Danish Commute, Copenhagen

My latest image on Monochromia.


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  1. I love black and white pictures. It gives an other dimension to the picture. Great work!

  2. a wonderful and very cinematic shot, I LOVE it!! One of my top favorites of yours.

  3. Great action/travel shot, Jane. Great work.

  4. That’s a surreal landscape to travel through. I like all the geometry present in the image.

  5. The photo sort of makes me anxious – I would not want to be in the middle of that commute.

    • Hi Lisa, I know what you mean! The biking culture is fascinating and very organized and civil. Quite amazing. This photo made it look more like a moment in a Hitchcock movie… Thanks for taking a ride with me! 🙂

  6. The is such a telling photo, saying Danish in so many ways, in all the bikers, the way they are dressed and of course in most Copenhagish of all places, the Rådhuspladsen. It’s a great photo, and I love all the elements you play so well together, there is so much to discoverer every, a beautiful dramaturgi and the dynamic movement across the frame. It all comes perfectly together.

  7. Brilliant image Jane, great idea, well executed

  8. what a FABULOUS shot….looks like a fashion mag ad….brilliant eye!!!

  9. Fantastic image, Jane.
    The tones and contrast are wonderful here.

  10. What a great shot, and beautiful tones, especially in the skin, wow. Great timing. I hope you are still able to get out and see the wildflowers near you – in the more elevated and less visited places maybe? I’ll be heading down into central/eastern OR in a few weeks for a few days, hoping to see at least a bit of the bloom on the way.

    • Hi Lynn, Thank you! I thought it was especially dramatic in black and white. I shot it from a taxi which made it even more exciting. We are heading up to Mendocino this week and I am hoping the northern CA wildflowers are blooming. Enjoy your trip–I love that part of Oregon.

  11. Love it. Almost looks like they are fleeing from the menacing alien in the background. 🙂

  12. Congratulations on the Monochromia post. That’s such a wonderful photo.

  13. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people bike to work in the morning.
    Beautiful capture!

  14. Kind of looks like the Invasion of the Bicycles.

  15. Love this photo.

  16. Beautiful work! ☺️😌

  17. Very much , Kopenhagen..love it.

  18. Super photo!
    I wish you a happy Easter

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