Colors, SF

A colorful week in San Francisco. 


Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,

Warm Embrace


Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,



Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,

Golden Gate Lamp


“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow.”

~ Imogen Cunningham 


Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,

Night Heron


Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,



Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,

California Poppies


Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,



“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

~ Ansel Adams


Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,



Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,

Street Stalkers


Color, Photography, Nature, Urban, City, Architecture, FujifilmXT2,

Day Is Done


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  1. I’m warm embraced by your colorful pictures. I love the skies and my favorites are: Warm Embrace; Night Heron; California Poppies and Day Is Done.
    Warm regards, Heidi

  2. Love this, especially the bridge shots. I would be devastated if I lost my asparagus!

  3. Every one is beautiful (particularly those sunsets). And the night heron. I haven’t seen one before. What a beautiful bird.

  4. I am impressed by your work. Truly am.
    (And makes me want to go back to SF too!)
    Be good

  5. I love these intense colors. The street stalkers makes me smile. Looks like you had a great week. 🙂 Hope next week is the same.

  6. The asparagus must’ve escaped from the produce truck. And, judging by the dandelion pattern, are they being cultivated? 🙂

  7. Magnificent Jane!! All these colorful treasures are beautiful, but the last one takes the price! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Love those orange poppies!,, of course Stalkers cracked me up!

  9. Love the first and last shots and ” Warehouse!” Best caption is “Stalkers” Lol!

  10. 😆 “Street Stalkers.” Excellent! Although who would want to abandon such a lovely bunch of asparagus?

  11. The California poppies are amazing, so beautiful, I just love that color in the sun. Splendid photos!

  12. My two favorites are “Street Stalkers” 🙂 and the last one. What a note to end on!

  13. Night Heron looks like a painting, i have not seen those textures in photography before. like the sensor in your camera made a watercolor or an oil. it is very beautiful. I enjoy your pictures. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Ann. I shot this one with my IPhone X — the result is quite painterly and I am not sure why. (I suspect it has something to do with zooming in) I’m so glad you enjoy my photos– much appreciated!

  14. Lovely, Jane. You saved the best for the last – stunning sunset!

  15. just love these….warm embrace jumps out….all beautiful!!

  16. Loving the variety, Jane. That heron could almost be a painting, the poppies are such glorious colour, and your bridge is always beautiful. 🙂 🙂

  17. As always, so beautiful, Jane, especially the sky in the first two.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  18. Street stalkers (you always come up with great titles!) has to be my favorite! Really fun. And Day is Done – what a fabulous orb our sun is! Happy Sunday, Jane!

  19. An interesting blend here, Jane. Love the Warm Embrace, especially.

  20. My very best talented sis

    Sent from my iPhone

  21. Those two birds are the first things I saw when I looked out the window this morning. 🙂

    Sent from my iPad


  22. I like the GG Lamp photo, Jane. Besides being near a dear to me, the difference between the light on the face of the tower and the edge is striking. From the saturation in the color, it looks like it was early morning or late afternoon, if you were on a bicycle on the west sidewalk.

    • Thanks so much, Allan. Believe it or not, I was a passenger in our car, thankful for traffic. I was happy with the tower as a backdrop. I also love the round lights surrounding the towers.

      • Those round sidewalk lights are a favorite of mine, such an Art Deco design. Until the EShop got a scissor-lift we used an extension ladder to work on the light. It was a rush to climb the ladder and tie off the top before opening up the fixture. The view from the top of a ladder while facing the Bay below is incredible.

  23. What a week! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images Jane 🙂

  24. LOL-only you would shoot Street Stalkers! Loved the shot and the title 😊. Beautiful set of colors Jane

  25. Fantastic colors, day is done… wow!!

  26. A lovely array of photos Jane. I particularly like the first one.

  27. A lovely gallery but that California poppy just jumps off the page it is gorgeous

  28. Deep and profound stuff…in a beautiful jacket.

  29. Great pictures, dear Jane 🙂 I love the california poppies!

  30. Ah, vibrant colours, Jane!

  31. The perfect colors to start out a Sunday morning, Jane. Fantastic shots, and makes me miss the States just a little bit more right now 🙂 Cheers to a great day.

  32. As usual, your images are wonderful. If I had to choose a favorite it would be a toss up between ‘Day is Done’ and the poppies! They’re just so utterly San Francisco. Wishing you a lovely Sunday and week to come!

  33. Such great images Jane, love ‘Day is Done’

  34. Wonderful photos, Jane. I love Street Stalkers and Day is Done! Finally spending a few days in SF playing tour guide in July. Really looking forward to roaming around with my camera!

  35. Such a great mix of shots! Loved the asparagus ! I’m sure the owner is wondering where the heck it went…… probably senior moment #1,578! Who knew
    night herons also loved San Francisco! loved the last one Day is Done (“gone the sun….” is that a Girl Scout song?

  36. Thank you for sharing the beauty you capture so beautifully. My favorite is the Golden Gate lamp and of course reflections

  37. Lovely shots of your beautiful city. I find Warm Embrace profoundly beautiful.

  38. Beautiful images Jane 😀 The colors certainly pop.

  39. Great images, as usual. I particularly liked the Reflections.

  40. Don’t think I ever noticed that the Golden Gate lamps are square. Good for you for noticing.

  41. Everything’s aglow! Well, maybe except for the poor cast-off asparagus … and even there, the curb has a little bright paint!

  42. Very nice photos.

  43. Wonderful photos. And when I was a kid, I actually did live in dread of being served a certain vegetable, those terrifying street stalkers, even though I love ’em now.
    Beautiful poppies, almost tangerine color – we won’t have poppies blooming at home in NY (corn poppy), until Memorial Day

    • Thanks so much, Robert.
      The poor asparagus…glad your palette grew to love them. I find the oddest things on the streets of SF. We had a pretty good spring for wildflowers considering how dry it was compared to last year’s super bloom. Glad you enjoyed this series.

  44. Night Heron is a real beauty, Jane.

  45. What is the world coming to with that blatant street stalking!! The stalking brought a smile but I enjoyed warm embrace – it is becoming winter in the southern hemisphere! Beautiful photographs Jane

    • Haha, Abrie! Another strange SF street sighting…these looked so fresh just sitting there. 🙂 Glad Warm Embrace warmed you at the start of your winter. Thanks so much for your appreciation. 😊

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