Motorcycle Dreaming

My latest contribution to Monochromia. A treasured memory of this little boy relaxing in Bangkok.


Bangkok, Portrait, Monochrome, Black and White, Travel, Motorcycle Dreaming

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Categories: Children, Monochromia, Photography, Street Photography


  1. Beautiful portrait. I keep thinking of the book: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” 🙂

  2. Beautiful. What is he thinking?

  3. Laughing. I can so relate to this portrait. Motorcycles have gotten me into more trouble than anything I can think of… 😀

  4. A delightful children portrait. He looks so relaxed and at ease.

  5. A peaceful image in so many ways, Jane. I like the way you have a dark background for his white shirt and a light one behind his head. It gives some motion and depth to the photo.

  6. Jane, I don’t remember this photo. It’s wonderful. You captured a very unique moment.

  7. A lovely shot – serene and peaceful in B&W. Such a sweet child.

  8. A beautiful image. So peaceful!

  9. Sweet and innocent. Thanks for sharing

  10. Is he on a motorcycle? I can’t tell, and that is one failing of the photograph: Not enough information.

  11. Do you find the black and white version of this portrait superior to the color version?

  12. What an excellent portrait, Jane, just beautifully done. You’re in Japan, right? I’m thinking you scheduled these posts ahead, and are having a wonderful time, possibly being visually overwhelmed…. 😉

  13. A lovely shot Jane. So tender.

  14. A precious and very story telling image, Jane

  15. what a gorgeous…peaceful post….truly precious!! great capture!!!

  16. Absolutely precious and, therefore, priceless.

  17. Jane, I hope this child is able to see his beautiful portrait. Precious..and love it in black and white.

  18. Sweet shot. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

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