad you will be visiting beautiful SF! It’s easy to be wowed by the city just by walking around…the hills provide gorgeous vistas at every turn. Favorites: Walks at Crissy Field on up to the Golden Gate which is a thrill to walk across.
      The Ferry Building and Embarcadero (Sat morning Farmers’ Market is famous)
      Any hike on the coast (Land’s End) or a drive up to the Headlands to see the bridge.
      Alcatraz, SFMoMa, Golden Gate Park and its Museums.
      Many places to drive to around the bay area like Point Reyes, Pt. Bonita etc.
      It’s an amazing city to explore!

  3. Love the quiet wonder of these images, and you always choose the perfect quotes to go with them. The image on the child with the umbrella made me smile out loud. 🙂

  4. A happy poem and images … and I love the spring colors! ‘One Fine Day’ and ‘Seaside Delight’ have a nice feeling about them. I especially like the dots of yellow flowers in ‘Seaside Delight’.

  5. Ha! Love that last pick and so many others. So bright, crisp and full of colour. HEavenly.

  6. I never get tired of the Bay Area fog banks and the many ways you manage to capture it so beautifully.

  7. just gorgeous Jane….couldn’t tear myself away from ‘happiness is…’…brilliant eye!!

  8. Beautiful and uplifting, Jane. Spring is so joyful and so are your images. I love that little fellow in the yellow raincoat and the last image made me smile. Perfect!

  9. Beautiful series, Jane 🙂

    Just scrolling down the post, i felt so refreshed with the greenery …

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  10. Every picture shows the wonder of nature – enjoyed

  11. Beautiful Jane lovely 💛 and the little human ☺️💫 smiles Hedy

  12. These were a beautiful start to my day! What are your camera specs?
    I did a photography course but I’m not very confident with my basic camera.


  13. Always a treat to take time out and catch up with all your wonderful images Jane. I think I stood in the exact same spot as you when we visited Bryce Canyon. Best wishes for the weekend and the week ahead.

  14. Such a beautiful post. ❤ That child reciting spring by heart, and the Foggy photo!!! And the last one! 🙂 Just wonderful.

  15. these photos gave me goosebumps… well done

  16. Amazing how adding a kid in a yellow slicker and umbrella can set off a picture. I’m guessing the bridge picture is through the windshield, driving down the road, camera loaded and ready to shoot just for the occasion. Did you catch the bees on a cool morning, still enjoying a snooze? They don’t usually sit still for me.

    • Hi Dave, Thanks! I agree, one special element makes an image sing. And yes, I often have camera in hand when we drive over the bridge and this time had my 90mm to zoom in on the tower.
      I was hiking in Pt. Reyes and usually the bees are buzzing furiously but this guy was definitely snoozing on a cool morning. 😀 I thought it was sweet.
      Appreciate your kind comment and I hope you’re having a great day.

  17. Good images, Jane – Foggy (especially) and Aphid Party really get to me A 🙂

  18. There’s so much to love here..and you ended with a grin. The e.e.cummings poem is sweet… How perfectly you framed the bridge photo – wow! Fabulous. That person enjoying Spring solitude is lucky – it’s hard to imagine such a gorgeous place being that unpopulated. Aphid part is a brilliant title, instead of California poppy. I like the textural contrast in “Seaside Delight.” And that sleeping bee looks cozy…

  19. I really love that first photo – the pop of color is excellent. I am jealous of what looks like cool, rainy weather. It is 100 degrees everyday in Bangkok right now.

  20. Super post, Jane! Really loving your photos (you are always my homesick fix! Ha.) and the quotes and captions!! Bellissimo!

  21. Lovely picture.. I really like the picture with a boy in bright yellow rain coat.

  22. Jane, ‘one fine day’ is my favorite. Thanks for sharing with me. I enjoy your work. ❤️ Sandra

  23. Beautiful collection of photos.

  24. Fog while crossing the GGB, and the fog layer on the view from the Headlands … very cool.

    We have snow back in our forecast, beginning this afternoon as a rain-snow mix then turning to all snow overnight. Accumulation is expected to be low. But, then again, we have had 4-6 inches of negligible snow accumulation. 🙂

    • Thanks, David. The fog is mesmerizing when it crawls over the headlands – glad you like those. Spring snowstorms…4-6? Just a dusting 😀.

      • The rain-snow mix held off for a few hours, so I was able to grill out chicken wings for dinner last night. We had about a half-inch dusting overnight. 45 minutes after Laurie and Andrea left for work, that’s when the real snow came – 3 inches in half an hour. I still have to collect and field test water samples this afternoon for JN Ranch, ahead of their cattle sort starting next week. Hopefully, it won’t be snowing much at the higher streams. Gotta love the ranching life.

        Have a great day, Jane. 🙂

  25. Such beautiful photography. I love your lupines and Californian poppies especially.

  26. Love that Monet shot Jane – a classic!!! All beautiful as always

  27. “Happiness Is”, is hands down my favourite image of this post.

  28. Aah, happiness is… springtime in San Francisco?! Enjoyed this collection, especially the lines of the bridge in fog.
    Thanks, Jane!

  29. I like especially the heading image (little girl with the umbrella) and the foggy bridge.
    To the heading image: here in Germany, you can see these yellow coats, too. Their peak time was in the 1970s, when they spread over all Germany as the perfect coat against rain. They are called “Ostfriesen Nerz”.
    A “Nerz” is a small mammal: a mink. But, it’s also the short term for a fur coat made of mink fur and worn by rich people, usually women (think of “That Touch of Mink” with Doris Day and Cary Grant).
    Ostrfriesen (plural; people coming from Ostfriesland = East Frisia = the country at the German North-Sea coast) where it rains a lot because of the near ocean. They are considered as silly, silly and unpretentious (~rednecks). They are also subject to certain jokes. So it comes, that this simple coats made of oilskin, used by sailors, is considered similar to the fur coat worn by rich women.

  30. Jane, such wonderful spring images. Headlands, with its blanket of clouds and vanishing horizon line is amazing. Still smiling at the Monet piece.

  31. all My favorites … just beautiful

  32. The child in the yellow slicker is such wonderful serendipity. Everything is so sedate and then there is this flash of brilliant color. Nice.
    I like that you don’t have foggy centered so we can see the varying spaces in the vertical suspenders.
    And I would love to be walking that path at Point Reyes.
    Wonderful collection, Jane.

  33. I love all your pictures, but “happiness ness” touches deeply my heart!

  34. ” Happiness is”…. for a photographer like you , to be there in the right moment, capturing the Spring in San Francisco so beautifully. Have a great and inspiring week.

  35. Lovely spring photos Jane – they make me smile. Love the opening one with the child in yellow. And especially like the Rilke quote: “It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” I wish I could write like that.

    • Thank you, Alison. It has been fun getting out now that the weather is brightening. Have been waiting for the wildflowers to bloom after all the rain. Happy you enjoyed the photos and yellow slicker– what a moment. If we wrote like Rilke, I wonder if we would be photographers, too? 😊

  36. Absolutely stunning Jane!

  37. Oh heavens, Jane! I just want to hug every single one of these close to my heart. They put me back into some delightful memories. You’re so particularly good at that! Thank you.
    The little guy in the opening shot deserves a special mention. Sweet!

  38. Ahh, I love San Francisco in the spring. Beautiful photos, Jane! It’s hard to capture the true beauty of SF in a picture, but you do the best I’ve ever seen!

  39. Ahhhh… Point Reyes.

    But the first shot wins my heart.

    The Monet exhibit is wonderful. Been?

  40. Just got back, we loved those wild purple irises!

  41. Superb shots of nature around the Bay Area. “Monet, the Late Years” is simply wonderful!

  42. Is that your grandchild in the raincoat, Jane? All lovely shots of course, but the little one steals the show.

    • Hi Ann-Christine, No, but I don’t think I could’ve posed it better…I was on my morning run and saw a family out in the rain with their umbrellas and this little one was thankfully lagging behind. 🙂 Happy you enjoyed this series and especially that shot. Thanks very much.

  43. Wonderful collection Jane, Hugs for the child in the raincoat!

  44. Liking to see the bees on the flowers!

  45. Beautiful spring time in SF, Jane. Love the little kid in yellow raincoat and an umbrella.

  46. The rainsuit, boots, and ‘brella sell that first photo. Is that an inflatable child that you carry around for occasions such as this? Great job, Jane.

  47. That’s a happy (and somewhat nebulous) geometry in “Foggy.”

  48. I praise, as others, the child in the yellow raincoat, and also the bridge in the fog, how wonderful! With the ‘unfurling’ image I had for a second a seahorse in mind. Nature sometimes seem to replicate shapes. 🙂 So you got a Monet exibition in town? I’m jealous! Great pictures again Jane!

    • Hi Peter, Your thoughts mean a lot, thank you. Happy you enjoyed these SF shots and that fern does have the same shapes as seahorse. Good eye. Nature’s wonders and Fibonacci. Yes, the Monet exhibit is wonderful, and more so when these retirees made my day! 😂Hope you had a great weekend!

  49. Beautiful images of spring

  50. Your local Spring is well captured. I love the fauna in the flora.

  51. Lovely! Kid in raincoat is great!

  52. Awesome images Jane 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 My favorite is the child in the raincoat.

  53. Thanks for sharing your spring.

  54. Spring in San Francisco is like nowhere else, Jane. I think my favorite is “One Fine Day”. The wildflowers above the water are so beautiful!

  55. Love these, Jane. Each one begs an in-depth look. So marvelous! ❤

  56. Darn! You always come up with the BEST stuff! I like the wildflower tangle. When I see something like this I know there is a photo there, but mine always look terrible. This one is great. Are using a macro lens now? The 80 mm Fuji is terrific.

    • You are so sweet, Jack, thank you. And I don’t believe that yours look terrible. 😉 I shot many that were just ok, but when I saw the grasses mixed in, it helped make the composition. I used my 90mm prime for these – love it. Will look again at the 80mm. Glad you enjoyed!

  57. A lovely day… Thanks for the tour…

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