One Fine Day: The Olympic Peninsula

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
~ Aaron Siskind

Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Mountain Layers


Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Rising, Hoh Rainforest


Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm, Wildlife

Juvenile Eagle


“Essentially what photography is is life lit up.”

~Sam Abell


Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Smoke and Mirrors, Lake Crescent


Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Trees, Hoh Rainforest


Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Morning Daisies


Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Hama Hama Oyster Farm


“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.”

~ Anonymous

Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Mossy Moments


Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm



Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm, Flower, Insect



Landscapes, Photography, Nature, Art, Olympic Peninsula, Pacific Northwest, Nikon, Fujifilm

Wild Blackberries





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  1. Shocking, once again…What delicious photographs..

  2. Wonderful Images!Best respects from Jule and there Can openers.

  3. Jane, I meant to comment on this post yesterday when I saw it, but didn’t have the time. You really did well out on the Olympic Peninsula in our smokey July. Your Smoke and Mirrors shot of Lake Crescent is amazing. I’ve been to Lake Crescent dozens of times and yet to come away with a decent shot – I don’t know why I can’t seem to get one there – yet you nailed it under adverse conditions! And you really handled the contrast in the rain forest well – I know from personal experience how tough that is. A beautiful set of images!

    • Hi Joe- Thank you so much! I must have had a good luck photo charm with me that day. You and other locals have shared how challenging Lake Crescent can be to photograph. I think I just hit that cool light at the right time. The last time I was at Hoh it was pouring and I felt the photos came much more easily than in the hot dry summer, so your feedback is much appreciated. We got eaten alive by mosquitos!
      Your thoughtful comment made my day. 😊

  4. Morning daisies made me smile, and that’s never a bad thing, is it? And those reflections are sublime. 🙂 🙂

  5. A beautiful diversity of pictures … How young the eagle may be, he or she looks strong and mighty! The ‘Morning daisies’ are lovely and the bee is busy as always… 🙂 The smoky lake and also the rainforest looks mysterious. And the mountain layers hide their secrets… Great pictures, Jane!

  6. Hi Jane – This reminded me of some photos of Ruby Beach I posted (February) from when we drove around the Olympic Peninsula last summer.

  7. Beautiful Images! 😀Best regards from Jule and there Can openers.

  8. All of the photographs are good. If I were asked to choose a favourite it would be the very first one, the Mountain Layers. There’s something about it which appeals to me in a big way.

    • Hi Mike, I had scenes like Layers in my mind as classic PNW landscapes. I love finding the varying depths in the tree lines and mountains. I appreciate you taking a moment to look and pleased you like them– thanks very much.

  9. Beautiful pics! Appreciating nature is always refreshing!

  10. The quote at the top of this post is why we do what we do (some better than others, of course). Your work is wonderful, Jane

  11. Love that “Smoke and Mirrors, Lake Crescent”. Besides the colors, I like how the haze, if thick enough, can make for that ghostly effect – something you expertly captured. Hope you’re doing well, and you stayed cool through the heat wave in the Bay Area.

    • Hi David. So glad you liked them, thank you. Honestly, I hate to complain given what’s going on around the country, but the heat was miserable throughout the Labor Day weekend. It was 105 at our place with no ac. We survived. Hope all is well with you.

  12. Fabulous collection of shots Jane! So beautiful. My favorite is the smoky lake. Magical!

  13. I love the berry one. So crisp. You can see how good they would taste.

  14. My favorite ” Reflections.” The glimpse of the Cross in that photo reminded me of our Hope within,

  15. What a beautiful series of photographs, Jane.
    I especially love the blackberries.
    I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend.

    • Hi Lisa, They look so delectable, don’t they? I’m glad you like this series, thank you– it was a great day. Hot as can be here in SF during this freaky heat wave– I think you are having a much cooler holiday. Hope it’s a good one!

  16. You had a great time, didn’t you? I love the Hoh, and in this extended drought, it must have been extra nice to be there, though I bet even the rain forest was showing signs of needing water. Your photos are lovely, and the quotes well chosen.

    • Hi Lynn, I sure did. What a magnificent part of the country. Hoh was gorgeous but honestly, I loved it even more in the rain… it was so dry and I stupidly didn’t expect to be tormented by mosquitos…duh. Happy you enjoyed the series– means a lot. Thank you!

  17. Jane — Great work! You are capable of seeing things that the rest of us miss or are blind to.

  18. Beautiful images!

  19. Another set of captivating images Jane! I love the simple, elegant format of your blog format of your blog. Great quotes -especially about what kind of equipment I use – My eyes! – Yes! I have been told that my camera takes great pictures – haha … probably half of my images are from my cell phone (which does giving amazing image quality – but it still sucks at composition and zoom) – then for me there’s the joy of post-processing – fine tuning the image (with again amazing software) I do remember telling one person that it wasn’t the camera it was me. For some reason your Morning Daisies is one of my favourites – perhaps due to the water droplets and contrasting red flowers.

    • Hi Michael, I am smiling reading your response– thanks so much. I like the analogy that it’s the same as complimenting a writer’s typewriter. 🙂 I agree, post-processing is a way to further immerse myself into the artistry of the image. It’s nice when I get it right in camera but there’s always something that can be done to enhance the image. I had fun photographing the beautiful gardens on the peninsula. Happy you enjoyed this series.

      • Thanks Jane … I like that typewriter analogy!
        Btw – Is your blog format a WordPress Theme or something else? I like the way your images fill the screen. My theme wastes much of the side-space – so I usually don’t post landscape oriented photos – or crop them to square to provide a larger screen image. It’s not a huge deal b/c I really like the square format – but I really like how your landscapes are displayed nice a large with a clean frame and brief caption. Also, unrelated, do you tend to shoot in RAW. I know that it seems very important to quite a few technical photographers – but I find shooting JPEG to be just fine for me and I’m able to adjust the image parameters to my liking. Also, it doesn’t consume as much memory either. Your thoughts?

        • Hi Michael, This theme is called Traveler and that is the exact reason I chose it for the way it displays images. Glad you like it.
          Yes, I always shoot in RAW to ensure the highest amount of pixels for post processing. JPEG compresses and chooses which pixels to throw away so you end up with a smaller file. This may not matter to you, depending on what you are doing with your images. It sounds as though you are satisfied with the results and yes, they take up less memory. I would try setting it on JPEG/RAW which will shoot one of each. Try some test images and see if you can tell a difference in the results. Let me know what you discover.

          • Thanks for the advice Jane! I will trying shooting both and then compare. I’m thinking that its good to shoot in RAW for great landscape shots like yours which can be printed as good sized high quality enlargements (16×20+) which is something I’d like to do in the future – perhaps market them locally. Another question – do you shoot most of your images handheld or do you prefer a tripod?

          • Agree, that it is better for printing. Yes, I use a tripod whenever possible. I admit, I’ve gotten some favorite images without one, but a tripod is always preferred.

          • I bought a really good tripod last year – but haven’t used it outdoors yet – bad boy! Your carefully composed images inspire me to take the time to use it. Also got a variable ND filter but haven’t used yet – maybe I’m just a point+shoot type of guy! But I do have some patience – did some wedding photography a looong time ago – in the stressful days of non-digital – but the bonus is that I was able to discipline my shooting and composition habits. I bet you had fun with film in the past as well?

          • Darkroom days are long behind me, but I loved it!

  20. love the blues and greens…and yes i agree with everyone…always beautiful…simply awe! smiles hedy 😀

  21. I absolutely loved this post, Jane! The quotes blend with each capture. It was hard to choose, if I had to, the visual of the hazy outline of the mountains and water would top my list.

  22. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you caught all those amazing images in one day. The variety and beauty is astounding. Nice job (as always)!

  23. What a wonderful collection of very fine and inspiring images, Jane! There is beauty, awe and wonder in each and every one. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  24. Great photos Jane. Couldn’t pick a fav as they all have a special quality.

  25. What a wonderful region. Sad that I didn’t get to go there a few years ago, but maybe it is not too late.

  26. Excellent images! The rainforest can be a tough place to photograph … chaotic and busy … I like how you isolated to create more intimate shots.

    • Hi Denise, Oh, yes, you know. It took me a long time to settle in… it was hot, dry and crowded this time (and mosquitoes galore, ugh) and much more challenging than when I visited one June when it was raining. Your reaction means a lot. Thank you!

  27. Gorgeous photos, Jane. The Rainforest images are stunning.

    • HI Allan, What a different experience than the last time we went, which was in June and it was pouring. This time, hot and dry but the trees and light didn’t disappoint. Happy you like them, thank you.

      • How are you doing in the smoke these days? The morning light has been glowing up here and the copper-tone is a joy for a few minutes of photography.

  28. gorgeous shots of pure wildlife… pristine…HAPPY!!!👍

  29. Beautiful, beautiful captures of nature, Jane. Each one seems to be unique and stunning in its own right. As Jane Iwan said, the mountains looks mysterious. It’s as if the ones in the background are actually blending into the background. I also really like the mossy moments image. It looks like that tree has many arms 🙂

  30. Smoke & Mirrors – title is perfect as is the shot. Beautiful set ! Thanks for sharing – d

  31. Morning Daises and Mountain Layers are my favourites… very nice Jane

  32. every photo a star in its own right. Stunning Jane as per always!

  33. Fantastic moods, incredible shots!

  34. Incredible photos…I love the mystery conveyed in the Lake Crescent shot. Well done.

  35. Fantastic pictures Jane, love all the blue ones so much !

  36. Those mossy trees are Dr Seussian!

  37. Thanks for taking us along to this fantastic place, Jane!

  38. Such fine and sensitive photography, Jane.

  39. Thanks for sharing all this beauty, Jane. x

  40. Beautiful Jane – I especially liked the morning daisies

  41. Great job as always and we are heading there this weekend!

  42. After seeing all these fine pictures, I’m thinking you should get out more.

  43. Beautiful pictures! It’s crazy how they can capture so much in just one snap.

  44. Wonderful pictures jane you are present us today, my favorites are the 1st, 4th, 6th and 9th.

  45. Wonderful variety of subjects and all so well seen.

  46. Photos remain while we go our way and leaving only memories. Great shots! So mesmerizing!

  47. Beautiful images!! Especially like the abstract blues!

  48. Wonderful,love them all !
    Every photo is special on his way !

  49. These are lovely. Ed and I lived outside of Seattle when we first got married and tried to see as much as we could.
    The Olympic Peninsula was one of our favorite trips – the Rain Forest and Crescent Lake particularly.

  50. I especially liked the opening shot of the mountains. It’s very mysterious.

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