Golden Gate Girders

My latest contribution to Monochromia. I hope you enjoy a different view of my favorite bridge.


San Francisco, California, Photography, Monochrome, Black and White Golden Gate Girders

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  1. Good bones indeed Jane 😊. Beautifully captured

  2. gorgeous GF…what an eye😜

  3. An intriguing composition leaning itself onto strong lines and the and delicate tones of gray. Beautifully captured and processed.

  4. The lines – intersecting secations – tones – and nooks and crannies –
    Such a great photo

  5. Always interesting to see the superstructure of a bridge, particularly one like the GGB.
    O/T: Finally got around to an Instagram account. I’m at @DR1779R, but may change the name. 🙂

  6. Wow! Looks like you’ve covered the entire spectrum of grey tones and patterns and contrasts in this shot!

  7. I do. I always like to look at things you find!

  8. Bridges really are such fun to play with. Trying to figure out where you were is also a fun puzzle. 😀

  9. There goes the monkey again… never know what you are hanging on to….. to catch just the right angles!

  10. Another Monochromia post. Congrats.

  11. I love the way you accented the volume of space & light under and around the steel girders and beams of the bridge. I have seen—and taken more than my share—of photos of the Golden Gate Bridge and you are consistently in the top 3 of my favorite GGB photographers. This B&W is a keeper.

  12. From a documentary on PBS last night we learned that Joseph Strauss, the chief engineer on the Golden Gate Bridge, had once worked at the firm of Ralph Modjeski, who was a main consulting engineer on the Bay Bridge. You’re fortunate to have both bridges to play with photographically.

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