Night At The Museum

My latest contribution to Monochromia. I hope you enjoy.


Night Photography, Los Angeles, Architecture, Monochrome, Black and White Night at the Museum

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  1. Love the pun, well done!!

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  2. Looks like they had the museum all to themselves. Wouldn’t that be lovely.

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    • We practically did have it to ourselves and it was amazing. We arrived early for a talk by Pete Souza (great on its own) and there were very few people wandering around the grounds. Beautiful architecture and night photography opps. Pleased you enjoyed– thanks so much.


  3. gorgeous!!! love the silence of this shot….mystery…!!

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  4. Beautifully exposed, beautifully composed and a beautiful memory of a wonderful night. Well done, Jane.

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  5. Great shot of a wonderful building, wonderful patterns of light throughout.

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  6. Your work is so amazingly beautiful!

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  7. Somehow I’ve never gotten to the Getty. I’m glad for your reminder.

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  8. Love this place and this photo captures its awe inspiring beauty

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    • Thanks, Liz! Happy you think it captures the feel of this place. I was thrilled to see it at night – and it was a perfect place to see Pete Souza on his book tour which made it extra special.


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