Silo Reflection

My latest contribution to Monochromia. I found this scene on a stretch of Hwy 70W traveling from Muleshoe, TX to Clovis, NM after a heavy rainstorm.


Architecture, Industrial, Reflection, Monochrome, Black and White, Photography

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  1. I haven’t done industrial shooting in a very long time, and I miss it.

  2. Jane – classical, great reflection and amazing photos!!

  3. Great picture, Jane! I love also that kind of scenes 🙂
    Best regards, Heidi

  4. Very graphic shot ! Love this B&W ! Well done !

  5. Suggestion for a title: Very Old School

  6. That’s nice and the reflection adds that something extra, Jane. I really like this.

  7. Wonderful composition, and such beautiful tones in this one, Jane.

  8. Beautifully composed and so full of rich tones. Of course, the puddle adds an extra dimension to the abandoned cityscape. And those clouds!

    • Hi Otto, The agricultural buildings along here were incredible and as you can imagine, I was thrilled with the intense rainstorm adding to the drama. I’m pleased you enjoyed this one– thank you so much.

  9. I love reflections and this is fabulous captured,Jane. All the details, the light, the cloud scapes and the amazing water reflection makes it perfect. A real eye catcher!

  10. This is a picture you can look at for a long time…and still find new things. Love it.

  11. Quite an eye while traveling…. most interesting shot!

  12. that Silo and it’s reflection, the story the photo tells, couldn’t be ignored! love it.

  13. That reflection and the clouds are really striking!

  14. just incredible….what a perfect shot….so pleasing to the eye….monochrome creates a mystery around it….brilliant!!!

  15. As someone who grew up as a Minnesota farm boy, I’ve always been fascinated by the geometry of agricultural structures. This picture captures so many. As others have said the “composition” is so fantastic – the angular structures themselves, the more abstract reflection of those structures, and the amorphous clouds brooding in the background all combine into something quite magnificent.

  16. The reflections in the puddle add so much to the composition. Beautifully rendered, Jane.

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