Sunset Silhouettes

“What I really try to do is photograph people at rest, in a state of serenity.”

~ Irving Penn


Sunset, Landscape, Fuji X-T2, California, Silhouette, Nature, Ocean

Sunset Selfie


Sunset, Landscape, Fuji X-T2, California, Silhouette, Nature, Ocean

Sunset Seekers


Sunset, Landscape, Fuji X-T2, California, Silhouette, Nature, Ocean



“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

~ Peter Adams


Sunset, Landscape, Fuji X-T2, California, Silhouette, Nature, Ocean

California Dreaming


Sunset, Landscape, Fuji X-T2, California, Silhouette, Nature, Ocean



“I think good dreaming is what leads to good photographs.”

~ Wayne Miller


Sunset, Landscape, Fuji X-T2, California, Silhouette, Nature, Ocean

Sunset Profile


Sunset, Landscape, Fuji X-T2, California, Silhouette, Nature, Ocean



These images were made this weekend in Santa Monica, CA. 



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  1. I love all the sunsets, they are gorgeous! But my favorites are also the “branch” and ‘framed”.
    Best regards, Heidi

  2. These photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. Such breathtaking views you captured of the skies beauty.

  4. All stunning but that branch is my favourite – wonderful Jane

  5. Love the branch, very graceful like a dancer.

  6. Fab sunsets. Thank you. I hadn’t thought about it, but all California coast must have glorious sunsets.
    Just like here on the Pacific coast.

  7. What a beautiful spot. Great images, as always! I’m curious about the lenses you are using with your new Fuji X-T2. I got the 18 to 55mm and I’m waiting for the 55 to 200 to arrive for my Fuji. I’d like a prime macro lens and I’m waiting for the reviews of the new 80mm. So far, it looks great!

    • Thanks, Patti. Much appreciated! It was a classic California sunset.
      That’s great that you’re adding the zoom. I just got the 35mm f/2 prime and love it. That f/2 series of primes is something to consider since they are less expensive than the f/1.4 and are crisp and fast. The 90mm f/2 is tempting and at a quick look, the 80mm f/2.8 is quite a bit more…I need to research why. I think the 18-55mm is a good lens but since it’s a variable aperture, you can’t shoot wide open at certain focal lengths. (Like my Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 which is fixed…and a fantastic lens.) That’s why I’m adding some primes.
      Please let me know how you like your new zoom. I’m interested what it does to the overall weight. Good to chat Fuji! 🙂

  8. Always beautiful photos, Jane!

  9. Beautiful! We mustn’t forget to see the beauty, huh!

  10. There’s something about a sunset over the water that brings out people.

  11. These pictures are a welcome sight. So warm! I need to be there as the late autumn weather here in Canada becomes increasingly cold and gloomy.

  12. Wonderful summer silhouettes for the winter season Jane! My favourite is “Sunset Seekers”

  13. Not just images but capture a feeling – thanks for sharing, they are beautiful pictures!

  14. So serene, perfect choice for this weeks challenge.

  15. I love silhouettes and these are really good, Jane.

  16. It occurred to me this year that the stance shown in your first photograph has become the characteristic stance of the 21st century.

  17. A wonderful theme and photographs. I love the simplicity of your ‘Branch’ against the beautiful sunset. I am always looking for subjects that can be set against the sky … not only for sunsets but night photography too.

  18. I absolutely love silhouettes, particularly at sunset. These are beautiful, Jane.

  19. They are so peaceful. Very captivating.

  20. so lovely! hoping you have many such evenings ahead–and I’ll be waiting to see the photos!

  21. An incredible collection, full of lovely shots!

  22. What beautiful, serene sunset images.

  23. I watch this series on a windy, grey and rainy morning… and imagine myself being in these photo’s…
    What a fantastic sunset silhouettes and strong quotes to go with it. Thanks and greatings from Holland!

  24. Wow, beautiful pictures! I love those colors, that’s typically what one can find in my own sunset shots 😀
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. California dreaming, for sure! Must have been heavenly.

  26. Ahhh, California bliss! The people are captured perfectly, and the pine and palm just add to the delight against that intense sky.

  27. Beautiful collection. Looked like quite a few people out to watch that dramatic sky show. Hope you enjoyed the show too 😊

    • Hi Mabel, This is the hot spot for visitors and locals to walk and see the sunset and since it was Thanksgiving weekend here, it was packed. I loved every moment- the nature, the people all interacting together. Fantastic. Thanks so much for your visit here- happy you enjoyed.

  28. Beautifully captured, Jane!

  29. Quite the contrast to it raining buckets up here in the north woods. Not that I’d want to trade. 😀 Lovely capture of that glorious color though!

  30. Nice work Jane. Too bad those people were in the way.

  31. I see you are enjoying the Santa Monica scene Jane – well done! Your sunset silhouettes are terrific.

  32. Jane,


    Hope all is good.

    Love you

    Your sis,


  33. These are all outstanding silhouettes Jane 🙂 Excellent work.

  34. Excellent silhouettes, Jane. You have The Gift.

  35. just amazing shots Jane….love the mystery they hold…great eye!!

  36. Stunning, Jane! The silhouettes add so much interest to the beautiful sunsets.

  37. Beautiful, Jane – they give me a feeling of calmness and silence. Summer longings…

  38. You captured some beauties, Jane.

  39. Just lovely… love that area day or night but these sunsets are just magnificent!

  40. Totally beautiful work Jane! Magnificent sunsets ❤️

  41. These are all well seen and shot. I particularly like the branch and the palm tree. They are delightfully simple but revealing.

  42. That’s a great idea to capture silhouettes at sunset. Beautiful results on this post.

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