At Fort Point: Whales and the Golden Gate

Remarkable moments watching Humpback whales feed under the

Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point. 


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Feeding in the Shadows of the Golden Gate


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

~Jacques Yves Cousteau


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

A Whale of a Tail


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Fort Point Lighthouse


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Humpback Hello


“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” 

~ Gary Snyder


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Kite Surfers and Humpback


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Golden Gate Girders


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Anchovies Taste Good


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Fort Point Shadows


“The earth has music for those who listen.” 

~George Santayana


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Blow for the Bay Bridge


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

So Long


Nature, Whales, San Francisco, City, Golden Hour, Photography,

Golden Gate Goodnight


 It was fun to share another memorable nature moment with my friend and fellow photographer, Tina. What a great time! 




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  1. That’s it I have decided I don’t like you anymore having the good fortune the witness the whales and that goes for Tina as well. Okay maybe I should take a few moments and go and work on my jealousy…. … … better now. Must have been amazing and beautiful pics

  2. What a great city. A photowalk with Tina must have been a lot fun! I can hear the laughter all the way over here.

  3. One day I will see humpback whales. It must be awe-inspiring.

  4. Another great photo series, Jane! It’s great if you can capture these impressive majestic whales for your lens! If you could photographed them closer, it would have been even more spectacular! I have a slight preference for photo: 03. ‘Fort Point Lighthouse’; 06. ‘Golden Gate Girders’ and the last one ‘Golden Gate Goodnight’. You giving the gate all the glorie by taking de picture at sunset who color the sky gold!
    Best regards, Heidi

  5. I had no idea that the whales came all the way in to the city! Thank you for teaching me something new! I’ve never seen one in real life. (Except for a dead one that was stranded on the beach in Marbella. That doesn’t count.) Your photos are always a source of inspiration. I look forward to seeing your posts every week. Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. Super fantastic shots of a great day jane, and Tina! Love the contrast between sea action and land stillness in the gorgeous shadows you captured.

  7. Beautiful post and I love the whales 😍😀

  8. I love the light and shadow in the Golden Gate Girders shot. Beautiful work, Jane!

  9. Hi Jane – You never fail to impress me with your wonderful images and neat quotes!

  10. Fort Point is a wonderful place to be in its own merits. Having whales making fun in front of you is the icing on the cake 🙂

  11. Truly such beautiful photographs, Jane.
    Especially “Golden Gate Girders” (amazing light!!), and “Golden Gate Goodnight.”
    Have a wonderful week.

  12. That must have been amazing to watch humpback whales feeding right under Golden Gate. You sure captured some amazing photos. I like the sequencing alternating between pictures of the feeding whales and close-ups of the brigde.

    • Hi Otto– It was a fantastic time…I went back throughout the week and only saw two– I guess they ran out of anchovies. Glad you like the alternating scenes– it was hard to choose where to focus my lens. Thanks for your kind comment.

  13. Some amazing shots of the whales.

  14. I love the photos with whales and birds. Nice shout out to Tina!

  15. Wonderful contrasts Jane. Amanda 🙂

  16. Fantastic photos, Jane. The whales must have been a treat and a half to see and watch.

    Growing up, we visited the Bay Area for four days, we did the ferry ride around the bay. My sister was getting a little seasick after the two-hour trip. Certainly four days were not enough to see everything. The business trips I did, simply not enough time in the itinerary for a proper tour. 🙂

  17. How cool that you met up with Tina and saw all this together – wow. As much as I know intellectually how amazing the whales are to see, the photos that grab me here are of the bridge (which I know is a favorite subject for you) and Fort Point – she girder shadows and balcony (?) shadows – beautifully done!

    • Thanks very much, Lynn. It was a fantastic afternoon and great fun to share it with Tina. We are old friends. (The girder shot is a favorite from the day, as exciting as the whales were…)

  18. 🙂 Beautiful photographs!
    Have a HAPPY Sunday 🙂

  19. Some great moments, that much more special for having shared them. The best!!!!

  20. Jane, seriously, I cannot WAIT to visit.
    Watching those whales must be such a cool experience.
    And that image of the Golden Gate girders? Just excellent! Made me smile and wish I’d taken it 🙂

  21. Wow on the whales! It’s wonderful to know that with all of the global warming problems we’ve done a good enough job on cleaning up the environment that the whales are using the SF Bay.
    Love your GG bridge girders. The late afternoon sun really works to enhance them.

    • Thank you, Tim! I am wondering why they are coming so far in– which is quite unusual– following the anchovies and shrimp. I hadn’t thought of your theory about a cleaner bay– interesting thought. Glad you like the girders– I am continually fascinated with them.

  22. I wish I could see the whales one day with my own eyes ….

  23. Terrific shots. I know you and T were in “whale heaven” catching these scenes.

  24. Terrific shots… I think you and T were in heaven catching these sites!!!

  25. I did wonder as I was looking at these if I had already seen this post … and then I remembered it was Tina who had posted some shots of and near the bridge! You are quite the talented duo of friends!

  26. They’re like George and Gracie without the alien probe. I wander if the noise levels at the bay are tolerable?

  27. Wow!

    Sent from my iPad


  28. really spectacular shots….loving ‘a whale of a tail’! the birds above are stunning…..makes me happy😜

  29. Amazing images in so many ways.

  30. Golden Gate Goodnight is sublime. The colors are gorgeous. In Whale of a Tail, the birds (pelicans?) provide a really interesting counterpoint to the whale tail. Also love the colors in Golden Gate girders. Well done.

  31. How cool is that, Jane, awesome photos! Thanks for sharing these! Marcus

  32. Remarkable photos in that very special setting. What joy the whales must bring to many folk. Wish I was there!

  33. Amazing, amazing shots of the water by the Golden Gate bridge. Amazing blue sky day, and amazing blue waters too. So lucky you and Tina got to see whales. Lucky day. I’ve always loved Tina’s work like I love yours, and so lovely to hear the two of you caught up 😀 Also, what a lovely sunset photo of the Golden Gate. Beautiful caption, beautiful way to end the day 🙂

  34. That’s amazing! I knew there a lot of great whites in the area but had no idea about the humpbacks! You got some amazing shots of them as well. I imagine it was quite difficult getting pictures of them!

  35. Great photos. I probably wouldn’t have expected to see whales near the Golden Gate bridge. I particularly liked the whale of a tale because of the birds flying in formation.

    • Thank you, Irene. It was a big surprise for all. Many amazed people on the shore and on the bridge watching. Glad you liked the birds– it was fun to catch all those different elements.

  36. These are crazy cool shots… haunting, thrilling, terrifyingly close and yet they are so cuddly ,like big slippery playful puppies. ‘Humpies in the Harbor’ is a good omen for the best street/on site photographer – Ms.Jane Lurie. I’m so proud to know you and in awe of the evolution of your work, it keeps getting better, how can that be…you are amazing!

    Miss you guys a lot and keep thing about our lovely interlude….I want more of you and so does David….we remain your biggest fans and hopefully we’ll see you soon in San Francisco. I’m thinking early to mid September.

    Love, Carol

  37. Awesome photo, thanks for sharing them.

  38. What a wonderful series of photos! I really enjoyed scrolling through them. The one of the girders is magnificent! Colours, shapes, shadows…

  39. You captured it so well that I feel I am part of this whale watching.

  40. What a great photo set Jane! Love the girder photo and those big fish 😎

  41. Jane, you found a great spot to whale watch. Your photo of the bridge girders is the ultimate Summer Swing shift photo. The golden light on the concrete and steel puts me right back there. I also like the B&W shadows at Ft. Point.
    Have a good weekend,

  42. Just love another set of your fabulous photos. Just back from Africa with all the kids. Wish we had you and your camera.

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