The Greening of the Coast


“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”

~Robin Williams

Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes

Calla Lily Valley, Garrapata Beach


Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon

Carmel Coast and Fog


Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon


“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.” 

~John Muir

Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon

Wildflowers, Pescadero


Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon

Hiking the Matt Davis


Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon

Hello Poppy

“sweet spring is your

time is my time is our

time for springtime is lovetime

and viva sweet love” 

~ e.e. cummings

Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon

Cow Pastures, Point Reyes


Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon

Spring Grasses


Nature, California, Photography, Spring, Landscapes, Nikon

Walk With Me

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” 

~Margaret Atwood


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  1. Speaking of Atwood, have you been watching The Handmaid’s Tale? My wife and I haven’t read the book but we’ve been following the television adaptation. It’s extremely intense and austere; a well conceived misogynist dystopia.

  2. Merci, c’est si rafraîchissant!
    Et toute la sensibilité de l’artiste est là, comme palpable.

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    The Greening of the Coast

  4. Beautiful–especially the calla lilies.

  5. These images does have a “springy” feeling. I really like your different approaches, whether close-up, a wide perspective or using a moving camera.

  6. Thumping great shots Jane and what about those magnificent lilies!! Heaving huge green sighs of relief for this gorgeous part of the world.

  7. Spring is looking spectacular where you are!!

  8. Gorgeous… the blur effect/technique (Spring Grasses), that can be very difficult to manage and get a result that is good.

  9. After looking at these captivating images, I close my eyes to feel the sea breeze in my face and the swing on the water, when I breath my lungs are filled with that unmistakable fresh aroma of spring.

  10. Great post … so nice to see all that green! I had never seen Calla Lilies growing in the wild and I like your composition there showing a sense of place. Another favorite is ‘Hiking the Matt Davis’!

    • Hi Denise, I’m so glad you like these, thank you! Callas are pretty common in CA and I have found more of these fields along streams when hiking. So striking. The Matt Davis is a beautiful trail that overlooks the city and I was glad these hikers found their way to the top for me. 🙂 Hope all is well with you!

  11. Lovely series. Really captures the colors of the season.

  12. So incredible! Your pictures are so very precious! Thanks so much.

  13. So beautiful. Love the shot of the lilies.

  14. wow. amazing of elegance and beautiful..

  15. Beautiful photos, Jane…I love the poppy saying hello in all its stunning vibrant colours. The ocean crashing onto the land is awesome,touching one’s soul. Finally I had to smile at the final quote and know exactly what she means! That is spring! 😀

  16. Beautiful landscapes and seascapes. We’re starting to see some green largely due to a relatively warm March, but still largely brown. For a change, rain is in the forecast and not snow.

  17. How beautiful Jane! This photo series is making me smile:) Not sure which capture I loved the most, but the way the trees are making an arch over walkway in the last photo looks so charming so it gets my vote! 🙂

  18. What a joyful and gorgeous tribute to spring! The vibrant green shades of new life are spectacular here. We’re still slogging through rain this week. But this too will pass. 🙂 Thanks for the peak into spring.

  19. Great set Jane….and I particularly like your last quote by Margaret Atwood!

  20. Captivating images!

  21. Those Calla Lillies are incredible … and the ocean in the background. Just wow

  22. Amazing as always Jane and brings a smile to my face. I can’t wait for green! Love the orange poppy, the lilies and dos of all the green grass photo. Gorgeous!

  23. Beautiful Jane – love the callalilies!!

  24. What’s green is my envy! Of your talent in getting these spectacular shots – I was going to list a few that really grabbed me, but they all did in some way. Stunning collection.

  25. Beautiful places and photos of them.

  26. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful spring, Jane!
    It will probably be a few weeks before we see any green here, but I am so looking forward to that time.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Just glorious as always Jane. Thanks for sharing theses breathtaking images.

  28. really brilliant vibrant shots….loving the deep colors …spring for sure….the details are just exquisite…a great eye!!😜

  29. Love the Robin Williams quote. Spring, a time when the flowers and sunshine come out to play. That warmth that comes around wakes you up…and sometimes when it gets too hot, it’s hard to sleep at night 🙂 Brilliant selection of shots, Jane. Each and every one so crisp and clear. So much greenery everywhere and I suppose more greenery to come soon 🙂

    • Hi Mabel, Spring does bring the wonderful feeling of renewal. I’ve had a great few weeks exploring the countryside and coast. Happy you like what I found. Thanks for your kind reaction and I hope all is well with you.

  30. So GREEN – you must love this time of year!

  31. Each and every one of these is superb, the clarity on some of the flowers is wonderful. Love the calla lilies and the poppy, but my favourite – even though it does make my eyes go funny – is the spring grasses. Gorgeous greens Jane 🙂

    • Hi Jude, Thanks so much. I am loving shooting the flowers and can’t wait for the wildflowers to pop. Agree about the impressionistic grasses- my eyes do the same thing but when they adjust, I find that I like what I see. Glad you agree. 😳Hope all is well with you!

  32. I just love them. Every single one of them beauties 🙂

  33. The first photo – I would rather say, it’s Madeira, not USA 🙂

  34. Lovely, Jane! I always study your photos to help me with composition.

  35. Gorgeous photos. I’m heading for California tomorrow for a week vacation with my sister and can hardly wait.

  36. Beautiful photos, Jane. I love the Calla Lilies in the foreground of your first photo and how they lead the eye down the path to the surf beyond. The highlight of the yellow edging on the leaves creates a wispy texture that is a counterpoint to the crashing waves. Have a great weekend.

    • Hi Allan, What an astute observation that it mimics the waves. Have you ventured here? Happy that I finally saw it. Thank you, as always, and hope you have a fabulous weekend…stay dry. 🙂

      • Hi, Jane. We haven’t been there, but in many ways it mimics the way to Tennesse Valley Beach in Mill Valley.

        Have fun this weekend and take plenty of photos. I look forward to seeing some of them next week.

  37. Beautiful images…makes me want Spring to arrive in Montreal but it is still snowing slightly today so we will have a bit of a wait for it to arrive. (Suzanne)

  38. Lovely photos! I think I like the bent trees in the last one best.

  39. I love your choices for the challenge.

  40. JANE,,,, I would go crazy over the beach with the calla lilies. I certainly would be hooked on photographing those ,,, as they are my favorite flower. You image is a contender for a big enlargement….it would be stunning.Wish we had them on our beach!!!!!!!!!

  41. What a beautiful tribute to Spring. Especially loved the calla lilies and Carmel fog.

  42. Another beautiful compilation of landscapes and flowers. Splended images and great quotes. Excuse me while I wash the dirt from my shoes!

  43. Stunning, what marvellous countryside to live and ‘shoot’ in.

  44. Beautiful. I love the calla lillies and the spring grass.

  45. I am up in Hamilton, NY, at the farmhouse—yesterday it was zero when I woke up, and there is still a foot of snow on the ground—a little desolate without Mike, but thank you for reminding that spring is coming, Margaret Atwood”s quote was perfect as I was thinking about I could lessen my gardening needs up here—the simple answer is I can’t…I love the smell of dirt—beautiful pictures and lessons…mc

  46. Beautiful!

  47. Superb series, Jane. I absolutely love the first photo with the Calla. Simply stunning!

    • Hi Marcus, A favorite spot for photographers and I am glad I finally got there. Thanks so much for taking a peek and enjoying. Hope all is well with you.

      • You are welcome, Jane, I always enjoy looking at your great photos! And thanks, all is well, just arrived back from the US for a week with the family before heading back. And I got a super special treet on my flight across the pond last night, post coming up 😉. Have a great weekend, Jane!

  48. Wonderful images, Jane. They’ve got me raring to go today. It’s actually NOT raining AND the sun is shining, so, shut down iPad and get out somewhere . Bye!

  49. Spring, yes! Marvelous photos, Jane! Have always wanted to visit the Calla Lillies – perhaps some day, yet. 🙂

  50. Some spectacular photos in this series! Wonderful!

  51. Jane, a wonderful series. However, the perspective on the Calla Lily Valley makes this image outstanding.

  52. These are so lovely: the ocean views and the flowers. Love the calla lilies! I keep forwarding your pics to my son and his girlfriend. They love to explore and hike, etc. They really are enjoying them!

  53. Wonderful. Beautiful. ❤️

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