In A Mendocino Mood

“The camera has always been a guide, and it’s allowed me to see things and focus on things that maybe an average person wouldn’t even notice.”

~ Don Chadwick 


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography

Point Cabrillo Light


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography

Triangle Rock


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography

Coastal Awakening


“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow.”

~ Imogen Cunningham


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography



Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography



Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography



“Photography is a love affair with life.”

~ Burk Uzzle


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography

It’s Curtains For Me


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography, Close-Up

Feeling Purple


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography

Cove in Morning


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography

Red Roof


Landscape, Photography, California, Nature, Coastal Photography, Close-up

Hot Poker in Yellow







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  1. I completely lost the first part and got ti where I was talking about my wonderful kids. God bless my dear friends and family. If anyone finds the rest of it… it makes sense would you post it please! My brain i s gone. my love and blessings to all ML

  2. wow – elegant, fascinating serious of photos…

  3. Beautiful landscapes, especailly the view through the curtain 🙂

  4. You have such a magnificent eye for beauty!

  5. Great pictures to relax and to dreaming off … 🙂
    Best regards, Heidi

  6. A truly great set of photos, all them just wonderful.

  7. It does not get any better than black and white images of coastal scenes. I love when a rock is worthy of having a name.

  8. Jane, you always put together an enjoyable post, with diversity and, well, unity – and that’s one of my favs here. I also appreciate your title for the man looking out to sea. It says a lot. Have a good week!

    • Thank you, Lynn. It was great to settle in and search for different scenes. I shot quite a bit at the old barns- glad you like that one. And love, well, he certainly is mine. 😍 Appreciate your kind encouragement and hope you are doing well.

  9. Each of these is beautiful, Jane, but I especially love “Barn.”
    Simply perfect.

  10. It’s hard to decide. I love the black and white ones, and the one with the wheat on the barn. I love old barns.

    • Hi Lisa, Me, too….and this setting is wonderful. I had fun converting the landscapes to black and white- loved the drama of them. Thanks so much for appreciating and hope all is well with you.

  11. A great set of photographs Jane. “Cove In The Morning” is definitely me favourite of them all. followed closely by the “Barn”

  12. A very impressive gallery of images and some great quotes – especially the last one which it so very true

  13. Beautiful Jane. I especially liked curtains – very Jane Lurie, and that’s saying something :-).

  14. Photography as a love affair with life strikes a chord with me.

  15. What an eye! Hard to pick my favorite! Feeling Purple ………

  16. All great shots Jane…love the lines in the Unity shot and the curtain shot is amazing as well.

  17. I love every single one of these!

  18. Jane, such a beautiful capture of Mendocino’s feel! Love visiting Mendocino! Such a unique place. Thanks for sharing these! More Mendocino, Please! Ha!

  19. Gorgeous photos, Jane. The curtains are my favorite—blue on blue.

  20. GREAT shots Jane….LOVE “BARN”….the lighting is quite mysterious….B&W’s so sweet😜…pleasing to the eye!!!

  21. Beautiful series, Jane. There is a real sense of place from the detail of Unity to the unbridled drama of Triangle Rock.

  22. The scope of the cove shot is amazing. And the figure in Love somehow anchors the photo and gives it a different perspective.

  23. Again, so much detail in each of your photos, Jane. Each one so crisp as usual, and always different sides of nature you manage to present to us with so much elegance. At first I thought the last photo of the yellow petals was a bunch of bananas. Had to do a double take 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, Thanks! Mendocino’s coast is very dramatic – much like Australia with its jutting rocks and wild surf. Had to laugh at your banana comment…the magic of photography! Hope all is well with you.

  24. Oh, wonderful variety of images, Jane!

  25. Most beautiful images as usual, Jane. The ” Love” picture reminds me of an image I have taken a few weeks ago in Cambria.

  26. Jane, all beautifully done. Of all of them, Unity is my favorite for its texture and contrast between the plant and wood. Your B&Ws reminds me that I need to work on converting some of my color with high contrast to B&W. I’m taking an on-line course in B&W photography. Converting is part of my assignment. It’s been terribly hot here and I’ve not had the energy to work at the computer. Getting up early is the answer.

    • Hi Tim, Happy you enjoyed these- I spent some time at the barns and love doing close-ups with the grasses. Some images, for me, just scream for black and white. It’s great that you’re doing the course. What programs are you using for B&W? I love Silver Efex Pro- which Google is abandoning but still works for now 😦 I recently purchased Luminar which looks promising. Hoping the heat broke for you– it did in SF… phew. Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

      • Hi Jane, you’re welcome.
        The B&W course is with Ben Long and his courses on Photography Foundations. This is offered through Fortunately is being offered for free through some public libraries. Sonoma County Public Libraries is one of those.
        I like Silver Efex Pro. I don’t use it as much as I could. I also have Luminar but find it challenging to switch between Lr and Luminar. Truthfully, I’d much rather be out shooting than having to do post processing.
        Still hot up here in Santa Rosa. No break until Friday.
        I look forward to seeing more of your photos. This weekend is the Russian River Rodeo held in Duncan Mills near Jenner. I’m going Saturday along with other photographers from the Santa Rosa Photography Society. Should be fun. Good shooting to you.

  27. One of my favorite places. Lovely, Jane.

  28. Beautiful blue and B&W shots, Jane! Love the quotes. 🙂

  29. These are wonderful Jane. I especially like the B&W shots – they are very strong, and the opening shot which really draws me in.

    • Hi Alison, That’s very nice to read- thank you. The colors on the coast are magnificent, but it is in the black and whites that I really see the drama. Pleased you like those versions. Looking forward to reading your latest- hope all is well in your travels.

  30. Superb photos and Mendocino looks great. The barn images are my favourites. I do like a bit of decay.

  31. Your photography keeps going to higher and higher levels (not that you haven’t always been terrific 🙂 ) These are all so wonderful and touching.
    I love the ones you’ve done in black and white – can’t imagine them any other way. The curtain shot is amazing – Totally awesome!

  32. Beautiful images Jane. I sense some Fujifilm colors in some of these images 😀

  33. Love them all, cannot find a favourite! If I have to…it would be the curtain shot.

  34. So beautiful Jane…love the blues…

  35. I really love the shot through the curtains!!!

  36. Wow jane, great series for challenge theme my favorite is the 4th and 6th one.

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