An Homage: California Wine Country

An homage to our Wine Country devastated by wildfires in October. 

I made these photographs at this time last year.

Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Wine Country Morning


Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Vineyard and Clouds


Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Vineyard Reflections


Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Autumn Leaves

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Wine Cave


Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Autumn Vineyard


Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration



Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Early Morning Vines

“his lips drink water
but his heart drinks wine” 
~e.e. cummings

Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration

Vineyard Hills


Landscape, Photography, California, Nikon, Vineyard, Nature, Inspiration





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  1. wow .. !! I love the colours and the pattern. the lines and the macros…everything is in perfect harmony!! greets to SF !! l love your town

  2. You are such a great photographer Jane Lurie. All my best for the wineries and the California nature.

  3. It’s bad and sad the forest fires that have destroyed everything! You have made a beautiful homage to the California vineyards! I especially like the shapes, the autumn colors in the leaves, the reflection and light on “Hope”! I hope that everything turn back good as soon. That for the vines, nature at particulairy and the people who lost there home or everything!
    Best regards, Heidi

  4. Beautiful pictures. Hope you bounce back after the fires.

  5. Absolutely beautiful images, sorry to hear about the devastation caused by fires.

  6. I really love your stunning images and your message of hope.

  7. Your photography perfectly captures part of the whole and the whole picture made of parts! 🙂

  8. Your photos are such a contrast to the devastation in california.
    You’ve captured that natural beauty of a favorite industry.

  9. Stunning images, Jane. How sad what happened.

  10. Hello Jane Lurie,
    looks really good, please send two bottles to the poor photographer in Hamburg 🙂
    Best regards, Jürgen

  11. Beautiful Jane. What a devestating loss.

  12. gorgeous shots …in the midst of destruction….loving vintard reflections!! so thankful most have rebounded!!🌹

  13. Breathtaking, Jane! So sorry to know about the fire…

  14. These are such beautiful photographs, Jane, and I am so sorry for all of the devastation the fires caused.

  15. Stunning as always. I love the grand vista that you captured. 🙂

  16. Absolutely lovely Jane…gorgeous colours….i want to be there 😊

  17. Stunning photography Jane. Wine cave (for the concept) and hope (visually) and for the sentiment are my favourites

  18. Beautiful Pictures! You definitely captured the season.

  19. A wine cave? Interesting. I see a story there. I also loved the fall leaves and hope photo.

  20. Breathtakingly beautiful in every way.

  21. Thank you for sharing. The last time I visited I forgot to bring my camera. And with all the loss, people will be so thankful that you preserved the valley so well.

  22. Great photographs, Jane. On our trip to California and Nevada several years back we tried to get to the wine growing areas but in the end we ran out of time.

  23. Just a beautiful capture of autumn and the last photo “hope” is so significant. Is it making any recovery after all the devastation Jane?

  24. A wonderful and evocative gallery of images. The fires were a main story over here in the UK, and then suddenly news stopped (typical of news, I find). From wha I read these fires were catastrophic – a real tragedy for such a beautiful area with entire vineyards destroyed.

  25. What a view and patterns are so cool 🙂

  26. Utterly gorgeous images of a magical location, but it nearly made me weep to think of the heartache and destruction from the wildfires. I’m almost afraid to go back up into the hills around here to see what our wildfire wrought.

    • Thank you, Gunta, and I feel the same. Heartbroken for all the loss, of homes, lives and landscape. I, too, have been wary of going, but I remind myself it’s important to get there and support small businesses during this time of rebuilding. I’m glad you were safe throughout.

  27. Gorgeous photos.You’ve really captured the beauty of the place. They remind me of Tuscany.

  28. It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it? Do you have any plans to try some comparison photos? It might be too depressing, and I guess the fire damage is localized?
    I love the light shining through those grapes, and the vineyard reflections photo, orderly rows settling across the contours of the hills, so pastoral. And I like the photo with the Pinot Noir sign a lot, too. In the first photo it almost looks like lavender is growing on those hills in the background. A heartfelt tribute!

    • Thank you, Lynn. I have thought about that…agree, it would be very difficult. As you can see, I love it very much. Pleased you like the images and tribute. It was therapeutic for me. The fires damaged large swaths– many places were spared– and I honestly cannot imagine what it looks like right now.

  29. Wow! My favourites are Vineyard Reflections, Autumn Leaves and Wine Caves. And the quote by Martin Luther King Jr.
    Your photographs often reflect beauty and hope!

  30. Beautiful images. It was so devastating to see the fires in this area. I hope some of these vineyards survived.

  31. Lovely photos of a beautiful area. Over here in Sacramento, we got some of that smoke. Prayers and blessings to all who lost homes and lives. 💕

  32. It’s a treat to see these photos again. The light in all of them seems unusual. The light in the pinot noir leave shots is especially beautiful.

  33. Beautiful photographs Jane of an incredibly beautiful part of the world. I love the vineyard reflections photograph especially but they’re all superb.

  34. Pure beauty, Jane! The colours are amazing!

  35. Every photo here is stunning. It’s hard to choose a favorite but I think I like Vineyard Hills the most. It’s such a shame to think of all the destruction, especially after seeing all of these photos in your post

  36. Gorgeous captures , Jane, of all, my favorite is the third one with the reflection. Hoping that Mother Nature will take care of the recovery of such a beautiful place.

  37. thanks for these photos! Magnificent!

  38. Beautiful Photos Jane! I particularly love Vineyard Reflections. I love the regular pattern of the grapevine, and its reflection in the water. I also like the undulating land their on. It creates a very soothing, calming effect.

  39. Such beauty. A shame really. The land eventually recovers from fire, but it takes years and years…

  40. Thank you for sharing your images, these are truly beautiful.

  41. So beautiful, Jane. Has everything we see here been burned up? I couldn’t imagine the fearsomeness of those fires; even after Harvey flooded us mercilessly here, I always thought the fires would be a worse fate.

    • Hi Lex, Thank you- there were many losses of homes and businesses. I haven’t been up since the fires but large swaths of Napa and Sonoma were burned– not the entire place but a huge loss. Frightening stories of survival, escape and people with only minutes to get out. Tragically many did not.

  42. good, again, loce the refletions and the backlits.

  43. I can only agree with the other comments…and how sad all this beauty is gone.

  44. Spectacular shots and touching reminders of immense beauty.

  45. These are truly beautiful photos Jane. That reflection photo is sublime. I hope it heals back to this glory. I visited there about 13 years ago very briefly but I remember it fondly. I’ve always wanted to go back.

  46. Love the backlit photos and the reflection. So much was lost in those dreadful fires. I sincerely hope that the winemakers manage to resurrect their vineyards again, but suspect that many mature vines will have been lost forever.

  47. What a difference a year makes, Jane. We went to Sacramento last week and the devastation along Hwys 37 & 80 was terrible.

  48. Exceptional pictures made more poignant by the loss. They are how I prefer to remember wine country.

  49. Beautiful work as always Jane – love the reflection shot especially. A wonderful tribute. Temporary indeed.

  50. All gorgeous images Jane 🙂 I really love the backlit images.

  51. Jane – “A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.” Stunning!!

  52. Beautiful photos Jane, as always. The recent fires remind me of the one in “A Walk in the Clouds” movie.

  53. may these calming images help heal the wounds

  54. Jane, beautifully done. Thank you for the stunning images.

  55. Sad for the loss. The photos are beautiful.

  56. Beautiful, Jane. Do you know the extent of the loss in terms of acreage of vineyards?

    • Hi Eliza, Thanks, glad you like my look back. I have not seen that figure in the articles and I am very curious to see it firsthand. I did read somewhere that the vines can surprisingly be spared in a wildfire, but I don’t know how many were lost.

  57. Lovely.. bittersweet… emotional

  58. Beautiful tribute, Jane.

  59. Absolutely beautiful. Nature will, hopefully, restore itself soon.

  60. Beautiful photos Jane and hopefully the wine region still looks this way!

  61. Wow, Jane! These photos are gorgeous. I love the rich colors and especially the one with the reflection of the vineyards. What a wonderful homage to California Wine Country after those horrific fires.

  62. Wonderful photo memories Jane. So beautiful and poignant Will look forward to seeing next year’s Napa photos and recovery!

  63. Beautiful Jane! Definitely one of my favorites ❤️

  64. I love looking at your pictures. They are just beautiful!

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