High Surf Advisory, San Francisco

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

~Leonardo da Vinci


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

Wave Break, Baker Beach


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action, Black and White, Monochrome

Cresting Wave and San Francisco


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

Feeding Reflection


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

Crashing Wave


“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed. “

~Annie Leibovitz


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

White Waves


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action



San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

Curling, Baker Beach


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

Plovers and Surf


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

Beach Dog


San Francisco, Landscape, Photography, Fujifilm X-T2, Waves, Ocean, Golden Gate Bridge, California, Beach, Nature, Action

Surfin’ Seal


Epilogue: Once I got my feet wet running from the incoming surf, I decided to let the water wash past me as I was photographing.

Here’s what I learned: 1. Surf that is just knee deep can sweep you off your feet. 2. Once down, a camera backpack and outgoing surf makes it very difficult to get back up. 3. Instinct takes over and I kept my camera above water. 4. My husband got the best shot of the day. 

No photographers or cameras were hurt in the making of this post. 


Photographer Down


“The fool attempts to predict the next big wave while ignoring the tide.”

~James Rozoff



Variations on a Theme



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  1. You’re right: I’d missed this post about your ordeal. I’m glad you were able to wave it off, so to speak.

  2. Amazing shots and the waves are spectacular! But the last one is the funniest 😀 Glad you survived as also your equipment!
    Warm regards, Heidi

  3. SO IN love with this!! I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco and now it’s just calling to me even more

    – kyla

  4. Those are gorgeous and wild images. I love the different look on San Francisco and Golden Gate. And good that neither the photographer nor the equipment got damaged by the incoming surf. I remember many years ago, I step into a pothole full of water I hadn’t noticed, carrying all my photo equipment. My first reaction was to stretch the camera and camera bag overhead, but it didn’t help as the pothole was even deeper than I could stretch my hands. All equipment, cameras and lenses, got damaged by the water in the pothole. Not one of my most gracious or best moments…

  5. Fantastic photos Jane. The clouds and waves so in sync. What a great backdrop the beautiful bridge makes. Pleased you saved the camera and well done hubby catching the shot of the day.

  6. I love water images! Your monochrome “Crashing Waves” is a heart-stopper. My favourites are “Plovers and Surf” and of course … “Jane and Surf” LOL!!

  7. You captured the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge so beautifully. I recently moved to Berkeley so I go for day trips to SF quite often. Next time I’ll bring my DSLR and try a few artistic shots like yours! http://www.inbetweenlattes.com

  8. Oh, my goodness, how much I love “Curling!!!”
    All of these are really wonderful, Jane, but that one, to me, is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. There’s a reason why they say don’t get too close to the water on a high surf day, and glad no cameras were harmed. 🙂
    So, are you on window duty for a few days?

  10. Stunning images, Jane. I could almost smell the ocean. 🙂

  11. Ooo, happy everything turned out OK. Your photos did turn out great too. I’ve been caught behind tide pools a couple times. The ocean have a great sense of humor ..

  12. What absolutely wonderful pictures! And….. you saved the best for last! I don’t remember ever seeing that expression on your face before!
    Wish I’d had Bob with me the time I stepped in a hole fly fishing and fell backwards. My polar fleece immediately soaked up half the stream and my boots filled up with the rest and my back pack weighed about 20 lbs. Wasn’t sure how Ed would tell the kids I drowned in 2 ft of water! However, getting great shots and a big trout are worth it!

    • Hi ML, Oh, your story is funny (in a way) and I can totally relate. Glad we lived to tell the story and we both got our rewards! Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing. I miss your fun sense of humor.

  13. So this Bob guy caught you Bobbing around.., now Jane to keep the camera still to get beautiful captures (as illustrated by the other photos you placed) 🙂

  14. We have tricky tides here on the North Wales coast. The incoming sea can often sweep in behind you. Something to do with long flat beaches and sand bars that are not immediately noticeable until the tide comes in. I have a golden rule which is to know when high tide is and to constantly keep an eye on what’s happening behind me, especially if I have walked out a fair distance to get a photograph.

    Great photographs Jane

    • You are so right, Mike. It was way out when I started and it wasn’t that apparent how fast the tide was coming in. I was only up to my knees but that changes in an instant. Had it been more serious, I’m sure my husband would have ventured in to save me. After he got the shot. 🙂 Glad you like the images, thank you so much.

  15. Amazing photos…thank you for sharing!

  16. Wonderful photos Jane. Glad no harm done!

  17. WOW spectacular shots Jane….so exciting!!👍….your ‘GREAT EYE’ really shines through ….loving ‘photographer down’😜 & ‘Incoming ‘…..brilliant!!

  18. You captured the majesty and power of the surf.

  19. I love the beauty and emotion in your shots! Thank goodness your photographer’s instincts kicked in and everything/everyone was safe in the end. That last shot is wonderful!

  20. Jane, I can’t believe you wouldn’t have already found that out, long ago, living where you do! 😉 I’m so glad you kept the camera above water, and your hubbie was there to document the moment, and all is well. I love “Incoming” with all those droplets….

  21. Jane, I love how you kept the surf bright and white with respect to the sky and water in both color and B&W images. Your last photo and remarks reminded me of something that happened to me when I first started at the bridge. I’ll have to tell that story while it is fresh in my mind.
    Thanks for the memories,

    • Thank you, Allan. It’s true about the highlights in the images, they were so bright that day– I’m glad you think they look balanced. Appreciate it. Looking forward to your stories…. 🙂

  22. Another set of great shots. I wish I was there.

  23. Too funny because I was going to ask how wet you got with the incoming shot. Well done protecting the camera!

  24. A couple years ago, my wife and I stood on the beach in Varadero, Cuba. Just standing with the surf up to our ankles, we felt the power of the Caribbean Sea was strong enough to turn the sand directly beneath us into quicksand and pull us further out into the water. It incredible power to feel against you body, your will.

    • Hi Allan, It sure seemed less threatening than that (that seems like famous last words…) It was an amazing day of photography. I find the waves and foamy surf mesmerizing. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying them.

  25. Ha! Jane this is brilliant! I’ve taken photos in pretty much all of the spots that you were in, but on a calm, sunny winter’s day. Your photos capture the awe of nature in a contrast to my experience. Love the lessons learned piece at the end, although I think you missed one of the key lessons. When you’re rolling around on your back in a foaming ball of waves, camera, backpack and photographer you can trust your husband to reach for his camera before he reaches for his wife 😀 Good save on the camera!

  26. !!!!

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  27. These gorgeous shots convey the power and beauty of the surf, especially the last one. Loved them all.

  28. Magnificent post.. glad you and your camera are ok! Oh anything for that perfect pic!

  29. Ha, ha and yes…a fool and his camera are seldom parted! Stunning series yet again on the most famous bridge in the world…what a great viewpoint you have got yourself.

  30. These are some amazing shots of the rolling surf. So mighty, so powerful. Love the variety of angles and in almost all the shots, it looks like the surf is after you and coming towards you. Well, that was the last shot and I think you look a bit surprised there 😀 Your husband had very good timing with his camera. I’m guessing he’s also quite good at taking shots 😀 Also lovely to hear no one and no camera was harmed in the making of these shots! Well prepared and well protected 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Mabel. Fortunately, I got soaked at the end of photographing so it all worked out well. My husband and I had a good laugh since I wasn’t in great danger, just surprised! Glad you enjoyed my photos of this spectacular spot.

  31. wow, Jane. I like your images. But, the last one made me laugh.
    Side story 1: the week before last when we were on Heligoland, a friend of mine tried to capture the huge surf with his mobile, because it’s waterproofed. Unfortunately, some salty water got into the charging socket. In the evening he was unable to recharge his phone. Next morning he used a toothpick to get the salt crust out of the socket, but the next evening he was unable to recharge it again. Source of the defect: the salt from the first failing recharging process damaged the plug of the cable 😦
    Side story 2: when I was on the Seychelles, a few years ago, we went breast deep into the calm sea for taking photographs. One tiny wave caught one of my friends (he’s a bit smaller than I am). He thought, his camera (an entry level consumer camera) didn’t got any water, but unfortunately it got. The next morning, the inner electronics were already corroded by the salt. His only camera died on day 3!
    From side story 2 I learned, I only use sealed equipment, when photographing on the beach, during rain or in dusty environments.
    I hope, your camera still works properly.

  32. Beautiful images. The most awesome power of nature.

  33. Wonderful pictures and a wonderful account of the cost of taking the pictures! It made me laugh because I am always getting caught like that by the waves being unpredictable

  34. I just love and learn with your photographs. both talent, intelligence and sensitivity. thank you so much.

  35. Great pictures – especially the last one! 😉 (People don’t realise the lengths, or depths in this case :-), photographers will go to to get a good shot!)

  36. Fabulous photographs, so crisp and pristine!

  37. Paradise – deeply stunning and beautiful!!

  38. So beautifully magical! Thank you for capturing our city so wonderfully ❤

  39. Beautiful, Jane! I think I like “Crashing Wave” the best. Glad you and your camera escaped unscathed!

  40. Tremendous surf shots. Not a the usual.

  41. Beautiful shots – by you and of you!

  42. Absolutely beautiful shots, Jane. I “heard” the waves… and loved your intimacy with the water!

  43. You went down but you saved your camera, and got some wonderful shots. Worth it! Especially love the one with the dog.

  44. Great shots, my favourite being the plovers and the surf. I am glad to hear that neither the photographer nor the camera equipment was harmed in this photo shoot!

  45. Sometimes it requires great effort to achieve great things

  46. next time I am in SF, will have to have you take me to Baker Beach. Have never been there in the 3 – 4 times I have been SF. Loved all your shots.
    John Singleton

  47. Just a big smile! A Bob Lurie watermark and a huge wave. A calaborite effort with great results! Hope you were able to dry off and enjoy the results. Worth it!!

  48. I knew this was going to be a fantastic post just from seeing the title. The last image was icing on the cake! I love this season on the coast. There’s an energy that is like no other. Your images capture it so well! Bravo that the camera didn’t drown.

  49. Fantastic images Jane 🙂 I love the expression on your face in the image your husband took, perfect timing.

  50. LOL, you’ve trained him well. He took the shot before he rescued you 😀😀😀. And your final quote is perfect. Thank goodness you got great results for your efforts

  51. Don’t be swept away Jane 🙂 We don’t want to miss your pictures. These pictures made me think of my visit to San Francisco. In my city we got a bridge or two, but funny enough not one of these. Neither the surf. I have to come back to see the Golden Gate again.

  52. Wow! Incredible shots!!

  53. What one will do for one’s art. 😀 Glad you and the camera are okay. Super results!

  54. a true professional. The camera never touches the water.

  55. These are wonderful! thank you.

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