Rainy Windows

“A photographer is like a cod, which produces a million eggs in order that one may reach maturity.” 

~ George Bernard Shaw


Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture

Red Car


Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture



Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture

City Street


Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture



“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” 

~Anaïs Nin


Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture

Red Car II


Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture



Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture

Two Part Story


“My favorite journey is looking out the window.”

~Edward Gorey


Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture



Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture

City Geometry


Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture



Photography, Abstract, FujifilmXT2, San Francisco, Rain, Window, City, Architecture

Clearing Storm and Golden Gate


My Rainy Window series is an ongoing project. These were shot last week with the Fujifilm X-T2 and the 90mm f/2 lens.

To see more of these images, please visit the gallery on my website here. 






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  1. It is different as the usual but still impressionistic. My favourites are: “Dusk”, “Dangling” and “Clearing Storm and Golden Gate”.
    Best regards, Heidi

  2. Nice Shots i liked your Photography skills

  3. Sometimes rain blinds the windows with an aura of melancholy.
    My favorite of this series is the one titled “Dangling”

  4. A fab series. I like the way your eye works. I need to think more about droplets. And shadows… And…
    I’m a lousy photographer! 😉
    But thank you for broadening my perspective.

  5. I love these, Jane. The rain turns a regular picture into an abstract!

  6. Rain running up the car windows always fascinated me as a child. Sounds as if Shaw invented the digital camera

  7. They’re all great at conveying that moody feeling of rainy days, but for me the sheeting effect in impressions takes the prize. That impressionistic blur just seems to make the world go away and leave me cocooning until the sun reappears. That’s such a superb capture.

    • That makes my day, Gunta, what a beautiful description. It is fascinating all the different results depending on heaviness of the rain and aperture. Thanks so much for your appreciation.

  8. What a COOL post Jane!!! I LOVE these….interesting how color affects the feeling of these shots…adore the ‘red car’!!

  9. You’ve so beautifully captured the light, the mood, and the mystery in each photo. I especially love the 2 b and w images. A beautiful series! Hope all’s well and the skies clear if your next project takes you outside! 🙂

    • Thank you, Patti. I put the infrequent rainy days to good use. 🙂 Happy you like the series and especially the B&W images– they were favorites to envision. You may have noticed these were with the 90mm. Weather is fine now in SF and I hope you are having a good start to your week!

  10. The beauty of things obscured. 🙂

  11. What a wonderful project, Jane!
    Each one is so unique, and all are truly beautiful.
    I especially love “Dusk,” and “Emerging.”
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

    • Thanks so much, Lisa. It’s a manageable project since, sadly, it doesn’t rain that much here. I was pleased with those two images for their different take on the bridge…happy you liked them. Hope you have a great week, too!

  12. Great series of photos, Jane. You show that even in the dreary parts of a day/life, there is beauty to be found. This is also the first time I’ve seen this quote from Shaw, excellent and quite a bit of truth to it ~ although it seems you are much more efficient and producing quality shots 🙂

    • Hi Randall, Happy you enjoyed these and the idea that the everyday can be extraordinary. Shaw gets the point across although, hopefully, we don’t have to wait for a million… 🙂 Thanks for your kind thoughts and I hope you are doing well.

  13. These color photos are wonderful images, but the two B&Ws are my favorites. “Dangling” makes me want to listen for a conversation.

  14. I’m always drawn to shots of windows covered in light refracting raindrops. I have an old photography book from back in the 80’s that refers to such a composition, and I’ve been drawn to it ever since.

  15. Great Idea! The raindrops create a very special atmosphere.

  16. Wonderful images Jane. I like them all, but Impressions really jumped out for me.

  17. Fairly clean windows too. 🙂
    Had some rain on our windows too, but not compared to yours. After a pause in the rain for a few hours, it became a heavy, wet snow last night. At least things look a little greener for the moment. It’ll be back to spring and much drier on Sunday .

  18. This is such a creative and beautifully captured shoot.
    Wonderful work. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! 🙂

  19. Love, love, love this collection! I looked at them several times and think the vertical ‘Red Car II’ is my favorite. I would like to try this but maybe through my car window and at different locations.

  20. Beautifully done, Jane! I have a thing for rainy windows, too 🙂

  21. I think you’re quite lucky to have all those large windows to look out of..especially on those rainy days! The quote from Nin was very good.

  22. Meaningful picture story. Well done Jane. Keep at it, you have a wonderful vision to share with humanity.

  23. A lovely series Jane. I do see rainy days differently now!

  24. Fantastic moods. I love “Dangling” the most with its attention to detail and context.

  25. Great windows, great raindrops and most importantly, great photographs from one of my favorite photographers.

  26. These photos inspire me to see something nice in the rain. Impressive!

  27. Some great images Jane! AndI disagree with GBS as a generalisation…some of us are a little more creative and discerning!

  28. What a good idea, Jane. Excellent work. 👏 Happy days. Reinhold

  29. If anybody can make the banal interesting, you certainly can. I enjoyed these photos!

  30. Love shots like this. I tried a few at the car wash and was delighted with results.

  31. You always have such a creative spin to your work, Jane. Really like the impressions shot. I almost looks like a waterfall running down that window, which isn’t always the case unless there’s torrential water coming down. From your photos behind windows and rain, your shots sort of convey the idea there’s a big world, maybe a bit bad world, mainly unknown place out there 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, It is amazing to me all the different patterns the rain makes. Impressions was during a huge torrent of rain. Glad these got you thinking although I would like to say that I am not afraid of whatever is out there! 🙂 Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  32. Wonderful series Jane. Love that you ended with the clear window image of “Clearing Storm and Golden Gate”, subtle but powerful. The “Emerging” image is my favorite.

  33. Beautiful images of horrible weather Jane, very clever! However I like the last one best a hint of sun. 🙂 Brian

  34. Super stuff…you need a city or a car for this…You certainly created an intriguing series.

  35. Moody – but somehow gives hope of a meaning to rainy days except the obvious about the crops growing. Love your series really – and the quotes (Never heard GB Shaw’s before even if he is a favorite of mine…) I might even start liking rain. I will save these photos in my mind for rainy days in November. Wishing you a great weekend.

  36. Super series. Lots of mood and atmosphere in them

  37. Phew! I was relieved when it started to clear, Jane. I’m looking on the bright side. 🙂 🙂

  38. Wonderful photo’s… they give me a feeling of melancholie. And these are definitely ‘rooms with a view’!
    Have a nice day (night) Jane… it just started here in Holland (bright and sunny 🙂 )

  39. Wonderfully creative post. Absolutely loved the images and all they conjured.

  40. Yes, photographer’s are like a cod!

  41. Lovely shots. I just love the impressionist feel of your photographs – and the raindrops have added mystery to the pictures.

  42. Love these

    Sent from my iPad


  43. Terrific photography Jane! Dangling is my fav. 😊

  44. I love the dreamy look of this series, Jane. I think Impressions is my favorite.

    • Thanks so much, Susan. It feels dreamy creating them… I become quite immersed in the variety of effects, patterns and depths of field you can play with in creating each frame. Happy you like them. 🙂

  45. Great photos, Jane. Being a sun lover, I’m glad I’m not there. 😉 I’ve heard that it has been raining a lot!

  46. These are great Jane, you are definitely making the most of your city windows!! Dangling is true Jane 😊

  47. Extremely creative work Jane 😊

  48. Great post. Inspiring quote and stunning photos.

  49. Crikey! Are these the views from your windows?

  50. We have something in common.
    Also, on frosty mornings
    I’ll shoot through the crystal
    ice formed on the car windscreen.

  51. What a project…. you are so talented…. I am not a rainy day kind of girl but these are terrific!,,

  52. These are fantastic, Jane!! Beautiful work. 😎

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