Beach Reflections, Tofino, BC


“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.”

~Scott Lorenzo


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography,

Mountain Reflection


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography,

Sand Patterns


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography



“My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.”

~ Steve McCurry


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography,

Rocks, Chesterman Beach


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography,

Coastal Silhouette


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography,

Red Sneakers


“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

~ Alfred Stieglitz


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography, Monochrome

Beach Rocks and Mountain


Landscape, Nature, Reflections, Ocean, Photography,

Sunset Ripple


Photographs made with the Fujifilm X-T2.



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  1. Epic pictures, Jane! Totally ravishing reflections. A genuine pleasure to watch…

  2. Excellent photos, Jane. I paddled out from Tofino some years ago, and like Michael I didn’t get anything like these photos. Simply stunning.

  3. Hi, Jane. So many beautiful images.! Lovely, lovely. I am drawn to your coastal silhouette.

  4. WOW, again stunning pictures! They’re all so beautiful that I wouldn’t know what to choose. You have chosen a beautiful composit with the smoke and the reflection of the sea. It creates a special atmosphere! Great, Jane!
    Best regards, Heidi

  5. Epic images, Jane! Absolutely gorgeous reflections. A true delight to watch.✨🌟💫⭐️

  6. They look like painting Jane 🙂

  7. Beautiful jane. Esp liked the red shoes. Looks like it was a very successful trip!

  8. Wonderful Jane. You’ve certainly captured the beauty, drama and majesty of one of BC’s jewels with this gorgeous gallery. You clearly had a wonderful time. Come back soon 🙂

    • Hi Andrew, Coming from your local knowledge, that means a lot. Thank you. I was thrilled with the photography moments. Vancouver Island is a treasure and we had a fabulous time. Our first vacation with our four month old granddaughter so it was extra special. 🙂

  9. I love the ocean, and I really love your pictures of it. If I was forced to pick one, I think coastal silhouette is my favourite.

    • Thank you, Lisa. This beach was fabulous and I was rather obsessed with the man standing on the rocks in the fog. I’m happy that one caught your eye. I lucked out with tides and tidal pools at sunrise. 🙂

  10. As usual, fantastic place and pictures!

  11. Great series Jane…love the Coastal Silhouette shot and perfect capture on the red sneakers…well done.

  12. Very beautiful Jane! I especially like the last photo. It is so serene.

    • Hi Nicole, I’m glad that one caught your eye. The colors in the sky were intense due to the wildfires but with no clouds for interest, I decided to focus on the reflections in the sand. Thank you!

  13. This set of photos captures so much beauty, sense of freedom and simply a love for life. Each one wowed me, but the Surfer and Silhouette were two that truly struck a cord…these are the moments in life I love to feel and live, and capture with my heart (and you were able to capture with your camera!). Wonderful works and wonderful words. Wishing you continued success Jane, and enjoy the remaining days of summer!

    • Hi Randall, How nice to hear from you. I really appreciate your reaction to those photos- you’ve described how I feel when I see these scenes(thanks for that!). I know you would love the natural beauty of Tofino. Thank you for taking a moment to let me know and I hope you are doing well and having a great summer.

  14. You had me going for a moment when I read Fujifilm X t2 as my attention fell on the word film, thinking you decided to go the traditional way until I realized that it is a mirrorless digital camera of whom you are obviously a good ambassador.

    The first photo and red riding hood’s shoes is most textured to my taste Jane

  15. Great theme and these photographs are just beautiful, Jane!

  16. Gorgeous Jane….

    On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 11:11 PM, Jane Lurie Photography wrote:

    > Jane Lurie posted: ” “The picture that you took with your camera is the > imagination you want to create with reality.” ~Scott Lorenzo “My > life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is > my passport.” ~ Stev” >

  17. Interesting theme – lovely shots of course…My favourite is the sand patterns one. I love walking on these patterns. Only sorry to destroy them…

  18. I like Red Sneakers the best. You could even call it “I hate goodbyes”.

  19. Another wonderful collection of images Jane! You have a great sense of conveying the natural beauty with your choice of composition, lighting and having your camera ready to capture some great moments! Good grief – I haven’t been to Tofino for 35 years. Time to revisit!!

  20. Such blissful images, Jane. So you are shooting with film? Amazing!

    • H Cornelia, Thank you– it was a blissful morning walking with my family. The Fujifilm X-T2 is digital- their newest mirrorless camera. I am enjoying how lightweight it is, especially for walks. 🙂

  21. Stunning photos, Jane. I find the cool colours especially soothing and beautiful.

  22. These are the stunning long looks at awesome shorelines and the people who know their mysterious beauty. Well done!

  23. WOW just gorgeous shots!! so peaceful…..makes me happy!!

  24. We stayed in Chesterman Beach several years ago for my birthday. Love Tofino. Love the Pacific Rim. Love Vancouver Island. And love your red sneakers.
    Fabulous images as usual Jane.

    • Hi Jude, How lovely! I now love the island, too. Incredible natural beauty. We had a great family vacation with our 4 month old granddaughter–her first international trip. 😃I’m pleased these shots brought back good memories- thanks so much.

  25. Your timing and techniques are just so impeccable – you catch people at exactly the right moment/place in the frame, and you choose the perfect angle to show off the subject. And the quotes, too!

  26. A great theme and collection of images. My favorites are Rocks, Chesterman Beach and Red Sneakers. I wonder if you just happened upon the sneakers or if it was thought out.

    • Hi Denise– Thank you. I had a fun few mornings walking this beach with my family. Fabulous light and color (and company!) My daughter-in-law and I were walking near this little family and they dropped his sneakers right in front of us and continued on to the water… we just smiled at how cute they looked…click, click. 🙂

  27. Lovely series Jane. I particularly like Coastal Silhouette because of the mist/haze/spray in the background and Red Sneakers is just a great composition

    • Hi Mark– Thanks so much. I lucked out with some lifting fog and there was some haziness from the unfortunate wildfires inland in BC. Made for some great light effects — worked well in monochrome. I think we all need some red sneakers. 🙂

  28. So, so beautiful. I always love your images.

  29. Fabulous photos. They really are on a totally different level to we mere amateurs! The first photo is stunning.

  30. Beautiful beaches, Jane. The red sneakers really grab me.

  31. Wonderful again! May I ask: what lens or lenses did you use?

  32. Beautiful images, love the red sneakers.

  33. Beautiful compositions. I particularly like the lines in your beach photos.

  34. Love how you capture the figures in the distance, how you see patterns and textures, and the crispness of your shots.

  35. Beautiful images Jane 🙂 Its good to see you getting accustomed to the X-T2.

  36. This is another great set of images. I am always struck by the elegance of your style.

  37. Every one of these should be hanging in a gallery. Just stunning!!

  38. Gorgeous. Clean and with feeling.

  39. Wonderful series of shots !

  40. Again, I am full of admiration for this creation. Finely balance and subtle beauty.

  41. Du hast deine Schuhe vergessen. L.G. Wolfgang

  42. Stunning beach shots, Jane. Every shot so crisp and clear. Lovely set of quotes you shared too. Wandering with a camera in hand you observe so much, and also live so much. Keep wandering the beach 😊

  43. I was in Tofino about 8 years ago and didn’t get any photos like these great shots!

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