My latest contribution to Monochromia. I hope you enjoy it.


Flower, Close-Up, Fujifilm X-T2, Black and White, Photography Open

Shot with the Fujifilm X-T2 and the 35mm f/2 lens in a park in San Francisco.

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  1. hi jane what a beautiful flower in s & w, you know i like flowers in s & w very much.
    greetings robert

  2. Wonderful monochromatc, BW toned shot, Jane. It’s almost as if the petals are stretching out towards the screen…great work. And as D Supp said, looks like beautiful pearls right in the middle 🙂

  3. Congratulations on yet another Monochromia post. It’s beautiful.

  4. Wonderful, delicate and fragile and sooo beautiful! ❤

  5. Those little curled edges really pop in black and white, and the insides look almost bejeweled. You would have a field day in Hawaii, where even I (a non-flower photographer most of the time) could not stop aiming my camera at each little botanical treasure!

    • Hi Lex, Thanks so much! I’m glad you like this in B&W- the Protea are quite beautiful in color, too, but I just loved the contrasts and details that the monochrome brought out. I have had a few field days in Hawaii with the incredible plants and flowers. It’s amazing. My favorite to photograph is the Plumeria. Such a beautiful flower. It’s great that you had such a wonderful time!

  6. It’s as if the flower paused for you…

  7. Exquisite ! Looks like beautiful pearls in the center.
    Happy New Year Jane ! Cheers!

  8. I feel like I am sneaking this look at the flower. The overall dark tone of the image works well with the edge outlines on the lighter-colored petals.

  9. Do you take jpgs direct out of the camera, or do you use Lightroom, Photoshop etc.?
    Beautyful light in this flower.

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