This Land Is Your Land

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

 ~Frank Lloyd Wright


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon

Tiny and Vast


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

Day is Done


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography



National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

Just The Two Of Us


“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”

~Theodore Roosevelt


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

Cliff Dweller


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

Hoodoo You Love


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

A Walk in the Rain


“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”

~Edward Abbey


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

Hill Hikers


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

Purple Hat


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

Yellow Mounds


“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

~Jane Goodall


National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography



National Park, Nature, Landscape, Grand Canyon, United States, Photography

A Road Less Traveled




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  1. Such an amazing planet we live on. Louise

  2. Fabulous photos – showcasing a spectacular country. Hope people listen to Theodore Roosevelt.

  3. This is an ode to the magnificence of your land Jane. Truly spectacular!

  4. Wow, beautiful en spectacular sceneries! This is breathtaking beautiful! And I love the ‘Arch’! You’re a great photographer, Jane!
    Best regards, Heidi

  5. So peaceful & beautiful ! And I like how you use the perspective of people in the shots. Is that low tide in the Purple Hat shot ? Whoa.
    I view your posts once quickly & then again later later when I have more time. So my comment is coming in later but I just have to say now during the Napa fire how heartbreaking it all is! I know you have beautiful images from there.
    We make an annual Oct trip to see calif family & attend a Cardiac meeting in Napa & explore Napa/Sonoma .
    Our collective hearts ache for all of the people & the lost souls. Such a special jewel in our countryside.

    • Hi Diane, I’m so glad to hear from you and that you enjoyed this collection. Thank you. The wildfires have been tragic and still go on. The loss is unimaginable. I doubt, sadly, that you’ll be heading there anytime soon. I hope you are doing well.

  6. Awesome quotes and extraordinary images❣️ A delightful combo that goes ideal to the heart, Jane❣️

  7. Wonderful quotes and outstanding images❣️ A delightful combo that goes right to the heart, Jane❣️

  8. Where is the love button when you need it?! These photos and quotes are fabulous!

  9. Such a wonderful collection of landscape images Jane.
    How do you keep track of all your awesome photos and then present them beautifully on your blog?
    I really like that you include people in these landscapes along with cute captions!

    • Hi Michael, Sorry for the late reply… thanks for your lovely compliment. I try, as best as I can, to keyword, rate and group images in LR. I create collections that are thematic and finally, cross my fingers that I can remember. 🙂 I admit, it can be overwhelming at times!

      • haha – Well, your method seems to work very well. I’m still tinkering with something suitable to keep my images organized and accessible.

        • Lightroom is one of the best. It’s excellent.

          • I would get that but I believe its only available as a subscription, right? I’ve only done serious photo-editing for a couple years now. I use Photoshop Essentials 14 and an old MS editor as well. But after doing some research via digital photo websites. I purchased Cyberlink Photo Director which has become my first go-to editor. which I quite pleased with. Very nice layout with a large range of adjustable parameters. It also has an organizational component, but I don’t want to use it yet, in case in case I decide to change software. But I have heard that Lightroom is top notch – so I may end up there eventually and who knows I may shoot RAW someday too. (But not in-the-raw)

          • Hi Michael, The decision comes down to what you are comfortable with and it sounds like those programs are serving you well. I like LR for its organizational structure and I do most of my editing with it along with PS and plug-ins like Nik, Luminar and Topaz. (Nik has been discontinued, sadly) It is a subscription but I think it is worth it.

          • Thanks so much for your input Jane. I really admire how you have brought various elements together to form an excellent photography blog. I definitely will look into LR for its organizational structure. Maybe I can do a trial.

  10. Such beautiful work, Jane, and presented with such a good heart. The FL Wright and J Goodall quotes are worth noting, for sure. I’ve believed nature was all I could ultimately depend on since I was much, much younger, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t keep aware of one’s impact on everything and everyone. A daunting idea… My favorite photos are the first and last – I think I’ve mentioned before how much I admire your ability to place a human context in the frame without it getting overwrought or corny. Have a good week!

    • Hi Lynn, I agree, nature has always been a sure place of solace but sadly, we are turning our backs on her. I’m pleased you like the human interaction in many of my images-it’s an interesting challenge, plus, I was feeling a bit homesick for the parks. Great to hear from you– thank you so much.

  11. Simply marvellous Jane each and every one. Thanks for the great start to the weekend. Warm wishes.

  12. Marvelous as always Jane! I love the way your photos marry the beautiful quotes you so carefully choose.

  13. I had this Woody Guthrie tune playing in my head as I read and viewed your photos, and it was all just one perfect mosaic of love & life. Everything flowed so well together, Jane, an incredible piece and so true this land is your land, this land is my land…

    • Thank you, thank you, Randall. Going through images of my trips is a salve for missing being in these wide open spaces. Glad Woody was playing along for you, too. He and Pete sure were prescient activists for our environment. Hope all is well with you and I appreciate you stopping by. 🙂

  14. really love how you weave these together – and how most had one person – and a center photo had a few…
    little artsy details everywhere…
    and from the quotes and words, by biggest takeaway:

    “decide what kind of difference”

  15. OMG….MINDBLOWING visuals!!! gorgeous!!!

  16. fascinating, brilliant work of reflection between words and image…

  17. Gorgeous landscape shots Jane. Very inspiring!

  18. Glorious. If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be the arch. Water is my favourite.

  19. This a great tribute to our beautiful country.

  20. Spectacular. And Jane Goodall is awesome.

  21. Simply beautiful. I wonder if I ever could take similar pictures …

  22. Stunning and breathtaking views 🙂

  23. Impressing set Jane! Great way of seeing, as always.

  24. Awe-inspiring photography, Jane! Pure wonder and artistry! 🙂

  25. Some beautiful choices this week Jane. Love the uniformity of perspective despite the very different scene choices.

  26. Oh, these are amazingg! ❤
    I lovedd all of them! ❤
    Such wonderful pictures! 😀

  27. Absolutely love these photos, and we had the same locale in mind. We saw layers, too, in the Utah’s many landscapes, and how could we not just stand in awe!? Here’s my entry with some of the same places you used in your post:

  28. My type of landscapes, Jane. Really great photographs.

  29. I love these, I shared them in my Twitter feed.

  30. Amazing photographs of incredible landscapes Jane!

  31. I really enjoy the way you see, Jane. Another wonderful post of superb images!

  32. Jane, this is the most amazing post with your images, I have seen. You just shine in your talent

  33. Beautiful, beautiful land shots all round! Love the Beachwalker one especially – it’s like the tide is chasing him 😂 Also that is quite some contrast, the light water and the dark rocks. Looking very misty and mysterious in the distance too 👌

    • Hi Mabel, Thank you so much! The beachwalker is a favorite place- the rock above used to be a landmark large arch and a few years ago it collapsed! Sure adds to the drama of the space. Happy you enjoyed these. Hope all is well in Melbourne.

  34. I love wide open expanses like these. The quotes blend effortlessly with your captivating visuals! What a great way to start the week, Jane. 🙂

    • Thank you, Cheryl. I was missing the parks and our times driving across the country…. pleased you enjoyed my homage along with what I feel is the most important part, our responsibility to them. Hope you had a great weekend and that you and Basil are doing well!

  35. Spectacular! The images of many places I’ve known and love! You’ve also hit on the sentiments near and dear to my heart! So very glad I found you.

  36. Absolutely awesome!!!!

    Love you H

    Sent from my iPhone


  37. Stunning photos, Jane, as always. They bring back so many memories from our 2012 family trip to these places. Hope you had a good weekend! Marcus

  38. Beautiful shots. I especially like those of Badlands, not often seen or talked about.

  39. How about breathtaking photos… literally!

  40. Enjoyable selection and presentation…I love puns.

  41. Great photos…My Utah relatives just left. Now your picts are making me think I really should listen to their invites to visit.

  42. Hi jane, great work my favorit is the 3rd one.

  43. Again, I am in awe of your photographic eye and collating these shots into a coherent entity. Wonderful as always.

    • Hi Paula, What a great compliment, thank you so much. I’ve noticed you also follow Steve McCurry’s blog. His blog was my original inspiration for trying out blogging seven years ago…I love his thematic approach. I knew so little about the world of blogging then, but now I gain loads of inspiration from many creative people — like you. I really appreciate your work.

  44. Fabulous photos as always, and such thoughtful quotes!
    Hope all is well.

  45. Awesome, Jane. And I love the Goodall quote.

  46. I am in awe. How wonderful this is. Rather a lot of these landscapes I saw with my own eyes. The US realy is a stunningly beautiful country, especially in the south west. You captured the beauty with outstanding photography.

  47. Gorgeous images Jane 😀 One of these days I will have to make it out west to see this in person.

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