Smoke and Mirrors, Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is inundated with wildfires this summer.

The smoky haze produces stunning photographic effects. 



Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,

Waves, Lake Crescent


“In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.” 

~ Rachel Carson


Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,

Pier Review


Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,

Incoming, Lake Crescent


“Photography is a love affair with life.”

~ Burk Uzzle


Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,

Takeoff, Juvenile Eagle


Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,



Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,

Digging Clams


“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

~Vincent Van Gogh


Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,

Sooke Harbour


Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,

Morning Ride


Pacific Northwest, Photography, Landscapes, Abstract, Art, Nature, Water, Reflection, Mountain,





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  1. Totally beguiling, Jane. 🙂 🙂 Very unsettling for those close to the fires though.

  2. I returned five days ago from three weeks in Alberta and Montana, where I had plenty of experience with that smoky haze. Sometimes I used it to my photographic advantage, but I sure could have used more of the vaunted Rocky Mountain clarity.

  3. Waves and Calm are lovely but they’re messing with me!

  4. There’s beauty in everything you see, Jane. 🙂

  5. AS usual, well-felt and well-seen images. Beautiful work.

  6. Love these — artsy , relaxing, mysterious, beautiful ! Thanks !

  7. natural world of photos ..beautiful & great photography

  8. I am in awh of how you captured these scenes in your pictures. Esquisite!🙂

  9. The soft sight of your picture make me dreaming…
    The reflection in the lake shows us a game of lines and shapes …
    All your pictures are stunning, but most of all I love the black and white picture “Sooke Harbour”
    Best regards, Heidi

  10. Stunning landscapes! You’ve captured them beautifully.

  11. Jane your photography is magical. When I have a minute to myself in the weekend, I find myself checking out your blog, and scrolling through your magical photos. I love your nature photos the most. Thank you!

  12. Those waves look pretty choppy in the first image. It creates an interesting texture.

  13. Wow, Jane. These layers of color remind me of beautiful, intricate paper cut outs.

  14. I love the “incoming” picture. Are the posts sticking out man made?

  15. Sent from my iPhone


  16. While I agree with the effects the smoke adds to the photo my favourite in this post is the juvenile Eagle which due to its (realtive) closeness wasn’t that much influenced by the smoke. Beautiful captures Jane

    • Hi Abrie, I’m so glad you like the eagle– I was thrilled to have him hang around for a while and I managed a number of decent shots. Had my 70-200mm lens so that sure helped. Thanks so much and hope all is well with you.

  17. Ah yes, these are lovely. Calm and Pier Review really reached me.
    Thank you

  18. These are magnificent pictures Jane!

  19. Amazing landscape photos, Jane!

  20. The wonderful thing about nature is it has a beauty no matter what the weather or the environment. Your photos are simply a tribute to this fact. Incredible captures once again Jane, and I think the quote from Van Gogh could have come directly from you as well: “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

    • Hello Randall, I so appreciate your kind thoughts- thank you. I feel peaceful when photographing the environment as I’ve come to think that honoring it and documenting it is vital. Happy you enjoyed these landscapes– it was a monumental day of nature moments. 🙂

  21. WOW! These are excellent and make me miss fog … we get some low clouds but very little fog here. ‘Incoming, Lake Crescent’ caused me to pause … it took me a minute to realize I got a shot there years ago of a guy in a rowboat. It is also my favorite in this series … even if I had not been there.

    • Hi Denise, How cool that you’ve been in this spot and got the boater, too. The smoke has cleared a bit now for those in the PNW, thankfully. Glad you like these and that they brought back some good memories- thank you!

  22. Absolute peacefulness and beauty 🙂

  23. I have heard about the smoke from wildfires in Canada, I believe. As bad as it may be, it certainly creates opportunity to capture some extraordinary photos. A pity I am not around at the time. You certainly created some stunning photos. Love the subdued colours and the subtle compositions.

    • Hi Otto, One positive outcome from these terrible fires. The haze created some fascinating effects throughout the PNW. Sorry that Seattle was hit quite hard between the heat and smoke– happy that it has eased now. Very pleased you like the images – thank you so much.

  24. Really beautiful Jane and so moody.

  25. Liked the delicate colors inthese pieces and especially liked that little kingfisher.

  26. These remind me if growing up in north central BC. The better moments. Thanks for that bit of nostalgia.

    • Hi Allan, Oh, that makes me feel great that these brought back good memories of your childhood. You are from a most beautiful part of the world. Thanks so much for letting me know. Have you been back there much?

  27. Each one of these is truly so peaceful, Jane. I really love each one.
    You live in a beautiful area, and you capture that so beautifully.
    Have a great week!

  28. Just glorious Jane. Fortunately the smoke is clearing and we can finally see blue sky and the mountains here in the city.

  29. Brilliant use of reflections and a muted/monochrome pallet

  30. Magical, magical photos here, Jane. 👏👍

  31. Gorgeous photos Jane. You really captured the feel of my beloved PNW.

  32. Dream spaces! Beautiful light that you captured in your beautiful photos. Love the tranquility!

  33. Good for you, Jane – it’s been too hot and at times, hard to breathe easily, for me to go to the lengths you have. I’m glad you took advantage of it, the photos are beautiful.

    • Hi Lynn, Thank you. It was very hot for much of our trip, including BC. Seattle really got hit hard with smoke and heat– so sorry! We didn’t stay there. Vancouver was ok. Glad you like the photos and I am heading over to see what you’ve been working on. Hope you have found some relief.

  34. What a beautifully peaceful post, Jane. I love the colours, I find them so soothing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  35. Calm and Digging Clams are stupendous images. 🙂

  36. SAD about the wildfires…BUT YES….great photos….love the reflections!!

  37. Beautiful set of photographs Jane. It looks like a magical place to be 🙂

  38. Absolutely magnificent, Jane!!

  39. You’re just getting better and better and better, mastering the lighting.

  40. Gorgeous photographs, I really love Calm. I feel a strong connection with the image, it makes me feel at home looking at it, really beautifully composed and captured!

  41. Delicate, magical, beautiful 🙂

  42. The haze gives everything a mystical quality. And your artistic use of the camera has brought me into that softly beautiful kingdom.

  43. Your beautiful photos express an upside to a not-so-pleasant situation. ‘Calm’ made me gasp – it’s wondrous!

  44. Wow, Jane, you perfectly used the conditions to create awesome photographs. Enjoy the PNW (if you’re still up here 😉). Marcus

  45. These pictures are like poetry…they go deep with grace.

  46. very beautiful photographs Jane!

  47. Wow!

    Sent from my iPad


  48. Bad atmospherics making for interesting photographs.

  49. Beautiful photos considering the conditions, Jane. Your photographic experience with summer fog has been put to good use.

  50. Loved that you were there when the eagle took off.

    • Hi Sharon, I was photographing the clam beds and a man who worked there told me about the eagle at the end of the road. I managed to get a number of shots of him– very exciting. Thank you!

  51. Awesome Jane. So sad about the fires but you’ve turned them into art.

  52. These are gorgeous images Jane 🙂 I really love the mirror image mountain shots they are incredible.

  53. A mysterious calm in all the photos…. most interesting!

  54. The photo called Calm – incredible Symmetry! ❤️❤️❤️

  55. I love your contribution to this week’s photo challenge… the photos have tranquilizing effect on me. 😏

  56. What a beautiful set. It looks like a majestic and peaceful place, Jane.

  57. Wildfires in general are horrible however rough weather does always make for interesting photographs

  58. Very hazy, mystery-esque like captures, Jane. Love the monotone colours and very crisp as usual. That bird capture is a very good one – great timing and it’s like you never miss a good beat or a good moment with the camera 🙂 Sorry to hear of neighbouring wildfires. Hope they die down soon and enjoy the rest of summer.

  59. Beautiful images. Strange how something as tragic as wildfire can make for such beauty!

  60. Wow, oh Wow…Love the kingfisher and all the others. Sad about the fires though.

  61. So many recent years have been terrible for fires. I’m from there, and my parents on the Olympic Peninsula are worried almost every summer. Beautiful pictures, alarming trend.

    • Hi Anna, Yes, it’s awful. The one in BC is enormous and may take months to get under control. You are from one of my favorite areas in the country– such wonderful natural beauty. Glad you like the photos–thank you.

  62. What an amazing set again!

  63. Some stunning images, Jane!

  64. What a serene atmosphere. Beautiful.

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