Low Tide, Cannon Beach, Oregon

“hark, now hear the sailors cry, 

smell the sea, and feel the sky 

let your soul and spirit fly, into the mystic…” 

~Van Morrison

Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Old Friends


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Low Tide Reflections


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Catch Me If You Can


“My soul is full of longing

for the secret of the sea,

and the heart of the great ocean

sends a thrilling pulse through me.” 

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Bonnie, Cannon Beach


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Morning Walk and Haystack Rock


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Making Waves


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Friends and Anemones


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Haystack Rock and Fog


“In high seas or in low seas,
I’m gonna be your friend…
I’m gonna be your friend.
In high tide or in low tide,
I’ll be by your side…
I’ll be by your side.” 

~Bob Marley


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Beach Walkers


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,



Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,

Tidal Pool


Nature, Photography, Oregon, Cannon Beach, Ocean, Sea Life,



Thank you, Cheri Lucas Rowlands for featuring two of my images this week on WordPress Discover.  Much appreciated!




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  1. To be at Cannon Beach on a relatively calm day, you lucked out. One of my older friends loves to surf. He’s surfed the Mavericks and some tall waves at Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline on Oahu. One day, he says he would like to surf close as possible to Cannon Beach. Beautiful photos!

  2. I love seeing your beach pictures! I live on an island so it’s fascinating to me to see the beaches around the world!

  3. Magnificent! I love beaches! And I love your pictures! Great as always…
    Best regards, Heidi

  4. Oh, Jane! What a gorgeous post. Your images are spectacular. A visual treat.

  5. I think if I ever get to travel there, I’d stare at those Haystacks for hours. Stunning!
    (and I love the cyclists on the beach!)

  6. Just stunning Jane. What else can I say; and congrats on the WordPress Discover features. Looking forward to your BC Gallery 🙂

  7. Great photos Jane! Love the Bob Marley quote

  8. You have captured some amazing beauties 🙂 Loved the colors too 🙂

  9. The Oregon coast is so special, and you have captured it so beautifully, Jane.
    Congratulations on your feature for WordPress. It is truly well-deserved.

  10. Super magical shots Jane, you are so talented!!!

  11. Gorgeous photos, great capture!

  12. really breathtaking shots Jane…..GREAT eye 😜

  13. Great work Jane, as always. Great location and time. I would love to shoot there too!

  14. These photos make me want to visit this place personally! Amazing sense of place – and colors of critters. Miss seeing you in Cali but glad I get to share this trip with you. Hugs

  15. Grace and gratitude….. I feel I am there

  16. wow – brilliant shot – classical images – beautiful –

  17. Such a beautiful place to just sit and watch time go by, Jane. Your beautiful photographs really capture the sense of place wonderfully!

    • Hi de Wets– So nice to hear from you– this is a beautiful part of the Oregon coast and the sea creatures are wonderful- you would love it. Thanks so much for stopping by and appreciating. Hope all is well in your part of the world!

  18. Stunning photos Jane, and great to see photos like these that haven’t been over edited 🙂

    • Hi Andy, Thank you so much. I try to keep my post-processing natural– I am glad to hear that. 🙂

      • You are most welcome Jayne, I know how hard it can be sometimes to keep the editing natural looking, I know I fall foul sometimes of over editing!
        When they released the Nik software for free, I thought at first it was a dream come true for everyone, but now I see so many massively over edited photos, I’m beginning to change my mind! Lol! 🙂
        But then again, by far my most popular photo on Facebook, is just such a photo! Lol!

  19. Love these photos of one of my favourite beaches 🙂 ! Thanks for sharing, Jane!

  20. Jane, what a breathtaking group of photographs. “Old Froends” in particular appeals to me – there’s something about the two men walking away and that distant arch that’s like a window, giving endless possibilities – but it’s in the mist – perfect. “Beachwalkers” has a similar feeling for me. I like “Driftwood” very much too, and of course the colorful Sea stars and their titles. And the fog and reflections – all wonderful work.

  21. Beautiful beaches, Jane. Congrats on your images on Discover.

  22. I don’t know what to add to the numorous and very well deserved praise. What wonderful images, especially the top picture. And how appropiate to start the serie with lines form my all time favorite Van Morrison song 🙂

  23. Beautiful images Jane and congrats on “discovering”: Discover worthy images

  24. Beautiful work! Those destinations look incredible.

  25. Beautiful shots of the rocky coast. Friends and Anemones…love that.

  26. Another great set of images.

  27. Love this beach Jane – you’ve captured it beautifully. The purple starfish is amazing. Never seen such a thing!!!

  28. This is a beautiful post. My next thought was, “I’d pay to read this” 😊

  29. WOW gorgeous images Jane 🙂 Looks like a place I would enjoy visiting.

  30. What fabulous photos! The coastline is fabulous. I especially liked the depth of perspective the individual gives in Driftwood. Well done!

  31. I love your pictures!
    Are all impressive!

  32. Just beautiful images ….love the compositions and the colours!!

  33. Utterly beautiful shots of this stunning coastline with perfect quotes to embellish your photos. Glorious.

  34. Impressive, the dream of all landscape photographer, a strong greeting and to enjoy …

  35. If your images were food – they would taste delicious!

  36. Beautiful beach and what a great set of colors you’ve captured there. Lovely!

  37. I love the blue tones you have captured in the beach pictures.

  38. 🙂 Lovely pictures!
    And I love that you actually found starfish. Is it actually orange or did you play with the colors?
    Have a HAPPY day 🙂

  39. Dear Jane, Your photos are spectacular. I’m going to share your post so family can enjoy. Love, Bonnie


  40. Beautiful photos, excellent!

  41. Amazing shots! I was there earlier this month, but my photos are nothing compared to yours!

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