Sunset Serenade

Landscape, Sunset, Photography, California, Fujifilm x-t2

Sunset Serenade


“And, in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make.”
~Paul McCartney



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  1. Beautiful, Jane. All the best to you and your family in the new year!

  2. Reblogged this on prattenberg. and commented:
    Merry Christmas to all out there!

  3. what a spectacular moment u have captured…warm n fuzzy🌹 merry merry dear friend😘

  4. Such a powerful photo, Jane. Thank you for this moving post…much appreciated.

  5. That’s a sweet and fitting tribute to the best things that this time of year can bring, Jane. Have a peaceful holiday!

  6. A great, tender scene you captured, Jane. Excellent work.

  7. Wow lovely – the picture and what is happening in it.

  8. What a treat to catch up today with all your lovely posts Jane. Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and a very happy and creative new year. With warmest wishes as always…Andrew

  9. A stunning photo and a timely message.

  10. “And, in the end
    The love you take
    is equal to the love you make.”
    nice ceation of line

  11. A loving person knows instantly when others are feeling love.
    A wonderful photo Jane, truly a great capture!

  12. What a sweet moment to capture……

  13. Lovely capture, along with lovely prose. Thank you Jane

  14. Beautiful photo; great Beatles lyric! 😀

  15. As the saying goes Jane, perfect together

  16. Beautiful, yet so moving. Thank you for the post, Jane!

  17. wonderful picture jane, i like it, like that
    musician for the wheelchair user plays in the sunset.
    greetings robert

  18. A beautiful, photographic moment. That sky is stunning. ❤

  19. Spectacular image and lyric from the best band of all time Jane 🙂

  20. How very, very touching and the words from the Beatles… hit the spot!

  21. Well seen and beautiful composition

  22. Beautiful words by the Beatle, but the photo was stunning.

  23. How touching indeed your photo, I did not know this wonderful saying by Paul McCartney

  24. And so ended the four Beatles. The music on the one album that followed had actually been recorded earlier.

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