In A San Francisco Minute

“To collect photographs is to collect the world.” 

~Susan Sontag


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Architecture

Feeling Blue


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Portrait

Four Heads


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Architecture

Low Hanging Fog


“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.”

~ Annie Leibovitz


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Architecture

Looking for Love


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Portrait

We Three Kids


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Architecture

A Caged Bird Sings


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Architecture, Abstract

Zig Zag


“Stare. It is the way to educate your eye, and more. Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.”

~Walker Evans


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban,



Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Architecture

City Lines


Photography, Street, San Francisco, City, Urban, Architecture






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  1. I was thinking of Sontag’s quote. Perhaps it can be turned around. Then it would be “To collect the world is to collect photographs.” Not sure what it means but very interesting.

  2. I love the first picture “Feeling blue”. It’s great! I also like the Zig Zag. You also captured the reflection of the “golden gate” brigde in the puddle very nicely. I love the color of flower in “A Caged Bird Sings”. And the “Four heads”, yes it’s funny 😀 As usual, well done, Jane!
    Best regards, Heidi

    • Hi Heidi, Nice to read your thoughts on this set– thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed what I see in my wanderings around the city. 🙂 Hope all is well with you.

      • Hi Jane, everything is fine with me, thanks for asking! But my site is not doing very well. My site has to deal with a big problem (actually almost from the beginning)! Apparently followers and visitors don’t find the way to my blogs! I also don’t know why that is but I hope to be able to fix the problem by recreating my site with perhaps a new theme. I hope to be able to start again at the beginning of the new year …

  3. Great city, spent four days back in the 90’s before moving on to Lake Tahoe. Did everything a tourist is expected to do and more.

  4. I love the inspiring peek into your city.

  5. Excellent images Jane. I LOVE ‘Four Heads’ … so fun!

  6. This is such a wonderful collection of photos! I love “Puddle” and “Feeling Blue” but I’d have to say “Low Hanging Fog” was my favorite.

  7. A glorious San Francisco “minit”. Thank you.

  8. Love this series, Jane! Each tells stories…

  9. I love these! Each so unique in its own way! 🙂

  10. Love the “zig zag” and “four heads” photos, they are so full of story.

  11. Amazing look at your city, Jane. Loved four heads as well as low-hanging fog.

  12. I started a blog; messing with black and whites. Any tips would be appreciated. “Zig Zag” photo; what is it? Love it 🙂

  13. Beautiful photographs as ever Jane. I particularly like the shadows on the steps! 🙂

  14. So many of these are so wonderful. I especially liked the four heads, the caged bird, and the bus stop. Each on said something that made me look more.

  15. Truly wonderful series of images, Jane!

  16. I really like the tones in that first photo.

  17. My favorite was the bridge in a puddle, though having it floating on fog was a close second. There’s just something about that bridge! Wonderful glimpses of this favorite city of mine, one and all.

  18. Especially loved four heads this week Jane. Quite a set of beautiful peeks at your lovely city!

  19. wow – magnificent – one of the best destination – such elegance of photos!!

  20. I adore having a peek at your city 😀 So much to love.

  21. Who makes those LOVE sculptures/signs? They’re everywhere now. There’s even one in my city.

  22. I love how you catch such wonderful,.fascinating, touching, etc. etc. You have a great eye, friend. The 4 heads is very funny. The girl totally engrossed in her phone while her boyfriend is looking at the LOVE,the bridge caught in the puddle and the stairs…….. I loved them all 🙂

  23. A San Francisco minute contains a lot of variety, doesn’t it? I love Feeling Blue and Zig Zag, but We Three Kids also catches my attention – I could be sitting right there with them, just hanging out and watching the water. It’s good to see another side of the city in Waiting, too. Have a great week Jane, and as Liebowitz said, I know your eyes will be “on all the time.”

    • Hi Lynn, Variety is the spice… Happy those caught your eye. I, too, loved the quietness of Three Kids- they were very content. I’ve been working on a Bus Stop project for a while and find them to be quite fascinating. Hope all is well and thanks very much for sharing your thoughts.

  24. Lovely photos! Feeling Blue and Zig Zag are my favourites.

  25. Enjoyed staring at your photos. Peeking at it is too a subtle a description. I have witnessed love 💓 for photography

  26. Wonderful Again Jane! My favourites are “Looking for Love”!!, Feeling Blue, and Low Hanging Fog. Zig Zag and 4 Heads is fun too. Puddle reminds me of one my favourite pastimes while wandering around after a rainy day – I have taken many puddle reflection shots – recently some nice autumn tree reflections – but still waiting to be posted.

  27. Oh, gosh, your eye is amazing, Jane. Love these. ‘Caged Bird Sings’ and ‘Zigzag’ are particularly pleasing to me.

  28. So beautifully seen and carefully presented.

  29. Great gallery as usual – of your city. Love the heads locked in between, and the zigzag, and…well, all of them. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  30. Beautiful photos, Jane. I love the zig-zag this week—and as always, your GGB photos. The quote by Walker Evans resonates with me, “…Die knowing something.”

    • Hi Allan, Glad those images spoke to you- I was happy to spot zig zag. I hope you will have a chance to see the Walker Evans exhibit at SFMoMa. It was a revelation to me- quite an incredible overview. Thus, the inspired quote. Thank you for your positive reaction. 🙂

  31. Beautiful iconic photos of a beautiful city. 🙂

  32. Jane,

    These are great. I particularly like Zig Zag and Puddle. Plus, Annie L’s quote. The composition is tremendous too – Feeling Blue is a real feast for the eyes.

    Andy x

  33. love these shots..such a charming city feel……low hanging fog just jumps out at me…gorgeous!!

  34. These are beautiful images Jane 🙂 The 1st. image is awesome. Did you use a tripod or raise the ISO ? I love reflection photos so I have a soft spot for the last image also. Fantastic work.

    • Thanks very much, Joe. So glad you enjoyed these. I simply love city hall in all her different colors. I shot this with my IPhone which I leaned against a light pole for stability. And held my breath. 🙂 I reduced the noise slightly in LR but this is pretty close to the original.

  35. Great snippets of the routine in SF. Miss you guys.

  36. Beautiful frozen memories of exciting scenes presented from a city known for them.
    Have a wonderful day, Eddie

  37. Thank you, I loved the puddle.

  38. As always : stunning series with a message to ponder over and yes ‘ Stop and Stare’…I must do more of that. thank you.

  39. Your “educated”eye is always catching something I would not have even thought about! Hard to pick a favorite… all interesting!

  40. Good morning from Spain. Marvelous photos, probably better than others from your city.

  41. That puddle is very well seen, but all are interesting

  42. Thank you for doing our city justice.. such beautiful photos!

  43. Very nice series. The four head is wonderful – a smile getter. More on the serious side, zig zag top my list for your art of seeing.

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