Flatiron Building and Tree, New York

My latest post on Monochromia. A classic NYC building.



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  1. Absolutely love the picture!!!

  2. I Love a new angle on an angle.
    …. Another one of your great ones that makes me pause & gaze for awhile.
    Thanks Jane ! d

  3. Ahhhh NYC my old stomping grounds!!! How I miss shooting out there! Great work

  4. stellar 🤓 wonderful Jane as always!

  5. Wow, great photo from a great architecture!
    Best regards, Heidi

  6. A classic NYC building, but not a classic viewpoint, which is what makes this photograph so interesting. I love juxtapositions of urban architecture and nature and that subject can be especially fruitful in New York, as you’ve shown.

    • Thank you, Lynn. I agree with you — I love “urban nature”, too. NY has great parks throughout the city and I’m glad I happened to see this silhouetted tree. Glad you like it.

  7. Have you been inside? I would like to know what it’s like.

  8. This is one of my favorite building to photograph, and I am sure I could do so for hours!
    I really love this in black and white, Jane.

  9. WOW I have see that building a zillion times….however never quite like that….very mysterious….great capture!!!

  10. Very interesting. I can imagine the building and the tree having a conversation.
    Mr. Building, “Get out of my face.”
    Ms. Tree, “Hey, watch your shadow. You’re spoiling my looks.”

  11. I like how you made it like a prow of a ship.

  12. One of my favorite buildings to photograph while in NYC. Nice image.

  13. Not only did you shoot from a unique perspective, you also selected the sun and shadows. I like it !

  14. Perfect frame , perfect light and therefore a great shot. I love it.

  15. Love this one!

  16. That is a very cool shot of a very cool building!

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