LACMA is Art

“There’s a hierarchy. Why do I pick out that thing, that thing, that thing?”

~David Hockney


Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City



Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City

Urban Light


Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City



“Drawing makes you see things clearer, and clearer and clearer still, until your eyes ache.”

~David Hockney


Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City



Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City



Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City

Family Time


Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City



“Enjoyment of the landscape is a thrill.”

~David Hockney


Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City



Los Angeles, Museum, Fujifilm X-T2. Art, Portrait, Photography, California, City

Hello Koons





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  1. This is the kind of photography I like!! Simple, elegant, paints a story without compromising the integrity of the landscape!

  2. Beautiful work!πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. I very much enjoy your wonderful eye for composition!

  4. Wonderful and spectaculous

  5. I love what you do with museums, Jane, I can see you being inspired. I love LACMA too, and will be coming down again before too long – we were just talking about it yesterday. I took some similar photos when I was there, of the cactus (if I remember right) and the lamp installation – can’t remember the artist right now. The first shot here is just drop-dead fantastic – wow, what an opportunity that was, and you really nailed it! You should enter that one in contests, or at least print it. :- ) I like what you did with the op art paintings – name escapes me again! – and all the shadows you found. And the Hockney quote, I think it’s interesting, and useful to think about. Have a good weekend, Jane!

    • Hi Lynn, That’s great that you’ll be heading to LA. A different photography experience, for sure. Have you been to the Getty?
      Happy you liked “Sitting” — one of those magical moments of seeing. I laughed. Good idea about printing it…I am trying to do that more these days. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful week!

      • We’ve only been to LA a few times, depending on how you count trips where the destination is elsewhere. We didn’t get to the Getty or the Broad – so much remains to be seen! And yes, there’s a whole other kind of photography to do there, which I enjoy, not to mention the pleasure of pastries and the old school counter service at Canter’s – a NY girl’s dream come true. πŸ˜‰ I really enjoyed a walk through the Huntington Botanical Garden (you’d guess that!). We won’t get there soon enough to see the Hockney show, but I’m sure there will be other great shows coming up. (I have printed just about nothing! But eventually, as things settle down here, I plan to get to that).

    • Lovely photos, Jane! I was at the LACMA at the same period as you, I see. Could you remind me of the artist featured in your Rectangles photograph?

  6. A wonderful collection, Jane! Your post is a “lesson” in seeing. Wonderful observations. I especially love that first shot. I made me laugh!

  7. Those rectangles! Love that image.
    And the shadows, too!

  8. That first photo is pretty funny. I also like all the lamps.

  9. What great studies of LA. I’m mesmerized by the palm tree shadows. You have an amazing eye.

  10. So many strong elements in Sitting. Love the lines!

  11. Still trying to make out what the Hollywood image is about? But love, love the play with shadows in Palms. The guard sitting there as part of the exhibit cracks me up. Wonder if he knew he was included.

    • Hi Gunta- I’m so glad you enjoyed these. Thanks very much. I feared the Hollywood image was too subtle a title- the famous sign is up on the hillside on the right but isn’t quite as clear as the uncompressed original. The odd roof is part of the museum that looks out on it. Glad you like the others- the guard sitting among the sitting Hockney portraits was the highlight of my day. Hope all is well with you!

      • No criticism intended at the Hollywood image. It’s been a very long time since I was down south (and then only a little bit), so I didn’t catch the significance. Thanks for the explanation. I sort of expected the roof ripples to be some part of a building, but it’s fun as a simple abstract without the knowing. I liked it along with the others. Summer for us is still a lot of work on making this house my dream…. I think I sort of ran out of steam with the wildfire theme for now. I needed to shake things up a bit as you may notice in the post I just sent into cyberspace! πŸ˜€ Hope you’re having a fun and enjoyable summer, too.

  12. I love the lines and subjects! πŸ’—πŸ’—

  13. I am going to learn many things from you Jane. Such interesting subjects.

  14. Just wonderful! Sitting, so clever, and family time, I just love. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. Those pattern, and city scapes are awesome Jane!

  16. And simply amazing captures yet again. i wondered if the person sitting down is part of the exhibition as i do see writing above him (which I can’t make out)

    • Thanks so much, Abrie. He’s a guard but it would have been funny if they did have his name above his head like the other portraits! I was thrilled to find some life imitating art. πŸ™‚

  17. Sitting and Rectangles – what a brilliant eye you have. Or maybe that should be brain!

  18. Excellent photos. However, the first one is my favourite. It’s a brilliant composition and almost surreal. Bravo!

  19. Jane, these photos are divine. The Urban Light photo is almost claustrophobic to meβ€”and that comes from a guy who has worked on his share of street lights. Your presentation of the image of the stairs is very creative. At first glance I thought that I was looking at shadows on a wall through a horizontal arbor. When I saw the title I had to recalibrate my thinking and look again. Thanks for the mental reboot this morning.

    • Hi Allan, Love your reaction, thank you. Urban Light is an art installation in front of the museum and I found it very challenging to photograph, there are so many lamp posts lined up. You must look at that and think, “that’s a lot of bulbs!” πŸ™‚ And, when I was working on the photos, LR had inverted the stairs and I didn’t even realize what it was at first- I decided I liked it horizontal for a bit of visual gymnastics. Glad you like them.

  20. I just love these Jane!!! Sitting & palms are two that have really jumped out at me….just brilliant!!!

  21. Great eye for details!
    My favorite: Sitting πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  22. You have an artists eye for the unusual and the composition. Loved the man sitting surrounded by the art of seated figures, perfect. And those palm reflections with the tiny figures giving perspective, again perfect. I looked at all these images again and again Jane

  23. You know exactly what you do, when you photograph, dear Jane! Great work!

  24. You have a great eye, Jane. Miss you

    Sent from my iPad


  25. Amazing!

    Sent from my iPhone

  26. The LACMA, is one of my favorite museums, and you captured it’s characteristics so beautifully. Jane have you ever visited the Annenberg Space of Photography, Century City. L.A.? If not, it is a MUST for you to go.

  27. I’m thinking we’ll be seeing more LA from here out 😊. Loved Sitting and Rectangles – both classic Janes!

  28. Jane, you have such a wonderful eye. Sitting and Palms are the two on the top of my list in this series. You must have snuck the photo that included the guard. Most museums have a policy where guards are not allowed to be in a photograph. However, you really needed him in your capture – red tie and sitting as if the Hockney had painted him along with his other subjects. Palms is wonderful for showing the almost missed shade for the people sitting.

  29. Wonderful as always, Jane. Love the composition and bright red of β€œHello Koon’s”

  30. You have SUCH a great eye.πŸ‘€

  31. Reblogged this on Mihran-Kalaydjian Real Talk and commented:
    simply a beautiful adventure

  32. Yay! The pictures are wonderful and the way you have put this series together is equally great. Rectangles en Palms are my favorites, but Sitting is a lovely picture as well, the colours, the lines and funny on top.

    • Yay! Thanks, Peter. That means a lot. There was great light that day and it was fun to look for the shadow play. And, honestly, “Sitting” was one of those funny moments of seeing that I was really happy to capture. πŸ™‚

  33. I appreciate the dense diagonals of “Urban Light.”

    • Hi Steve, This well known light installation in front of the museum is beautiful but I found it difficult to photograph. Glad you like what I finally came up with. Thanks so much.

  34. Great shots! I especially love these images of shadows.

  35. hi jane, great the different pictures show us, my favorite is the 7th with the shadow.
    regards robert

  36. Beautiful images Jane πŸ™‚

  37. Marvellous shots…I love David Hockney: the man and his work.

    • Thank you, Paula. You would have loved this exhibit. Amazing what he accomplished with these sittings in a very short period of time. There was a wonderful video interview along with a large composite photograph he made of his studio. Very enjoyable.

  38. Brilliant shadow shots! Love them!

  39. I really like these pictures!! Very different pics of common things. Hope all is well. Anne


  40. Love your composition and the repeat patterns that you find. I didn’t notice the ceiling at first in Rectangles (screen size), but the extra layer is perfect. Really enjoyed all of these.

  41. Agree with the above comment, Jane!

  42. Sensational! Love your eye for patterns and light.

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