Things I’ve Seen: Color and Light

“The camera makes you forget you’re there. It’s not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.”

~Annie Leibovitz


Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,

Moonset at Sunrise


Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,

Rainy Day, USF


Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,

Red Scooter


“One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind.”

~Dorothea Lange


Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,

Front and Center


Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,



Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,

Feeling Rosy


“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.” 

~Henri Cartier-Bresson


Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,

One Light


Photography, San Francisco, Color, Travel, Golden Gate Bridge,

She’s Showing Off Tonight


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  1. Love all the images, but One Light especially. As another commenter mentioned, it makes me think of a Hopper painting.

  2. This is a satisfying group of images, Jane – there’s so much to see, and to consider. I love the Cartier-Bresson quote, how cool to know he said that! The moon sitting right behind the bridge is fun. The rainy windshield made beautiful patterns. The handsome motorcycle – va va voom! I think I like “One Light” best. There’s such a feeling of nostalgia and warmth there. Mmmm….
    (But the Annie Leibovitz quote doesn’t sit right with me. I would say that ideally, when you’re fully involved in making photographs you forget yourself, you don’t forget that you are there. In fact, the “thereness” is front and center as the awareness of oneself drops away).

  3. What a cool moment – one light. Your grandaughter I assume? She is getting so big.

  4. A sensation treat for my early morning eyes Jane. Now they are calibrated for the upcoming day. Your artistic effort is deeply appreciated. I love the variations of SF Bay water color you have managed to capture through your various series.

  5. Gorgeous, fab photos as usual. Thank you for sharing.
    I pondered over Leibowitz’ quote… Since I only use an Iphone, actually it is the camera I am hiding… Hmmm.

  6. Jane- do you have a store where you sell your photographs? I am obsessed with your golden gate ones.. they might be my favorite I’ve ever seen!

  7. Great photos. I especially like the ones of the Golden Gate Bridge!

  8. Wonderful colors and light! My favorite in this set is ‘One Light’ … it makes me wonder who lives in there.

  9. Great Pictures Jane ! And what ever you did…somehow your moon looks much more expressive than the moon over Hamburg…may be we need a new one such like yours 🙂 By the way…your bridge is bigger than the one we have in Hamburg (Köhlbrandbrücke)…so its decided to tear it down and build a tunnel 🙂 All the best, Jürgen

    • Hi Jürgen, Ha! Must be that San Franciscans emit that special expressive aura. 🙂 I just looked up your bridge…surprising they are tearing it down! Glad you enjoyed these images and I really appreciate you stopping by. Thank you!

  10. Terrific series of photos Jane! I particularly like “One Light” and “Exploring”.

  11. Such a joy to view, Jane!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Always love your work, Jane. This collection is no exception. The moon…and the One Light – are my favorites. If it would be possible to single them out. But it isn’t.

    • Hi Ann-Christine, Means a lot coming from your creative eye. Thank very much and I hope all is well with you. 🙂

      • You are very kind, Jane – I am happy to get the opportunity to see your work. You have always been an inspiration.
        Thank you for asking…but today I am not feeling that good. Last week I read too many reports on the state of our world. And el Nino is on its way again. I know the Galapagos Marine Iguanas is one of the species severely threatened because of the warm waters – but there are so many more threatened species. All of us are. Sorry to bring this up…Your photos and generosity is one of the reasons to escape into the world of photography. And so is this blogosphere. Thank you for being there, Jane.

  13. That’s such a unique view of the golden gate bridge in that first photo that’s so cool! Really all the bridge photos are really interesting 🙂

  14. just fabulous …brilliant shots jane….loving the colors & details…warm n fuzzy😜

  15. absolutely gorgeous shots Jane…REALLY WOW!!! brilliant!!!😜

  16. One Light made me smile. It’s that perfect. The others are, too. In their own way. 😊

  17. A special set of color and light,Jane. The front and center, Wow!

  18. Really enjoyed this collection, with One Light a particular favourite – as another commenter noted, definitely a Hopper feeling from that one, and the building is a beauty.
    Thanks, Jane!

  19. Lovely Bay Area scenes, Jane. Especially the with light of the moon. Makes me want to go back there 👍

  20. These are all amazing shots, the bridge & moon are spectacular of course, but I love the watery courthouse, and the somewhat bewildered-looking kid, exploring the jungle gym’s jumbled piping (try saying that three times fast). Maybe because I’ve never been to S.F., but loved The Maltese Falcon, Vertigo, etc. I often see a mystery film set in your shots, like “One Light,” and the lighting in that one seems unusual and neat.

  21. So good to see your work again Jane. The “Front and Cente” – what an awesome catch. Perfect timing.

  22. I know how you feel when you are immersed in ‘seeing’, all cares fall of your shoulders, your work, so wonderful.

  23. A window shot from the other side, very nice. 🙂
    Beautiful colors at sunrise and sunset too.

  24. the moon and all the wonderful colours…feels bright and light…spring will come…thank you for sharing ~ smiles hedy 🙂

  25. Jane, only you could do it, hanging the moon on the Golden Gate Bridge, among other beautiful shots!

  26. wonderful and interesting selection of colors you have taken, i especially like the 1st, 4th, 7th and last picture.
    greetings robert

  27. Amazing pictures. Especially the one with the moon.

  28. That’s a good placement of the full moon as a halo.

  29. Fabulous shots, Jane. I love the way your eye sees what most people walk right by. Love ‘Rainy Day,’ ‘One Light’ (what are the chances, eh?) and the Super Moon/Bridge shots. So wonderful!

  30. The colours jump to me! The roses! And the wonderful orange and blue from the last picture. I agree with Jane that One Light is a mysterious capture, wich I like very much.

  31. All great as usual Jane but especially liked your USF shot – was it in a puddle or thru a window?

  32. Do you have a permanent perch looking at your bridge… always a treat !

  33. Love Moonset and Rainy Day, especially, Jane….and One Light is a tad voyeuristic!

  34. I can never get enough of your Golden photos. The colors are so very striking. And One Light has the feel and mystery of an Edward Hopper painting.

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