Winter Solitude, Napa Valley

“I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”

~Henry David Thoreau 

Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature, Monochrome, Black and White

Morning Frost and Vineyard


Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature,

Lone Oak


Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature,

Frost and Leaves

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.” 

~ Jean-Paul Sartre

Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature, Monochrome, Black and White

Winter Vineyards


Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature, Monochrome, Black and White

Frosty Buds


Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature, Monochrome, Black and White

Early Mustard Blooms


“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” 
~Albert Einstein

Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature, Monochrome, Black and White

Wire and Fence


Landscape, Vineyard, California, Wine, Napa, Nature,




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  1. These are all exquisite, Jane! Every one is a stunner. I love how you composed the wire and fence.

  2. Lone Oak is very special. You are so lucky to have these rolling hills. North Germany is flat. I mean really flat. Isolating a lone tree is next to impossible. Amazing shots, Jane!

  3. Love all of these images Jane. It’s refreshing to see landscapes from another part of the country, through another’s lens. Having lived and worked in the oak forests of PA, I must admit I’ve never seen an oak I didn’t like…..and your capture is superb!

    • HI Nick, Thanks so much! Happy we share a love of beautiful oaks. They are so magnificent in all parts of the country. I lived in SC for a long time and the live oaks were special there. I really appreciate your visit here.

  4. By contemplating these photographs I feel I am strolling through a wood, feeling the breeze, the cool shade of the breeze and the quietness of this lonely but cosy place.

  5. Awesome work! Love the quote and bnw photos! Am a fan of solitude… 🙂

  6. WOW! Amazing shots Jane; I am in love with that tree!

  7. truly wonderful photos – each so diverse and great for the prompt – 🙂

  8. A real visual treat Jane ! Loved looking in for a closer peep 🙂 Can’t possibly choose a favourite lol but lone oak and sunlit with the corduroy field touched a chord with me … Beautiful all of them .

  9. Love your capture of the frosted leaves.

  10. Hi Jane, Lone Oak is incredibly dramatic…I just love that one. Love the all but that one in particular.

  11. I’ve been to Napa in July, when it was bursting with life. These photos are astonishing and beautiful.

  12. Fantastic … you’ve done it again! My favorites are Lone Oak and Wire and Fence.

  13. Frosty buds – beautiful. As is the texture of the black and white fence with its wire..

  14. Who would think that vineyards would look so beautiful during winter, but a visionary photographer. Beautiful images, Jane.

  15. Your visuals are stunning and take me on a journey to wonderland, Jane. Loved the use of quotes! Great minds do think alike. 🙂 Made me smile too. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing these stunning visuals. Your photography never fails to impress!

  16. You are making me homesick again with these wonderful photos. Love the wine country and the changes of the seasons there. Thanks for capturing these for us to enjoy!!

  17. Always so incredibly beautiful Jane. I have reflected a lot on this topic as the challenge came at a time when I feel as if I have too much solitude. Everyone is in hibernation now as it is cold out so even though I live in an urban neighborhood it is quite quiet. I feel a bit isolated these days but know that soon enough spring will be here and everyone will be out, the leaves will pop out and it will be amazing. Winter in Minnesota gets way too long! Love your winter in Napa! I could deal with that for sure! 🙂

    • Hi Nicole,
      Having spent many brutal winters in the northeast, I completely understand how you are feeling. We are in a deluge in SF and thankful for the rain and the snow in the north, but at some point, you hope for sunnier days. It’s funny how people come out of the woodwork when the rain stops for a minute looking for connection. So glad to hear from you and I wish you cozy nights and warmer days. Thank you! 😊

      • Oh thanks Jane! Yes today it is -12 F windchill but tomorrow up to 45F! Isn’t that crazy? I’m relieved though that me and the kids are flying to Tucson next Wednesday to visit my parents and get a break. Oh the sun will feel so incredible!

  18. Wow Jane, you’re spoiling us with these beautiful winter shots and how brilliant is your final Sunlit!

  19. I love the frosty buds. And the Einstein quote. It’s very true that we mostly regard solitude differently as we grow older. 🙂

  20. Each one a gem Jane; pure magic. The monochromes are just stunning. Warmest wishes 🙂

  21. Beautiful as always. I love the sunlit one. We are knee deep in snow here so nice to fast forward a month!

  22. I love the frosty pictures. So much detail.

  23. What a visual treat this morning before I go to work! That last shot will stay with me today as I step outside into the cold winter weather! Thanks for that bit of sunshine, Jane!

  24. Beautiful photographs! It is just as beautiful in person. Great capture.

  25. Jane beautifully done. As beautiful as the others are the Lone Oak Tree is the stand out for me. By itself the tree is nice but when you combined the gnarly tree with the mixed up clouds it makes a perfect pairing.

  26. Oh, my, SO gorgeous, Jane. Pure love!

  27. Beautifully photographed, Jane!
    I especially love the frost on the leaves.
    It looks like they are coated with sugar.
    So nice,

  28. Beautiful Jane, I especially like the light on the frosty buds.

  29. Beautiful photos. Anytime when there is an off-season, there is a certain solitude. Things are more quiet, less intense.
    Have a good week ahead, Jane.

  30. Great set of images Jane – but then wine (vineyards) and photography is an irresistible combination…..;0)

  31. Simply fabulous photos Jane!! ❤️

  32. Napa is such a special place on this earth. You always capture the beauty of it so vividly ..thanks!!

  33. I love these …I find a sort of CALM in each one….really interesting choices of color & black n white😜

  34. Hi, Jane. Your photo of the lone oak is stunning. It is the kind of tree that I could look at for hours on end.

  35. Beautiful landscapes! And perfectly cought 🙂 I could really dream away …

  36. You and that camera have been traveling ” alone” for a long time… what a great companion ..
    Beautiful shots.

  37. Beautiful photos of the solitude and shadow of winter, yet with glimpses of the newness of spring to come! I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! Suzie

  38. powerful reflection – black and colorful stunning combination…

  39. Beautiful landscape, great captured!

  40. I’m drawn to the textures of Wire and Fence.

  41. Stunning, outstanding photos and yea..I sympathise greatly with the quotes…nothing worse than being with the wrong company.

  42. Great captures… Love the light, the B&W.

  43. Beautiful photo’s as always… and I couldn’t agree more with the first quote 🙂

  44. Lovely post. Lone Oak a firm favourite!

  45. I love the photos! 🙂

  46. I love the quote, Jane. Seems to fit me just fine when I am out and about with my camera 🙂 These pictures are stunning! I love the ‘Lone’Oak’. The light, the blue sky and the movement in the wisps of torn cloud make for a very beautiful and appealing vision. And I would love to walk amidst those mustard blooms 🙂

    • Hi Pete, That’s what struck me about the quote, that I am lost in the solitude when I am shooting. So glad you enjoyed the images– I am in love with California Oaks. I must get back soon to catch the mustard in full force. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  47. Beautifully done. Vineyards in the cooler months, how about that. They look just as good as vineyards do in warmer weather. Must have been cold when you were out taking these photos 😀 Love the quotes too. I really like the Jean-Paul Sartre one. If we love ourselves and enjoy our own company and are confident, we’ll always be happy no matter where we are and who we’re with 🙂

    • Thank you, Mabel. It was freezing that morning but I managed to make some shots before my hands stopped working. Happy you enjoyed these along with the quotes. Hope you are having a nice summer! 🙂

  48. Off-season wine country looks great through your lens, Jane!

  49. Love the lines, Jane! Great photograph! Marcus

  50. Great and interesting pictures to this weekly challenge theme.

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