Banff Beauty

 “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

~John Muir


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Lake Louise Calm


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Morning Dip, Lake Johnson


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Summer Mountains


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

My Hiking DIL


“Trees are your best antiques.”

~Alexander Smith


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Tree, Bow Falls


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Johnson Lake Reflection


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Kayakers, Lake Louise


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Hikers, Lake Agnes


“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” 

~ Lily Tomlin


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Paddler, Johnson Lake


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

Rocks, Lake Louise


Banff, National Park, Nature, Photography, FujifilmXT2, Nature, Canada

A New Day



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  1. YAY CANADA! 😀 Such gorgeous photos! ❤

  2. A stunning visual feast of one of Canada’s most beautiful places. Well done, Jane.

  3. Absolutely love your blogs could you follow me

  4. Surreal!
    Beautiful photos, beautiful nature!
    It’s amazing! 😀 ❤

  5. Beautiful pictures! We visited Banff last year and found it to be stunning!

  6. Gorgeous shots, Jane. We’re in B.C. this week and the smoke and haze have been terrible. We need to come back to Canada when it’s clear. This place is a definite “must visit.”

  7. Your photos capture the beauty and majesty of one of Canada’s greatest treasures so perfectly Jane. Lake Louise is such a special place and reminds me that I need to return. Warm wishes.

  8. The photo with the child in the water looks really iddilyc.

  9. Wonderful wonderful photos! Makes me want to go there right away. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  10. what a fascinating post…WOW!!! always wanted to got there…thanks for the ride😜 love your brilliant eye!!!

  11. All your photographs are amazing!

  12. Beautiful captures and Louise’s rocks are my favourite. I certainly agree with (and practice) the first quote and the one about the antique trees made me smile

  13. Gorgeous pictures of this area of the Rockies. I have only been to Banff once while travelling on business to Calgary in winter… I certainly hope to go back sometimes soon. Amazing how we travel the world and often forget to visit our own backyard. I must admit that the flight cost is a reason why we don’t travel much in our own country as it is often cheaper to fly to Europe then to fly to Calgary from Montreal… (Suzanne)

    • Hi Suzanne, That’s so true about appreciating the world right outside our doors. The domestic flight cost you mention is rather amazing! I’m glad you enjoyed this series– thanks very much.

  14. Amazing and beautiful mountains. Looks quite similar to what I am used to in the state of Washington—not surprisingly. You captured the gorgeous nature beautifully in these images, Jane.

  15. Beautiful photos, as always, Jane. I particularly love the paddler on Lake Louise and Lake Louise Rocks.

  16. You really captured that lovely color of the Lake Louise water. It’s pretty incredible. That’s such a remarkable area… you’ve truly done it proud! (as usual!) 😀

    • Thanks so much, Gunta! I was very happy to finally see it with my own eyes. And camera. 🙂

      • It’s been many decades since I’ve been, but it’s good you finally got to that area. Hard to imagine it with the summer swarms. It’s certainly becoming a huge problem. An example for another loved-to-death area: (I think you were just down to Big Sur and likely saw some of this for yourself.) Then there’s the matter of the smoke. It’s all extremely upsetting. We’ve been thinking of a trip to the Oly Peninsula in Sept, but with the smoke from BC I’m not so sure. We’re getting a bit of that down here, but not nearly as bad as last year.

        • PS… 😀 My favorite shot in this series was ‘Tree, Bow Falls’. The composition, the action, the color… marvelous!

          • Oh, thank you for your appreciation of that shot, Gunta. Much appreciated! It was exciting to see. I have a monochrome version that I think is effective, too, but different in feel.

        • Gunta, Thank you for sharing this video. Sad but true. I’ve experienced all of these places over the years and in the most recent years, the crowds have been distressing. The quiet, “undiscovered” Big Sur is gone. On one hand, I am happy that people are enjoying nature’s gifts, on the other like in the video, there are people who don’t respect the preservation of these places and ruin it for others.

  17. Banff was on our bucket list when we lived in Seattle. Alas, we didn’t get there before we were transferred – back in the old corporate days of moving every 2 1/2 years. Your photos captured how I imagined it to be. Thank you!

  18. BC is lovely. Used to go there when I lived in Vancouver 👍🏻

  19. This series transmits a sense of sweet calm and inner balance.

    My favourites are the black and white ones, they give me peace of mind, perhaps because as the Lao Tau said:

    “Colors blind the eye 
Sounds deafen the ear.
Flavors numb the taste.

    Thoughts weaken the mind
Desires wither the heart.”

  20. The photo of the underwater rocks at Lake Louise is outstanding, Jane. I like the way they fade/trail away in the distance.

  21. Gorgeous Jane! I would love to go back to Banff! such beautiful photos.

  22. WOW what a magnificent location Jane 🙂 Your images are outstanding and oh those Fuji blues are gorgeous.

  23. Breathtakingly beautiful these landscapes. And I admire your skills to capture them so well!

  24. enjoy our Alberta beauty Jane…I know these spaces well ~smiles hedy ☺️✌️💫

    • HI Hedy, You live in a spectacular part of the world! We enjoyed every moment despite your challenges with wildfires — we are very sympathetic coming from California. Happy you enjoyed these familiar spots. Thanks so much.

  25. I like the composition of ‘Rocks’ best, it’s the mix of the fore/middle/background so seamlessly that I like about it.

  26. Amazing selection of shots around Banff, Jane. Every shot speaks of peace and tranquility. Some of the reflections can be so crisp, clear and sharp. The water can get so blue, and these scenes must have been such a treat 😊

  27. Jane, “Morning Dip” deserves high praise. My eye moves from the bathers up the lake to the mist in the mountains with no distraction from colors. Well done!.

  28. You never fail to capture nature’s beauty so amazingly. Lake Louise is a mesmerizing lake, I have been there about 30 years ago.

  29. You must’ve left there with a very heavy heart, Jane. What a beautiful place, and so well captured in your images

  30. Very fine photos. I am just over the mountains from there. Glad the smoke wasn’t so bad as to obscure the mountains for your visit. Take care.

    • Thank you, Underswansea. You live in a beautiful part of the world– we love Canada. We had some good days but it always got bad in the afternoons when the winds shifted from the south. Appreciate your visit here and I hope you are free from any more wildfires.

  31. Gorgeous photos, Jane. I LOVE your posts!

  32. I was going to ask about the wildfires. My parents were there a couple of days ago, funnily enough. You captured some really beautiful spots, almost looks painted.

  33. These are wonderful! Almost seems they have to be a fantasy.
    And “Tree, Bow Falls” is just plain stunning.

  34. All beautiful but the tree at Bow Falls, well!!!

  35. I’ve been there few weeks ago! Beautiful pictures! is it smelling fire ?

    • Hi Mario, Thanks! Yes, the wildfire smoke was terrible – we hit a few nice days for me to make these photos, but at one point on our drive in the Rockies, visibility was zero with the haze and awful air quality. Frightening!

  36. What an ‘awe inspiring’ landscape….i can’t help thinking while vewing and appreciating that this is going to be sooo finite!!Climate change is here to stay! What have we done !? What can we do? 😗

    • Hi Therese, I couldn’t agree more. I would say that we need leadership that believes in scientific facts and who will take action. I’m glad you found these images inspiring– photography is an important documentation of a time and place. Thank you for your passion about the most vital issue facing humans now.

  37. Wow, just beautiful! ❤️

  38. What a stunning post. The shots are magnificent. I can’t believe the color of Lake Louise.

  39. Sorry to hear about the heat and wildfire… A great place to hike! 🙂

  40. Looks like a beautiful spot!

  41. Breathtaking! Jane your images are beyond stunning thanks for sharing.

  42. Beautiful shots! I was there last year on a bike ride from Jasper to Banff. Unforgettable!

    • Hi K, Thank you! That bike ride must have been incredible! We didn’t get up to Jasper this time but it sounds amazing. The wildfires hampered our adventures but we made the best of it on the clearer days. Glad you enjoyed these.

  43. Love these – all of them! Your photos make me want to go see these places. The rock photo is awesome! Miss you.

  44. They’re beautiful Jane, but I can’t help thinking there’s a significant amount of smoke in the air. That being said, I like the flattened perspective of “Tree, Bow Falls” and that fun V of rocks in the lake. What spectacular mountains. I would like to figure out when I could go up there and drive around without the smoke – maybe early, early summer….

    • HI Lynn, Happy you like those shots for a different perspective on things. We only had a couple of clear days…the smoke and heat were awful. We drove across the Canadian Rockies and at times, visibility was zero. I am not sure we will have any “good times” of the year anymore… frightening. Yes, maybe early summer — you may still hit snow but it would be gorgeous.

      • It’s so disheartening. We’ve been hit this week, because air from the fires in BC has settled over us. It reached unhealthy, and this morning, almost to the next level. It’s backing off a little now, but there was fine ash on my car this afternoon. Closing the windows helps, but it’s not the way one wants to live. Here’s hoping for clarity!

        • Oh no…I did see that the air quality is terrible in Seattle area. Ugh. It is so debilitating and limiting. So sorry! Hang in there, Lynn.

          • Last night the heavy smoky smell arrived with the cool air that we hoped would clear us out. Maybe later this afternoon. Meanwhile, I went for a wonderful walk anyway yesterday, through a forest and out to water’s edge and gorgeous scenes, as long as one doesn’t try to look too far. The air seemed better in the forest, or is it just that one is so happy and distracted by all the beauty? 😉

  45. Beautifully done Jane – love the rocks shot – really shows the clarity of the water. You did very well considering how much smoke must have been in the air! Also loved the Lily Tomlin quote 🙃

  46. One of my most favorite places ever… you sure captured the essence of all that expansive beauty!

  47. Oh my , how well you felt the essence of what was in front of you. Stunning Stuff.

  48. Such beautiful country and photos Jane! 🤗💕❤️😎📷📷

  49. Very good pictures, love the area!

  50. Lovely set of images, really like Tree, Bow Falls.

  51. Very beautiful pictures!😊

  52. You got some fine landscape shots as usual. I particularly like the shot of “Tree, Bow Falls”. After seeing your pictures I’m going for a revisit of Canadian Rockies It’s been long time since we visited there. — Stephen

    • Thank you so much, Stephen. Glad you like the Bow Falls shot– nice to find a pleasing composition there. Happy these motivated you to get back there…unfortunately, much of our stay was plagued by wildfire smoke over much of the Canadian Rockies.

  53. In the picture of rocks at Lake Luise, the perspective makes them seem much larger compared to the distant mountains.

    For the first photo, did you have to shoot over the heads of tourists gathered on the shore?

  54. I’m loving your photos. It brings back wonderful memories.

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